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Went orignally for Flight school transferred into Science. Amazing courses and Teachers.. Great Campus Life. Was on Crew team, Fraternity, school paper. lots to do, but be careful, School in Florida has lots of distractions and the beach doesnt help.
Awesome faculty! Really makes me feel good! Great food! Great dorms, I love where I stay. There are a lot of events that make this school fun. It can be a hard school, so dedication is needed to persist through challenges. Only bad thing is the internet there is not that good at all, goes out way too much for how much the school costs.
Majority of the course instructors have been great. I have gained a great deal of information from taking courses at Florida Tech. The financial aid process is not always simple which can bring stress during the courses, but overall it is a good school.
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I have enjoyed my time at FIT because of the people I have been able to meet as well as the educational opportunity I've been able to receive.
Though the environment is light and fun, academics standing and expectations are very tough. The school do facilities multiple academic support centers for all subjects matters to see students through the rigor of the curriculum. Classes are small, so all your professors know you and attendance is mandatory. There is much to do to keep you active outside of academics, from social and cultural clubs, dance groups, academic societies and non varsity team sports.

The food selection and flavors are just amazing in every eating location. There are several pools throughout the campus to keep you cool. A relaxing botanical gardens on campus makes for the perfect serene place to get away from it all.
From the moment I decided to go to FIT, it was a great fit, excuse the pun. The advisors helped me get funding, scheduled classes and made going back to school after 17 years less scary. I am also doing online classes, which is great for my schedule. They are really an amazing school, especially since this is my first adventure with online classes. Best schooling decision ever!
Structure of the MBA online program allows for focusing on one class at a time. Instructors are easy to communicate with and workload is not overwhelming for being only 8-week terms.
I go to the online school, but I got to say that the classes are really geared for you to learn something. You have to be motivated to teach yourself, since the teachers also teach the on campus classes usually as well. They have video lectures, a detailed printable notes list for each section, and a detailed classroom with reminders on what to do each week. The online Discussions are interesting, and even when you have to write a paper, the teachers give you a wide set of choices to chose from so you can pick a topic that interests you.
Great school! Good facilities, nice professors, and a great diversity of students from all over the world.
I have been a student of FIT since 2011 and I have loved it. I found some of my teacher really loved what they were teaching and it showed when they would teach you. I especially like how many of the classes taught you real world computer examples that I was able to use right away. I had some instructors who gave some trouble, but all in all, there were a lot of good instructors. Some instructors had a prude style of teaching that helped with his or her class. This is a wonderful school to learn from and to share your ideas with your classmates. Wish they had a Phd program online for IT classes. Maybe in the future, there will more PhD classes added to the programs.
So far I have had a very good experience at Florida Institute of Technology. I love how diverse the students on campus are which provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs. The academic program in my biomedical engineering major is difficult and competitive. Most of the professors are willing to help their students and relay their relevant course information well. It doesn't get better than living at the beach!
Small campus and class sizes which makes everything more intimate. Would like more food options on campus.
FIT offers a hands on education and prepares students for internships and jobs. The classes are rigorous, but worth it. Some professors are extremely good, others are sub par. There are also field courses, which are extremely valuable. FIT has excellent diversity, which they represent at the International Fair and Africa night. Additionally, there are international food nights at the dining hall. There is a wide variety of food and always healthy options available at the dining locations around campus. There are ample opportunities to get involved on campus, so the student life is good. The dorms are a bit old and have a few problems, but they aren't awful. The campus is very beautiful (especially the Botanical Garden) and feels completely safe. It is very close to the beach and downtown, so there are some things to do.
Florida Institute of Technology is a fantastic school that I highly recommend. They genuinely care about their students and ensuring their success.
Great for engineers, psychology majors in my opinion. Good location in Melbourne FL, close to Orlando, Cocoa Beach, West Palm, Miami, etc. Good job opportunities for STEM majors post-graduation. Expensive school in my opinion. Very diverse student body. Small school.
The staff and students are very friendly and the campus is peaceful. It is in a nice area and there are many opportunities for students to be active with the community.
Excellent Academics and awesome professors. Florida Tech is a tier 1 STEM university. Florida Tech has some degrees that can be completed completely online.
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The advisors have been such a great help with getting all of my documents needed in order to start school on time. They are very on top of everything that’s needed.
Florida Tech is a very diverse school with many different activities provided on campus, from sports to clubs and on campus events.
Florida Institute of Technology was my dream school. I first learned about it when I was a freshman in High School. I love the small classroom sizes. Also, the ability to be involved in research projects is amazing, and intend to take advantive of it.