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The professors here at Florida are wonderful instructors. They want their students to excel and do what it takes to get them there. The students services help each student to reach their goals. The programs and classes are designed to help the students to achieve their highest potential. I would reccommend this college to anyone who can be disciplinary to their surroundings and achieve their goals in an online education.
The academics offered at Florida Institute of Technology go above and beyond. This school provides students with many different options when deciding courses. They also ensure that faculty and staff will be around to assist students and help to achieve academic success for as many people as possible.
The diversity on campus is far and wide. Any and everyone can attend this school without fear of judgment about ethnicity, race, economic background, political beliefs, religion, and sexual orientation.
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My experiences with the courses and professors at this school have been great. I like to be challenged and my professors do just that. The courses cater to my major and I really learn information that I can use in my field of study. The professors are very informative and helpful. Their teaching styles are very clear and easy to follow. The classes are fairly small and engaging.
So far I would have to say my school is interesting and exciting. My instructors are very knowledgeable on the subjects they are teaching. They provide their students with not only textbook references but learned ones as well. While they provide students with the proper tools they also allow students to explore their own learning styles and what ever the student feels is most comfortable. I would definitely choose my school Florida Institute of Technology if I had to do it all over again because the faculty and staff give me the encoragment and push I need for success in all endeavors.
Most professors respond quickly and are willing to assist students. Registration is easy and assited by the counselors who are always available. Workload is tough because it is 8 week semesters but it is not impossible and it helps to get the degree allot faster.
Diversity is a topic in the first few classes and tolerance is taken seriously
There have been some absolutely amazing teachers and a few bad ones as with every school but the counselors are great at helping whenever contacted. The overall experience has been positive for classes and all other aspects.
The enrollment counselor walked me through every single step and worked hard to ensure that everything was set up for my first week of school.
Being able to earn a Bachelor's degree 100% online is awesome! It is something I never thought would pertain to me. While I attended an on-campus school, I was distracted and intimidated by other students in the classroom. I rarely received credit for class participation. Going to school online has allowed me the feel of the classroom with the comfort of my own home. This has allowed me to participate in class discussions without that anxiety or intimidation. I am able to accomplish assignments on my own time, in my own order and still meet the deadlines of when assignments are due. Attending FIT is one of the best things I could have done to enhance my career.
So far so good. I am an online student who is in the middle of my third week back in school. The student advisor has been very helpful and has made the process of returning to college extremely easy.
im an online student only
I love the experience thus far. Everything has been easy going and very understandable.
FIT was the first to approve me for enrollment in school and the process went smoothly. This really drew me close to the school. So far, everything has been great.
The student advisors check each week with the students. Professors are eager to help you achieve the best grade in the classroom. This school is above average compared to others I have looked at. They also have the highest success rate in our area. These are just some of the reasons I am attending this school.
My experience with financial went well I recieved numerous of follow up about the status of my loans and when they would be given out.
it's my neighbor hood, I live at home and school is online
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once again this doesnt apply to my situation
my school is awesome, only the finacial aid office is slow.;
off campus is where everyone lives, it's an online school
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