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The professors are not very involved if you are a fully online student. If you are struggling and out of state - there is no chance that you will be able to be helped. Also, if you need help with basic needs like getting your record submitted, it could take weeks for someone to help you. Other than that, the academics seem to be pretty good and the student body is involved.
FIU is a great school with a lot of diversity, I myself am an international student here. The good part is that the college community is very big, you can meet a new person people every day. And people are very interactive and nice.
I love the professors, they’re all very helpful.
I love the campus, everyone is so kind and outgoing. They have a lot of helpful resources. They have a great variety of food to eat to eat there on campus. The buildings are easy to remember. It is a very safe environment.
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Florida International University is a great institution, where individuals from all backgrounds can feel secure and pursue their dreams. this institution provides students with assistance in various capacities and is truly "World's Ahead."
I love how diverse the campus is. You get to meet people from different states and countries and learn so many new things from them.
FIU has something for everyone. There are organizations, clubs, and even forums to join. The professors are very helpful and want you to succeed. Advisors in all the departments push you so you can give your best.
My experience in applying to graduate school has been very thorough and the staff has been very supportive.
Florida International University has a very clean and safe environment. Overall, my experience at Florida International University was a positive one. I was able to meet all different kinds of professors and pupils from all different kinds of backgrounds and because of this I now consider myself a more insightful person. Not only has it been rewarding in the professional setting it has also been rewarding in the social setting. I have been able to meet people that I will consider friends for my entire life
I hear great things about this school, which is why I'm excited to attend. FIU has become a great place to attend, as well as a great upcoming medical school. which i hope to attend in the near future.
I am currently attending FIU and the environment is incredible there is so much going on you can get involved. Students and faculty are very nice and if you plan on going I suggest bringing a skateboard or longboard the campus is huge.
Student life is great and you get to make life long friends. I recieved my first Bachelor’s here and I am returning for my second one because FIU is an advancing university with great professors and many resources. Go Panthers !
My experience with FIU has been excellent. I find the university to be a very welcoming place where everyone is accepted. What I like the most about the university is since it is a international university, I get to meet and interact with a a lot of different people and cultures. Overall, there is nothing that needs to change.
The university offers good fully online programs with academic advisor and success coach to help you make your experience worthwhile. Excellent for students who need to work, while study or simple prefer distance learning.
FIU is a great school. There's always something to do on campus. There's plenty of activities going on throughout the week. It's like a community. The teacher's are anything. Love FIU
I really enjoyed Florida International University and all they had to offer, from programs to events, and how diverse the community was. I wish the university focused a lot more on making sure students are receiving answers to all the questions they need, and even so hiring more staff, as there's 56,000 students attending. Also, more parking spaces are a must, since it's a commuter school.
Perfect place for anyone looking to start a new chapter of their life or starting a new life. So much school spirit, great curriculum, and lots of cool people.
Two convenient campus locations. Best library, in the whole state on one of them. The second one is calm and peaceful. Great variety of classes and times when you can take them. A lot of places and resources on campus to study.
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The school is very big, so there are a lot of classes available, as well as diverse time offerings for all sorts of students. The campus is in Miami, so the student population is very diverse. The classes were very much hit/miss, and I found that most students didn't like working hard for success. The professors cared a lot about students, and the advisers I saw were extremely helpful and correctly answered all my questions about completing my degree on time.
As a Computer Science student, I quite enjoyed it here. The advisors are helpful, the professors are good (once you get past the accent barrier), there are a lot of good workshops and other activities to help boost your resume (especially the hackathon we manage to get yearly). Food on campus is pretty good. What I would like to see change is they stop with this Pepsi contract and allow Coca-cola products onto the campus, but otherwise overall pleasant experience.
I really loved the courses taken, resources available, location, professors, nature, campus facilities and my overall experience has been very positive
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