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Great location and weather. Diverse student body with excellent professors. Many majors to chose from with a lot of help in each choice. Student life is good with the beach being close by and the parties are decent. The male-female split is 55-45which is good for a tech school.
Florida Tech is a wonderful place to focus on your grades and has amazing opportunities to help advance your career! Social scene is kind of small, but it is a great environment overall.
My experience there was very interesting because they seemed mostly serious with the technology they have over there from Engineering,Physics, and other Stem majors. I was just there for a tour.
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Great military friendly college with flexible learning options for the modern student. I completed my bachelors in Business Administration/Management online and successfully graduated with honors. I attribute my success to the user friendly resources available for online students as well as dedicated and fair professors. I was able to utilize military tuition assistance to cover all of my tuition costs. The school is also continuing to become more recognized as a prestigious learning institution and I feel I am of equal or greater qualifications than many of my professional peers with degrees from UCF, Auburn, Rollins and other major colleges.
This school is amazing. Incredible diversity. I am impressed with all of the professors. The school size is small enough where everyone can receive a proper education.
I am currently attending Florida Tech and am enjoying it very much. It is a great school with majority friendly students and staff. Florida Tech also has a large variety of opportunities and ways to help you while you are attending and once you graduate.
The school is focused primarily on academics, which is a good fit for me. Coming from two other colleges where I was less focused on my academics and my future, Florida Institute of Technology provides the right environment for me to keep focused. This college is expensive, but provides many scholarship opportunities for students to help afford the school. Florida Institute of Technology is also extremely close to the beach and has beautiful weather year round that allows for students to be outside more often. Coming from the north east this was an important factor for me when considering transferring from a school in Massachusetts.
Great prospects upon graduation. Do not expect this college to be a party school. Professors are great and I would partake in many more clubs if I were to relive college. Be ahead of your classes and you would land a great job after college. GET AN INTERNSHIP. Internships can be easily obtained as a student of Florida Tech. It is your best chance of getting a good job after college.
Florida Tech is at first glance a great opportunity but the longer you stay the more you start to realize that the main goal of most of the classes and teachers is to weed people out. Take this for example when you register for classes they don't show you the professor's names because they know that they aren't good. Other than the small things like that the school is very secure and has a lot of amenities.
Florida Institue of Technology is a great Engineering School and has many connections in the industry which lead to amazing job opportunities. The college life is thrilling since it is very close to the beaches and the Florida heat supplements my point. It is an enjoyable experience to be there. I would like to see FIT increase their scholarship amounts for international students.
I love the diversity of FIT. I have met some amazing people from so many different regions of the world. The professionalism of the staff is exceptional.
Florida Tech is a small private school in Melbourne, FL. I recommend students coming to Florida Tech to have a car with them if possible due to how hard it is to get around the city and to other places. Panther Dining Hall is an easy option for food, but people may get tired of it easily.
Florida Tech is such a beautiful, well kept campus offering state of the art facilities for my child. We couldn't have made a better choice for her academic career!
I love Florida Tech. The flight program is amazing, the school is close to the beach and other large cities such as Orlando and Miami. Also, The peopel I've met here will be life long friends. I have lerned to grow into a better person and don't feel that I'm just a number or another person.
The online program has been excellent so far! I receive weekly phone calls from my advisor to keep me on track and check in on my progress. They truly seem like they care about my success and I'm not just another number.
For being such a large school, the classroom sizes are small for a better learning experience. All of my professors have been extremely helpful when needed and you can definitely count on them for any help or questions regarding anything. I hope to continue my education there and absolutely love it! Could not have asked for a better school to attend.
It is a great school. It provides a small class setting that allows students to get closer to professors
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If you feel at home in a small school setting, Florida Institute of Technology is the perfect place to call home for your college time.
they have anything you'd be interested in studying. great professors and they always go above and beyond
I am an incoming freshman student. Since I accepted I would have like to receive more information about the program as it directly related to the major for which i registered under - which is actually incorrect on my account. i feel that as I have pointed out some errors things on my account took a while to correct if at all.