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I like the diversity of the school and the mission to keep classroom sizes small. This allows for students to interact with the professor more, and the professor is more likely to remember you as a student and not by just a face. This also helps when trying to get involved as there is numerous amounts of clubs on campus that all have welcome arms for new individuals. This school is really set out for the success of their students and that is what i like best about Florida Gulf Coast University.
Wonderful school filled with opportunity! The small campus feel is very welcoming with many clubs and organizations.
This college is very modern. It is small so you can walk without having to leave your dorm super early. The buildings are near each other so you do not have to rush. Also, the sports are good.
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Florida Gulf Coast University is a academically and diverse school. We are an environment friendly campus. There are numerous on campus activities to be a part of, as well as comfortable places to study during the day.
It is a small university, with a large impact. They are all about sustainability and giving back to the community. Classes are small, and you can form a connection with your professor.
Florida Gulf Coast University is a wonderful university. The university is culturally diverse, small, and offers smaller teacher to student ratios. The location of the university is close to plenty of student housing, shopping, and beaches.
Florida Gulf Coast University is known for its beautiful scenery and ambiance in the local area. Being a student at FGCU has made me really appreciate the environment around the school and in the school. While having great dorm options and wonderful teachers who truly care about the students FGCU is still lacking in a few areas. Although FGCU has many things going for it, one thing that I have noticed FGCU does not have too much of though is diversity. After being here already for four semesters and being a minority myself I have noticed that there are not too many other minorities at the campus, aside from student-athletes. I feel that if FGCU boosts its diversity, and tries to incorporate more of the Fort Myers/Estero area, into its university, than this school could not only be a 5-star resort but also a 5-star school.
There have been instances where students have said the processes for paperwork and hold-lifting have been tremendously stressful and are very lengthy. I also believe that there isn't enough "togetherness" amongst students. Whoever is in a club, has people in that club to be friends with. Other students, like myself, are often isolated or have temporary friends(semester friends due to classes). I appreciate the staff, but there also isn't enough staff. "Soaring in 4" is not an accurate depiction of finishing a bachelor's degree. Because of the small staff, it's difficult to stay on track with required courses.
I have been to about 2.5 other schools, aside from this one, and FGCU is easily the best institution I have ever attended. Not only is it aware of the environment but the professors, admin., etc. are literally phenomenal. I wish I would have started school here.
I enjoyed how environmentally friendly our campus was, they previously signed an agreement stating a certain percent of the land has to stay the way it is. The teachers were amazing and very passionate about their work.
I liked florida gulf coast university because the campus was beautiful and everyone is so friendly and the professors seem very nice and everyone is enthusiastic to be there. If there was something i would change, it would not be anything. The school is great as it is.
Nothing bad really, but the out-of-state tuition is ridiculous. Its a nice campus, but mostly a commuter school for locals.
Its nice all the teachers are very helpful and the school sport is mainly focused around basketball. That's why they call us dunk city. I've had no issue while being here and i feel as if im getting my money's worth in education
I enjoyed the size and atmosphere of FGCU. It is a place where you can relax and almost feel as if you're at home. All of the professors do a great job of being their for each and every one of their students who need help.
Florida Gulf Coast is the perfect place to go to school. The campus is beautiful and always clean. The academics are also very good. FGCU goes above and beyond to provide their students with resources like tutoring and study workshops to get on track and stay on track. Although it is a smaller school than most public universities in FL, I think it's perfect. It's growing quite a bit which is very positive for the school!
I love it here. The campus is beautiful and everyone is willing to help and there are different organizations students can be a part of.
After going to Florida Gulf Coast and seeing all the university had to offer me, I knew right off the bat that this was where I wanted to spend my next 4 years of my life. Florida Gulf Coast is the perfect environment for me to flourish into the successful lawyer I plan on becoming once I graduate. I encourage everyone to give this school consideration when applying to schools.
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Love this school! The only thing that's kinda negative is my experience with online classes, and the lack of diversity. Over 60% of students are white...and after launching a class on "White Racism," no person of color will want to go here.
FGCU is a beautiful campus with its very own beach! There is a boardwalk and opportunities to use your ID to use paddle boards or kayaks. There is always something fun going on. Awesome housing, great sports teams, and student life. Although there is no football team, their basketball team has made the sweet 16 in the past, and is always fun to watch.
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