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Great school. Currently attending for my Bachelor in Management. The campus is beautiful, and student life is great. Had a very good experience with their Career Development services, which does a great job with student job placement after college
Love the school. Awesome teachers, involved students, typical college lifestyle. If you love the beach its located right on the water.
I am currently enrolled as a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University, and I am in love with the school. The campus is beautiful and full of nature which helps relax a student after a hard class or just a general tough day. The student involvement honestly helps build you as a person, from Student run organizations such as Programming Board, and Student Government, all the way to Greek life with Fraternities and Sororities, there is always a friend on campus to help you with any challenges you may face. At Florida Gulf Coast University you are never alone, there is always someone there to help you through a life challenge.
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DUNK CITYYYY!!! This is close to home and a great place to stay at. I would love to go here after transferring from FSW.
Florida Gulf Coast University was like a second home to me. Coming from a small city in Tunisia, I thought that I will never fit and that I will be feeling homesick the entire time. However, after the first week of my arrival, I already made amazing friends. Professors were also very helpful and supportive and classes were small-sized, intriguing and thought-stimulating.
There are so many ways to get involved both on and off campus. The staff is so helpful and adaptive services are very generous in assisting their students.
FGCU is a very personalized learning environment where every student can get the help and attention they need. Every one on campus is super chill and relaxed, every day you'll see students hanging out in hammocks all over campus! The small population size is also awesome because you get to get close with your peers.
I love the nature aspect of this school. A lot of people would not consider this university as their first choice, but they definitely should. Promotes sustainability, and is a good environment. Teachers are helpful with the smaller class sizes.
Very nice campus, great professors and staff, and awesome small class sizes. It is lacking in diversity a little bit and can get pretty hot.
Florida Gulf Coast University is a great school. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the people are warm and welcoming, the staff is intelligent and helpful, and everything has a positive and accepting attitude.
Florida gulf coast university is a great place for students who are able to go to school full time. FGCU offers a wide range of daytime classes, but their schedule doesn't always account for students who are part time or students who need to take night classes. The amount of evening and online classes are very limited. Dorms are great, very clean and very safe. The campus itself is beautiful as well.
My time at Florida Gulf University, was one of the best experiences I had in my life. I learned so much from the professors, and made friends that I know will be in life for a very long time. I loved living on campus because the outside scenery made it look so beautiful and me feel as if I was living at a resort. Living in the dorms, I liked that I was able to have my own room, but still had a chance to meet and live with other people. When it came to academics, I liked fact that the classes were small so that professors actually get a chance to learn my name. Overall, the people on campus are very and there always events going on to entertain students. I will definitely cherish the the time that I spent there.
I went there for a class field trip and it was amazing. The campus was beautiful and very large. It seems like a very great school.
Definitely a college city, tons of student discounts (just bring your student ID) to many different places (like chipotle). campus is very clean, dorms are A+ and there's a Chick-Fil-A, Papa John's and Dunkin' Donuts on campus. great school just not a lot of diversity
I attended Florida Gulf Coast as a Freshmen and was extremely disappointed with the school. I entered into the Honors program which has now be transitioned into an Honors College, however they have barely notified any of the students what the new changes are to the new program and the different requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to graduate with Honors. The University itself is a commuter college, with many students coming to take classes and then leaving. If you are looking for a "college town" or "college community" do not even apply to this school. Furthermore I had a recent death in the family and found that there are no services offered to help students contact their professors. I tried to contact the advising system and they told me that all they advice they had was for me to contact my professors and that they hopefully will reply. Not one staff member has recommended any type of grieving services, or any other help. Overall horrible experience with this school.
Though relatively small, this school places a large emphasis on community, which is especially great for a first year resident experience. Resident life is enhanced by school faculty, especially by the resident assistants. Professor's (from personal experience) tend to be more understanding, and class sizes for the most part are of reasonable size (decent chance for your professor to actually remember your name/recognize you).
I love the small class sizes and clean, well kept campus. I wish the food was a little better. The campus has a lot to offer and the professors are eager to help and want to see you succeed as long as you show the initiative.
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FGCU is an amazing University. The academia it offers its top class. The internship opportunities for students are very helpful for future jobs. Professors are always looking for way to help the students. It is a green campus and protects the green areas a lot. There are a lot of nature trails where you can relax after your classes or between classes.
I'm a freshman at Florida Gulf Coast University. I commute to school so it is a little difficult finding friends, but all the common areas that FGCU ha makes it easier to find and meet new people.
Beautiful campus and extremely clean. Everything is brand new. Dorms are amazing and everyone is so friendly.
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