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Florida Institute of Ultrasound Reviews

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they have great flexibility if you are buddy buddy with the instructors and invite them to your wedding...they will even change date of your mock for you, otherwise they could care less
Horrible experience, very unprofessional, school does not help you get a job only cares about collecting your money. They don't prepare you for registry or teach enough scanning for you to get a good job, they actually recommend learning how to flatter people during interview because you won't have enough experience to get a job when you graduate otherwise based on your scanning ability. clinical sites are horrible-other schools get 6 months of clinicals for one modality, you get 6 weeks per modality here and are treated horribly at the clinical sites, they rarely let you scan and don't go over the pathology with you.
Great Experience – Was a tough course, but also learned a lot. Test often. Pretty time consuming.
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Overall Good School – Its a very good school. A lot of hands on experience. Teachers are pretty helpful.
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