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2,177 reviews
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I attended Florida Gulf Coast as a Freshmen and was extremely disappointed with the school. I entered into the Honors program which has now be transitioned into an Honors College, however they have barely notified any of the students what the new changes are to the new program and the different requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to graduate with Honors. The University itself is a commuter college, with many students coming to take classes and then leaving. If you are looking for a "college town" or "college community" do not even apply to this school. Furthermore I had a recent death in the family and found that there are no services offered to help students contact their professors. I tried to contact the advising system and they told me that all they advice they had was for me to contact my professors and that they hopefully will reply. Not one staff member has recommended any type of grieving services, or any other help. Overall horrible experience with this school.
Though relatively small, this school places a large emphasis on community, which is especially great for a first year resident experience. Resident life is enhanced by school faculty, especially by the resident assistants. Professor's (from personal experience) tend to be more understanding, and class sizes for the most part are of reasonable size (decent chance for your professor to actually remember your name/recognize you).
I love the small class sizes and clean, well kept campus. I wish the food was a little better. The campus has a lot to offer and the professors are eager to help and want to see you succeed as long as you show the initiative.
FGCU is an amazing University. The academia it offers its top class. The internship opportunities for students are very helpful for future jobs. Professors are always looking for way to help the students. It is a green campus and protects the green areas a lot. There are a lot of nature trails where you can relax after your classes or between classes.
I'm a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University. I commute to school so it is a little difficult finding friends, but all the common areas that FGCU ha makes it easier to find and meet new people.
Beautiful campus and extremely clean. Everything is brand new. Dorms are amazing and everyone is so friendly.
Their campus is in a super awesome location. If you want to head down to the beach after class you can definitely do that. For people who love to be outdoors, most students longboard to class. It also feels like a super safe place. They have a lot of devices that you can press if you feel unsafe at night, and someone will come pick you up.
Great campus with caring teachers - relatively low-stress environment but still fun and stimulating.
FGCU is growing extremely fast. I'm so happy to be part of a school that is more than just partying. This school has done an excellent job making sure things like tutoring and writing help are offered and effective.
I like FGCU because it is only a 40min drive from my house, so I live at home with my parents. The commute is a little busty in the mornings but not so bad. I wish they had more parking garages on campus, it always seems overcrowded and it takes me a while on some days to find a spot. overall, I really like the campus, its pretty big so a lot of walking is required, but the are so many place to sit down and relax and vending machines all over campus, so it helps a lot. There is a lot to do on campus as well, so it feels like its own little town.
Great university with a beautiful campus! Always something going including many events on campus. Located in a great part of Florida with many restaurants and shopping centers near by. Big university with small class sizes which makes it easy to get one on one from the professors!
I am a junior at Florida Gulf Coast University and I have enjoyed my time here. Almost every person you meet is friendly and helpful. The campus is great. The professors are wonderful and so are the classes. There isn't much diversity on campus which I think is tragic but other than that, I enjoy my school.
I love FGCU because of how small it is, you're not just seen as a number, you're seen as a student and as an individual. There is nothing I'd change about this school. It has offered me a lot of opportunities.
Transferring to Florida Gulf Coast University was he best decision I have made. The courses challenge me, the people care, and the campus is beautiful!
The campus is large with many amenities. They are environmentally and service focused with many degree programs to choose from.
I graduated with a Masters degree in Educational Technology. The two main professors in the online program Dr. Storke and Dr. Kenny are outstanding. They were always encouraging, provided constructive feedback and even found time for me when I visited the campus in March. I can't give an accurate assessment on the "return on investment" category because I am in my first year of teaching and Smart Boards are not allowed in my type of classroom. (ESE environment). It did give me a 226.00 a month raise so if you do the math for the cost of my classes I will be paid back this way in 10 years. For what I have learned and experienced and can apply: cannot put a price tag on that. I would highly recommend this two year course for anyone that wants to expand their educational and professional horizons.
Great university with a variety of courses offered for all majors. Small university feel with all the advantages of a big university.
Florida Gulf Coast University has abundant majors and minors to choose from. It's an affordable university. As an on-campus living student, my yearly tuition rate rounds to about $16,000 which is great in comparison to most universities. It also has a sustainable, eco-friendly environment. I love that my university helps to clean the Earth while we pursue our further education. Now that I'm an active student on campus, I've fallen more in love with FGCU. The student body and staff is highly diversified. There are organizations and programs for almost any movement, race, political, or other subject people are interested in. The school can still use some help with building efficiency, transportation, on-campus pricing, and such, but most schools do. There's always something that can be better improved. Overall, FGCU is an amazing school and one of the best choices in today's economy.
Florida Gulf Coast Unversity is a beautiful university. It's small enough to start learning everyone you see but big enough to get the college experience. There is a lot of help, academically and personally. I've really enjoyed my time at Florida Gulf Coast and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me there this upcoming semester.
The academics are decent. Dorms are pretty great, you get your own room and if you're lucky it comes with a full size fridge and 3 sinks and a common space. Most of the people aren't anything special, I haven't met anyone who has a cool interest with what they want to do with their life and I've only met a handful of people that share similar interests as me. Considering I'm more of a city person, this school isn't terrible but it is not a memorable college experience by any means. There is very little to do in Ft. Myers, it has a massive senior citizen population. The only thing that carries hype around here are parties and sports games. The parties are too often boring, so the more and more you try to find one the more time you spend at a terrible party around drunk white girls trying to be taken home by creepy dudes.
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