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FIT is a great school catered toward education, as well as opportunities for jobs outside of college. This college is always growing for the better and it deserves much recognition for its plethora of accomplishments!
Small, people are nice. Close enough to Orlando (1 hour drive) but not close enough to be a disturbance. Rocket launches from the beach. However not the cleanest place. Professors vary a lot, make sure to check how your professor is.
I like that Florida Institute Technology specialize in Engineering. They don't offer enough academic supports to students who struggle academically. The Professors don't do enough to help students to pass there classes to graduate. There is very limited scholarships available to international students who make up 80% of the student body. In my opinion Teacher are not interested in students succeeding academically. If you can't pay you are put out, it become your problem, keep moving.
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What I like most about Florida Institute of Technology is the overall rigorous intent put on academics. When you come to this college you mean serious business as you see most, if not all the majors on campus require hours of work per week. Knowing this, the college offers a multitude of intricate tech as well as professors to aid you to make sure your major and the time put into it is well worth it. One thing I like to see, is more activities that take place at night to give students relaxation. Most campus events happen during the day, but it would be interesting to have some events at night where students are more likely to be active.
Honestly, it's a wonderful experience to be there. If you're interested in marine biology, this is possibly the best place to attend.
Florida Institute of Technology is an amazing school. The students are all so friendly, it is the kind of school that when you walk to class everyone smiles as you pass. The professors are amazing teachers and really care about the students. They are always willing to help and answer any questions that you might have. There are plenty of clubs and organizations to join, and many activities to participate in. It is not a party school but there is always something to do here.
FIT is a great college. They help me with all my needs. I would recommend this school to everyone I know.
It is kind of a small university but instructor and tutors are very helpful. There are lots of resources that will be helpful for quizzes and exams.
Some professors are great. Classes are tough but with hard work and dedication its doable. safe campus and very diverse.
Florida Institute of Technology has opened up many opportunities for me, such as choosing from a diverse selection of courses that fulfill my major. It has allowed me to be a part of a stimulating program in which I will be able to find a job afterward that meets my needs and leads me to success. I have met academic geniuses, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and have had the privaledge of learning under published academics with a passion for their subject. Overall, my experience at Florida Institute of Technology has been a great one. I am a member of two clubs, a student athlete, and a successful student. The challenges that Florida Institute of Technology has thrown at me have prepared me for life on my own and built me to the person I am. Being a panther was originally just a choice, but after my years here, it feels more like a privaledge.
I have absolutely loved school here at FIT. For starters, the weather is always amazing. It starts out a little hot in the fall, but by October, it's a breezy 70-80 degrees day in and out. Everyone I have met who works on campus so far has been extremely kind and helpful. All of my professors are very knowledgeable and most importantly, great at answering all kinds of questions. Because of the small size, there is always time for a professor or tutor to give you one on one time that you would not find at a big state school.
What I like about this university is that it is extremely diverse. The ratio of native Floridians to U.S. residents from other states to international students is around 1:1:1. I greatly enjoy being able to meet and connect with so many different people from so many diverse and culturally sound places. Something that I would like to see changed would be the amount of intramural sports offered at the school. there are not too many options to choose from, so that would be a nice change to see.
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My Dad graduated from FIT and spoke very highly of it. We went to visit the campus and I was so impressed with the course options and the beauty of the campus. We got to talk with some of the students who were so positive about the school and opportunities with the degrees and the college organizations. I am an Eagle Scout, and am looking forward to a school and organization that will provide me an opening into the community. FIT will provide some of these opportunities and I am excited about the activities I can participate in.
I'm a new enrollee at Florida Tech. So far, the representatives who have been helping me get through orientation and set up my financial aid and online accounts have been very helpful and quick to respond. The school has the type of degree that I am looking for, and it is online, which is exactly what I need. The online account is a little confusing, as there are two to three different sites that you need to get into, but once you've figured it out, it's easy to navigate.
Campus security's presence is very well known on campus. I never feel uncomfortable walking around campus at any given time.
There are frequently companies that come in to talk about positions available. The alumni are more noticed now that there is a football team. A lot of alumni come out for games.
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I have never lived on campus, but have been in most dorms on campus. The best housing is nice; however, you are going to pay big for it. The other housing really is not that good and is still fairly expensive.
Greek life on campus has its difficulties with management, but overall it is great. A good amount of students go Greek and as long as you show interest it is easy to find a fit somewhere with diverse options. The Greek community is generally tight-knit. The school has a Greek Village for fraternities and sororities without off-campus housing, which are probably the best options for "on-campus living." Though it is about two miles from campus.
The school tries to promote athletic events. Attendance varies by sport, but for the population of the school it is pretty good. Sometimes it seems athletics takes precedence to academics in an effort to make the school money.