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FGCU is a lovely school to attend because of it's connection to nature. The campus is within a forest and many trails are offered around the school to take a hike and refresh your brain. There are people to make friends with for any type of person and most people will greet you with friendliness as you walk by. Many (actually) fun events are held on campus to excite students about getting involved including (my favorite) open mic hosted by Music Club at least two Wednesdays a month. Guest visits are frequently made by artists, scientists, and professionals of all interests to give public talks which are always very exciting.
Great environment with a beautiful campus. FGCU has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary along with its students. Although a fairly new school, FGCU incorporates new and improved teaching methods and a vast array of resources for students and faculty.
If you are looking for a state school with the feel of a small private school FGCU is for you! Classes are small which makes accessing your professor MUCH easier. Many take our greek life for granted since we do not have houses, but this makes it more affordable and accessible. Go Greek! The campus is in Estero which is minutes away from the gorgeous beaches of Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, Sanibel, and Marco Island.
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the campus is beautiful, and they make it a point to be eco friendly since it was built on land with a wide variety of wildlife. I also like the advisors, they've been really helpful with putting me in the right direction.
The campus is very beautiful and well-maintained. The professors are knowledgeable and are willing to help students understand the course material.
Florida Gulf Coast University offers a quality education in a beautiful location. The local town center has a variety of stores, restaurants, and nightlife. Dorm rooms and campus housing offer privacy and an inclusive environment. While this may not be a football college, it is home to an awesome basketball and hockey team! FGCU is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all students. Everyone can download a guardian eagle app and there are multiple emergency safe buttons around campus. Although the there are a variety of clubs and activities students can engage in, you must be willing to put yourself out there to get involved. But don’t worry, there is a place for everyone!
A great school with a beautiful campus. The professors were friendly and engaging. I learned a lot and got involved in campus rec. it really made college enjoyable with the fun community of positive people who are always there for you. And to at the same time have a good flexible job that pays well for students.
Florida Gulf Coast is a great school for an affordable price with room for growth. I feel this school, still being barely new, has yet to reach its full potential. It is a smaller school in the middle of a family town which can sometimes take away from the "college experience."
I think it is a great school because the classes are small and the teachers are pretty decent. The overall area it’s in is growing and only going to get bigger and better.
Florida Gulf Coast was the perfect school for me! It has small class sizes, where you have the opportunity to build relationships with professors, a beautiful lake where you can go kayaking, and a wide variety of different organizations and intramural sports to get involved in! There is something for everyone here at FGCU!
Florida Gulf Coast University is a wonderful university aimed to help student achieve their goals and to be successful in their chosen career paths. All the staff are there to help and want to help students with anything they need. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Overall, there really isn't anything I would change about Florida Gulf Coast accept the amount of transportation for college freshman to main campus.
I liked that the school was small and inclusive. You would see a lot of the same people on a day-to-day basis and classes weren't huge. My least favorite part is that there is not much school involvement.
I honestly loved FGCU. It's like home there. The campus is very easy to get the hang of; it's not too big but it's also not too small. Even from growing up in the area, it was very nice to have new welcoming people.
Campus, athletics, education- everything is amazing! Even the housing! I love how involved everyone is; it’s like a true community. On top of school activities, the party scene is perfect with lots of safe places to go.
Small, high-school size university. Not much diversity as most of the student body consists of Caucasians.
I started out at a different college and was ready to drop out of school. I switched to Florida Gulf Coast University and was able to finish my Bachelor's Degree with just about straight A's. Great place to learn and grow.
what i liked about FGCU is that everyone is very friendly and helpful. Something that i would like to see change is that their isn't very many diverse people and its a shame! its very one sided and I think they should look into ways to change that!
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I really like this school, every one is really friendly and nice. I like having smaller class sizes, but sometimes I wish the area was more developed around the school, meaning I wish there was more to do.
I like the diversity of the school and the mission to keep classroom sizes small. This allows for students to interact with the professor more, and the professor is more likely to remember you as a student and not by just a face. This also helps when trying to get involved as there is numerous amounts of clubs on campus that all have welcome arms for new individuals. This school is really set out for the success of their students and that is what i like best about Florida Gulf Coast University.
Wonderful school filled with opportunity! The small campus feel is very welcoming with many clubs and organizations.
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