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I am only an online student at the university, so I'll say positive things that FIT provides to online students. FIT provides 24/7 support to students like myself on tutoring, financial aid, class counseling, and more. The professors and staffs help you reach your goal in earning a degree the same way as if you were on campus.
Florida Institute of Technology is an exceptional college with challenging, but beneficial classes and professors. The campus environment is very warm, accepting, and stress-free. In the other hand, the facilities can be given improvement for it to become an even better school.
Received my Bachelors in Arts. Very professional and experienced professors. Always available for help. Curriculum prepared me for the real world in marketing.
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This is a great university. The classes are tough, especially the math classes. I do feel that that toughness is preparing students for the real world.
I have taken about 6 classes with Florida Tech so far, and during all my classes the professors were very helpful and quick with responding to my questions. I have all been helped whether its for enrolling in my next class or getting my textbooks for class on time. This college is very helpful and has a great staff, that is willing to help anytime. So far I wouldn't recommend any change right now. Keep on the good work!!!
Beautiful school and campus. Very difficult to get into, but students can succeed once they are in. Heavy engineering school who knows what they're doing to get students to succeed.
Excellent university, outstanding cadre of professors, very professional administrative personnel that will help and guide you through the necessary steps in achieving your goals.
The school is small and allows for students to have a more personal connection with teachers if help is needed. Small class sizes allows for students to feel more comfortable inside of the classroom instead of feeling crowded like at other big schools. Students come from all around the globe in order to attend this high end school and receive a quality education that will last a lifetime. Meeting great teammates and friends that I will have forever is the highlight of attending the university for myself.
Florida Tech is one of the best colleges i have experienced. Florida Tech has a great number of nice and well rounded people to meet. The professors are always helping students pass no matter what. One thing that i would change is the the amount of campus activities. There are few and not every may be interested in what is available. Besides that Florida Institute of Technology is a wonder place for students who are interested in the technical world.
I like how up close and personal the classes are. The only thing I wish to change is the area that the college is in. Melbourne is a town that nothing interesting happens in; there is nothing for a young adult to do.
Florida Tech has such a beautiful campus. I'll be studying online to receive my Bachelor degree in Applied Psychology. It motivates me to do well. It is awesome that it is a tier one accredited university.
Online student; but the connections made you feel like you wee part of the campus community. I went to the campus in Melbourne, Florida to graduate this past summer and all the students that graduated whether on campus or online were all celebrated as one !
Absolutely LOVE. There is nothing that I can say negatively about this school. The instructors, staff and support are absolutely incredible. I have never felt shrugged off or like I am just a number. I wouldn't choose any other school over Florida Tech. GO Panthers!
I love Florida Tech they have so many classes to choose from and the teachers are awesome are there for all your needs.
Everyone on campus is friendly. Lots of activities and clubs to participate in. Campus is very well maintained. Lots of opportunities for extra help.
I am a incoming freshman to Florida Tech and during the week of orientation I started to feel at home with the school. I started to picture myself receiving more then an education, but a family. The values , students, and campus is a unexplainable feeling that show be experienced when starting the next chapter in ones life.
I am a military spouse living in Europe. I have a daughter which I'd rather home school and FIT gives me the opportunity to complete my degree entirely online. The staff is very helpful and always acts with a sense of urgency whenever I have a question/issue. The professors also challenge us, discussion boards are always filled with diversity, and online programs used for class are not only straight forward but actually teach quite well. I appreciate the school for going the extra mile to prepare me as a student.
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Incredible college experience. Lots of research and projects. There's always need of hardwork and fun making things.
Excellent academic courses. Professors are engaged in the learning experience and provide constructive feedback.
They have high level classes, good professors, and ample research opportunities for all students. There is a very warm atmosphere literally and figuratively. One can always find their niche, despite not being a large school. The Florida Tech College Players are also a very underrated theatre organization on campus. Great for anyone who has a side interest in the performing arts and sciences/engineering.