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I am going to attend FIU next year, but everything I've heard throughout my whole life about FIU has been amazing. When I visit the school I find more things to make me proud to be a future panther and hopefully an FIU alumni. Going on college tours has definitely been one of the best decisions I could have made because they teach you so much about the campus and you get to see where you will be spending the next four years at.
I love this school because of the degree I am pursuing. I am a Hospitality & Tourism Management major and any of my classmates will tell you this is a fun degree. We have amazing kitchen facilities, and not to mention the only school in South Florida with a brewing lab! My school is filled with creative students--most of us are entrepreneurs at heart. Our drive to be a part of the hospitality industry has no limits, and FIU gives us the tools we need to reach any goal we have in mind.
The academics are very good for the most part. FIU has some great teachers, while other teachers are terrible. The school has a nice campus that is constantly expanding and growing. There are a lot of different clubs that students can join. There are also multiple activities that students can participate in while on campus. Overall it is a pretty good school.
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FIU is a wonderful and diverse environment students of all different backgrounds come to study here. The student life on campus is lively something is always happening with all the different clubs.
This is my second semester at Florida International University and I am enjoying the atmosphere of the university as a whole. It is much larger and more diverse than my prior community college. There are an abundant opportunities for students to get involved and participate in various school events.
Great school, nice campus. They're trying to become one of the top colleges in the US and I see them getting there, they just need to weed out the bad professors. It sucks that for some classes you're stuck taking the bad professor because they're the only one teaching that class or online section. FIU should take a look at their professors on, I've seen professors with ratings of 1... although I'd say 3/4ths of them are 3 and above. Other than that, really great school and good looking for the low tuition!
A beautiful campus with incredible architecture and a huge variety of cultures. There are an excellent amount of different places to eat on campus.
Love everything about it!!!! Courses are challenging and engaging. Great resources for all student needs. Energetic and student-centric atmosphere. Excellent experience so far.
Since we are an international school, you get various opportunities to meet people from other countries and that is the one thing I love most about this school.
I love FIU, It was my number one school of choice. I am about to graduate and I could not be any happier with my decision I made. FIU is such a diverse university
Florida International University has a very energetic campus that is very well structured. I really appreciate the food options available on campus and directly off campus in the surrounding town of Sweetwater, FL. Teachers here for the most part have been good and bad, but definitely not the best I have had. Overally, I believe FIU is a university that is heading in the right direction. You will definitely get out what you put into this school.
FIU is an aver<ge University, in terms of academics its quite good, the campus is excellent. Teacher are a hit or miss, but most are good. I feel very safe in FIU, there is a lot of campus police around. party scene is not very good, nothing really happens on campus at night or during the weekend. Dorms are ok, some aren't very good such as University Apartment, but Parkview Hall is very good. The local area is a bit boring, only one bar very close to campus and not many restaurants (except fast food). An overall i would give a 7.5/10.
Florida international University is a very diverse school. They have a great academic program in many different majors.
My experience at FIU as a freshman is currently going great. Not only are the teachers dedicated to your scholarly needs but the student life is amazing. There is always something to do like clubs, Greek life and sports. Going through the fall tailgates had to be one of the greatest experience. Also FIU is very diverse and is very accepting of all people no matter what their walk of life is.
This semester has gone by quickly due to the fact that my professors have been marvelous; Dr. Gonzalez and Dr. Muniz. Everything seemed rose colored until the SweetWater Pedestrian Bridge collapsed mid March of 2018. This hit hard to everyone, not only the families of the affected. The vigil that took place in remembrance had a suffocating power even after it was over and all that remained were the flowers and tears strewn on the gravel. A sad semester for so many students.
My school offers great programs and studies for what I am pursuing for my career. The faculty is amazing and the student life is so welcoming. It is amazing how prestigious my school and how better it is getting.
Thus far, I like FIU. Honestly, there is always room for improvement anywhere. However, when it comes to the resources offered here, there are many that are beneficial. For instance workshops. Through workshop programs, I have met employers from top companies, I have learned proper business etiquette, and I have been assisted with creating my cover letter, and properly updating my resumé. I also greatly appreciate the campus life community. I love how there are so many organizations that you can join, which is not only great for networking, but also having someone there for you that can relate and help you with whatever you’re going through. The food provided through the mandatory meal plan of certain housing is pure trash, especially for what they add to the tution, but that’s just another ‘L’ you have to take.
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I graduated from FIU in the summer of 2017 from psychology. My professors wanted you to fall in love with what they taught. I don’t think you find that kind of passion in many places.
I am currently attending school at the Florida International Universities Engineering Center in Miami. I love this campus because it is exasperated from the main campus and at the same time from all of the traffic and parking issues. There is always parking, open 24/7, giving students a place and time to study, and there's even a small cafeteria for study breaks. It really is an amazing, small, but familiar campus!
Great school with awesome professors and advisors.
There are also lots of places o eat and pretty much all basic necessities found on campus from food to clothes and laundromat to a beauty salon making it easy for students to get things done between classes.
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