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Student life is the best ! I like that it has a good combination of in-town students as well as out of town. It is a vibrant atmosphere specially if you get involve in clubs and activities.
Overall, my experience at Florida International University was a positive one. I was able to meet all different kinds of professors and pupils from all different kinds of backgrounds and because of this I now consider myself a more insightful person. Not only has it been rewarding in the professional setting it has also been rewarding in the social setting. I have been able to meet people that I will consider friends for my entire life. My undergraduate experience at FIU has been so great I have decided to pursue graduate school at the university. One of the few things I would like to see the university change is the push within the athletics department. I believe the school has a great deal of talent in that regard and it should be exploited in the best way possible so that the school can shine from as many sectors as possible. Despite this, I cannot wait to return back to FIU and cheer on the university that has provided me with an outstanding education. Go Panthers!
I am a freshman at FIU and even though I haven't started yet I have been there many times. The campus is beautiful and all the people that I have met have been so inviting and passionate about the school.
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It is a campus in which is open to everyone, the professors are great and the student life is amazing.
I am currently returning to Florida International University(FIU) in the fall as a sophomore. During the past year I've spent attending classes and living on campus, my experience has been amazing! The professors are all very nice and willing to help you if you are stuck or confused on a topic. The class sizes can be exceedingly large but the professors make an effort to learn most of the student's names throughout the semester. However, if you live on campus you'll be in for the best experience. Housing is nice and spacious. The rooms come with bathrooms en-suite. The residential assistances (RAs) are always around to lend a helping hand in any problem you have or just to have a talk. There are always events hosted by the housing department so you never feel alone on campus. Florida International University is located in the amazing city of Miami, Florida, therefore the local area has much to offer. Attending FIU was the best choice I ever made.
FIU is an up and coming school that has so many aspects that will attract many prospective students. From its rich historical and cultural diversity to community involvement, this school has something for everyone. The curriculum is comprehensive and is cultivated by faculty who are highly qualified in the area of their studies. They are mentors and consistently breaking through the barriers of the educational glass ceiling.
I really like Florida international University because the people there are very nice and they are always willing to help on anything you might need. Also, the university has a beautiful architecture and space which makes it easier for each student to feel at home on the campus.
My University has two campuses and they both have events. I go to the one in North Miami- the Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC). Most of my classes for my major reside there and so is my on-campus housing. As beautiful and calming the scenery is, it has less options for food than the other campus. The Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC) has over 20 options for food and is open late at night for the students who cannot leave campus to have dinner after classes. The BBC campus has about three options, one closing at 4 p.m. and the other two at 6 p.m. Not to mention it gets immensely crowded. A change I would like to see is more inclusive activities and dining options that do not closed on the weekends or close early on weekdays.
I love the environment on campus and how nice everyone is. There were plenty of resources all around campus for students like printing, book stores, quite places to do work, great food places, and more!
Overall, my experience at Fiu was very good. Something I truly loved about FIU was how much diversity there is on campus. Also, they have so many activities on campus that it's super easy to get involve and meet new people. On the other hand, something I would change about FIU is one stop; the reason being is that they take forever to answer your phone calls and to make an appointment was always a mission for me.
During my time at Florida International University, I have grown as a student and as an individual. The courses offer challenge you to broaden your horizons and think outside of the box.
My experience at FIU has been great. I’ve felt comfortable and at home whenever I’m on campus, whether it’s studying or simply relaxing with friends. I’ve had great and caring professors and some not so great, but overall it’s a great university.
FIU is a diverse campus brimming with opportunities in tech-related fields and equipped with professors who are just as invested in your education as you. With several campuses tucked into the booming city of Miami, you are bound to spend your free(the little that you have)time getting lost in the city. However, you don't need to leave campus property to escape from your academic studies. FIU has created its own mini town filled with all the shops a collegiate like myself needs.This includes: restaurants, SEVERAL coffee shops, its own tech store, and mimi markets. Though these amenities are well appreciated, I would prefer more vegan options on campus that are just as enjoyable as the omnivorous ones.
Due to the vast cultures that surround the school it makes being a international student so much easier. There is so much passion and love in this university and everyone is welcomed with open arms.
I love this University. It is big, but it is very diverse. People from all walks of life, no one is afraid to be themselves. I feel at home here, the teachers are great, and there are a lot of classes offered with varied times. FIU really try to prepare you to be successful in life, and they offer many programs, like the Architecture Masters Program, which I am in, and it is Accredited. May not be a name school like Havard or MIT, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The culture of this school is what makes me love it.
FIU is a growing univeristy with some of the best innovations to aid the student career. The business school is outstanding with some of the best professors.
Florida International University is a great campus that offers many opportunities for students to thrive and contribute to their community and campus through academics, sports, community service, organizations, and clubs.
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This school is wonderful. The advisors are extremely helpful and put me on the right path every time. The students are friendly and helpful, as are the professors. Awesome school.
I welcome the opportunity to damnified and migrants from the carribean as I assimiliate to the situation. The campus is beautitul and comfortable.
FIU so far has been a very good experience. The people there are very nice and the school spirit is all around the school. There are always events to take part of and the teachers so far have been amazing.
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