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I haven't been there but, my sister has and she told me it was a alright college because some teachers don't even care.
I love the college because it is so close to my house. It will make it so convenient to go to school and be able to drive 15 back home and being in my home town i like a lot more.
It is a small enough campus to get around but big enough to adventure. The people are insanely nice everywhere you go (especially the nice man at the welcome center). It is a gorgeous campus and the warm weather does not hurt.
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Great school that supports students and professors. Could use better parking. State of the art technologies and programs on par with that of other highly distinguished schools. Awesome study abroad programs. Beautiful campus and area.
Amazing university with top of the line campus, professors, and safety. This a place where you will feel like part of the FGCU family. It is a culture that you know your professors and they know you by name. You will be able to make connections with them and be able to use them a resources for the future.
Classes are easy to find and travel to. Plenty of extracurricular activities. Classes are interesting and professors are very open to talking with students.
I transferred to FGCU my sophomore year from Rollins College. I transferred to FGCU because they had more majors in the health professions field. I'm currently a junior at FGCU studying Community Health. I'm involved in many clubs at FGCU such as Swim Club and FGCU Catholic Student Organization. Transferring to FGCU was the best decision I have ever made.
I went on a college tour trip with my school and I enjoyed it. It was a beautiful college. It also had good academic standards.
The financial aid office is really the only problem I have had with FGCU. The academics and clubs they provide help almost everyone find something they enjoy. If there is not something that satisfies you it is very easy to start your own club.
It's a great school with an amazing campus and really good connection with professors. I enjoy coming to class every day and feel comfortable here.
I am a junior in highschool and i have never been to FGCU. I would really like to attend this college for the nursing program.
Florida Gulf Coast Universty has such a beautiful campus with beautiful people all around. Coming from high school to college, everyone is so diffrent and nice. Everyone is always willing to help each other through anything. FGCU has plenty to offer to help students achieve their goals and to be prosperous towards their future.
FGCU offers courses needed to reach my career goals. Although I would like to live on campus, it is not financially possible; but since I live in the area I can commute and still participate in campus activities. It has been relatively easy to meet other students with similar interests and academic objectives. It is a well-planned campus with bus transportation from point to point. I use my skateboard for transporting me around the campus - weather permitting.
I like how small the school is. Growing up in a small town, I didn’t want to go to a very crowded College. The staff is very friendly and responds to emails right away.
Very nice school, too far from home for me, but overall I loved it. good teachers, clean, nice to live in and look at, not too expensive. Wish I could stay
The Financial aid office is horrible!Bunch of unprofessionals!Did all we had 2 do in regards to paper work, they misplaced them or just felt lazy to search for them, they requested again, submitted THEM AGAIN,they ask for them again right b4 school STARTED.Faxed them,called to make sure they got them,they said they did and it was processing, 2 days later they requested AGAIN,sent it AGAIN!Result :Financial Aid didn't kick in on time,my daughter was withdrawn from her classes,had to pay 3050$ all at once for d 1rst semester + 200$ LATE FEE!SUCH A SHAME THIS IS A GOVERNMENT UNIVERSITY!IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY, NEVER ABOUT GETTING EDUCATED!SHAME SHAME! Ah, it didn't stop there.When paying, had to b there personally to write a check or use my card. Mind me, that I live 2 1/2 way!Tried to make transfer to my daughter's bank, she could only withdraw 1500$a day.She missed 4 classes, no credit for that and on top, 200$Fee. F GRADE PROFESSIONALS! WATCH OUT!
My time in college has enriched my life in many ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and concepts in general and eventually will enable me to hopefully become more successful in life when I finally graduate and get my degree. It also has stressed to me the importance of thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. All these aspects of college have also made me more well-rounded as a person. It has been easier for me to achieve these opportunities than if I lived in some other countries, especially third-world ones. These experiences are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them for anything.
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I was a transfer last year and was nervous about going to a bigger and newer school in a new state. I felt very comfortable here and welcomed. Teachers are amazing, I've only experienced one that I didn't care for. Campus is gorgeous and lots of different opportunities to explore.
After a year of living here and going to school here, I haven't gotten tired of waking up for class. Living here is a relaxed work day with the sun and how beautiful the campus is. The academics are amazing, very reliable teachers and student-teacher relations are great!
I was very hesitant to begin my college career at FGCU. I did not want to attend a university that was virtually in my backyard, because I live in Cape Coral. After touring the campus and realizing the potential I had to thrive, I decided to dive right in. My four years at FGCU have been nothing short of incredible. I have had many opportunities that have helped me to excel in my degree. The faculty have all been very supportive and I love the classroom sizes. There is always a chance to have a one on one conversation with professors or stay after class to receive the help you need. FGCU is also very community based so it's nice to have the support of our local community whether it be music, the arts, sports or academia.
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