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Awesome school, every professor I've had is really there to help you learn and they really care about how you're doing in their class. Always events on campus to meet new people and try new things. Everyone is really nice and the entire campus is basically one big family.
I liked this school because it's not too big, but you still get all the experiences of a big college. They have so much to offer and the class sizes are perfect. Campus life is really nice and accommodating and the schools itself is really close to anything you may need. The Town Center is right down the road and there are buses that are able to take you there. The people at FGCU are very friendly and always willing to help you if you need help.
Its a beautiful, new, small and intimate campus!
The diversity of the students at the university needs major improvement, along with the amount of clubs made available
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Florida Gulf Coast University is a great place to be. Not only are you surrounded by personnel who care for you and your future, but as well as a beautiful campus. A campus that cares for the enviroment and community!
My experience with this university has been excellent. The student population is relatively small for a Florida university and it is a very friendly and diverse group. Class sizes are conductive to one-on-one interaction with professors who seem genuinely concerned with how their students are doing. It is easy to get involved on campus. Students can almost always find something they are interested in doing.
My experience has been above average. Being involved in a multitude of areas has changed who I am for the better. I believe I made the perfect choice going to this university. The people have made it welcoming and helped me find out who I am and what I want to do for my future. I have met and made connection that will forever change my life. Being involved makes or breaks a college experience. I believe that FGCU offers so many opportunities to be involved for a diverse amount for people.
My experience at FGCU has been great thus far. The professors are amazing and truly want to see you do exceptionally well. They are good people to look up to and I feel like I am learning so much. The campus is gorgeous and it isn't hard to become involved. However the downside is the amount of courses they offer at a time. Classes get full too quickly because there are not many courses offered per subject every semester.
This school has allowed me so many neat experiences. It has been my dream school since I was thinking about college. I've love all of the things that it has allowed me to do and all of the people that I have had the opportunity to meet.
Small campus environment, smaller class size, excellent housing set up with the majority of freshman dorms equipped with separate bedrooms and bathrooms for each student and responsive to parental inquiries.
LOVE IT!!! The campus is pretty, stress free, and chill. There are a ton of resources for students and a lot of tutoring and help when you need it. Classes are nice and there is really nothing bad about this school. Love everything about it.
FCGU has really great clubs to joins. I just want to see a more diverse group of students. There are no clubs for students of different races such as asian-american, African-american, and etc.
FGCU is a great place for anyone that wants a great education at a smaller school that still has plenty to do and has a great atmosphere as well as helpful professors. This college has everything you could need and makes sure you have plenty of resources and tools to help you graduate. Wings up!
Loved the availability of water sports on campus-zero entry pool or lake. Also having accessible parking garages is a great way to beat the heat. Geographically it is central to so much Florida has to offer. Finally the airport is literally just a few minutes from campus - Everything is right at your finger tips when attending Florida Gulf Coast University!
FGCU has a campus like none other, almost any student you meet will admit that the beautiful construction and connection to nature the school shares (+ the awesome dorms!) were big deciding factors in choosing our lovely school. FGCU feels like a small university with a tight knit community despite it having a steadily increasing amount of students. The professors are all nice and approachable and the students are incredibly friendly. Couldn't have picked a better school.
I love the campus life at Florida Gulf Coast University. Everything is modern and the overall environment is inviting
I am currently a Junior at FGCU. So far, my college journey has been excellent! My advisors and the majority of the teachers I've had so far have been extremely helpful! They are extremely detailed and I can tell they are passionate about what they do for students.

One area that could use some improvement is the financial aid office. For some reason, it is difficult to get in contact with the office unless one is physically in their office. It is easier to send an email or make a phone call than it is to take a shuttle to the building (in my case). Also, the lines to get a hold of financial aid advisors are extremely long and unorganized.
I like the campus. I feel like FGCU should have better security precautions. Also the campus should build more parking garages or have more parking spaces.
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Fantastic new university with faculty who are willing to engage your interests. Though they are already at 15000 students, opportunities still abound at FGCU. Research, from art to service learning to engineering, is encouraged at the university, and professors love to help students get involved. The campus is lovely, and there are a lot of great places around the area to explore or get a job. Southwest Florida itself is growing, so there is a draw to live in the area after you graduate.
Professors here are great. Many of the undergrad students tend to be on the spoiled rich kid side. Administration needs to spend less on sports and more on opening up more class sections. Registration is a nightmare for certain majors. A big pro is its environmental friendliness.
The on-boarding process was not as streamlined for a transfer student as I had hoped. I felt like I did most of the work finding who and where my advisor was. I did like the orientation day and the ease of admittance with that. Afterwards, I found that many of the requirements to begin registration were not communicated effectively with me, and my registration was delayed.
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