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If I could describe what this university is with one word, it would be amazing. Based on what I have seen about this school, it looks great. I have been on the campus several times and the overall atmosphere looks to be a very welcoming home. The campus does offer a lot to people who are willing to work for what they desire.
Florida International University is great university and I would recommend anyone to apply. Being a graduate from FIU, I can tell you I spend the best college years there. This school offers so many programs, activities, events, organizations, and student conferences all beneficial to the student. The professors and faculty are always willing to help the students.
I love FIU from the times i've visited I fall in love with it more and more each time. It's a safe, clean environment that projects kindness among others.
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The school overall is an amazing place. What I like about the school is that there is always something to do there and it’s amazing the amount of activities they have.
Florida International University (FIU) is an eclectic and driven university that encourages students to be more than themselves. Being that it is an international school, students are able to be exposed to different cultures and ideas from other parts of the world. The campus is clean, modern, and colorful. The professors are prominent individuals with reputable backgrounds and are eager to educate and inspire students in a world of possibilities.
I absolutely love FIU! Everything from my professors to the campus is great. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
Campus is great, and student life is amazing, however FIU's offices always mess up Financials or find some way to mess up your financial aid and scholarship payments. Besides that, courses and campus life is awesome.
FIU is absolutely amazing, i don't know how they do it. They have so much school spirit and enthusiasm, they have this drive to make every experience an excellent one even if its just a question being asked. they really make you feel at home. I've only just started going here and i haven't felt lost once, there are so many resources and information they offer quickly and without hassle. I've already fallen in love with this school and id recommended to anyone who is looking to get a higher education.
just started studying here, but thus far, it's a great environment and professors are knowledgeable on the subjects they teach
Florida International University is a beautiful and lively campus, with a variety of activities for all students. It has an inclusive and fun atmosphere.
FIU is a fairly good institution that attempts to push the boundaries of contemporary society through culture and activism.
FIU is in my opinion the premier International University in all of South Florida and anyone who attends will allow themselves a wide range of oppurtunities to grow both professionall and personally.
I enjoy studying at FIU. However not all Professors are up to standards and the school spirit is not as strong as with other schools.
Its an amazing school! It was a nice experience to visit there. the dorm looked comfortable and efficient
I'm a recent transfer and they have already helped me find a major that is right for me. They have answered any questions and the professors are extremely helpful.
FIU is a school of opportunities that can help you in the future. With the programs, internships, and abundance of classes they offer, FIU makes it possible to begin your dream career. They're also located in Miami which adds the perfect location to the perfect school. I also enjoy Florida International University because we are such a huge school which creates so many ways to find connections with others.
I really don't see anything to be changed therefore most of the students are satisfied with all their needs maybe in the future they may have to think to build a bigger campus in other to give more opportunities to the one who. will love to attend
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Excellent professors with attention to detail. Professors answer e-mails within 48 hours. Professors have open office hours with the ability to assist with any questions or concerns. Campus advisers are efficient and professional. Parking can be improved.
Fiu is an amazing school , the teachers are Amazing, full of activities for the students . FIU is wowwww 😍 love it .
I'm a first year transfer student at FIU and so far everyone has been wonderful. I'm an online transfer student and it's sometimes hard to get things done "virtually" versus traditionally on campus but that's not the case here. Staff is friendly, prompt, and want to see you succeed. I feel apart of the Panther family even from afar.
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