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Since signing up at fgc I have overall love the experience . It’s small enough for one on one but it’s large enough to give you that real college feeling . Everyday student activities are putting on something different to draw students in to something new and it always turns into a learn experience . I’m very glad that I signed up and are attending fgc.
I'm sure you wondering; Why such high marks on the subject of my college. They give you the best sense of hope.Even when you're failing or discouraged opportunities to get better is always a option. I'm in my freshman year and I have experienced a whole new world of possibilities.Thank you for listening
Florida Gateway College has helped and encouraged me to go further than I ever thought I could go. I am only a few credits away from my AA and am actually thinking about going on to get my Bachelors all because of the encouragement and help I have received from my Trio coach and others at FGC.
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My College experience through Florida Gateway College has been great so far. I will start my second semester February 28, 2018. I am glad I enrolled in this college as the professors have been awesome and helpful with all my questions. The library, advisors and staff have also been amazing.
Everyone was friendly and understanding. All my professors understood that as a single mother I would miss class and that didn't effect my grade. The cost was also cheap! With many scholarships available😍
I love the environment and how nice the staff is. No one judges you and the class rooms are perfect size!! I got to be the student speaker at my graduation, I can’t wait to continue my education there this spring!
This is a great college to get started with. The teachers are okay overall, with a few that create problems. I haven't spent much time on campus as I am only a part-time student through dual enrollment.
I love that the faculty and staff are excited about your success. In my two years at FGC, I have had zero bad experiences with professors or other staff members. The campus is beautiful, and the programs the college offers are top notch. However, I would love to see more programs added. Especially medical programs.
I attended FGC to get my ASN in 2014 and I was very disappointed in the program. The turnover rate for instructors was very high and 2 weeks before our semester final the school fired our instructor. The clinical opportunities were a joke and it was obvious the school didn't care about our program.
Florida Gateway College was absolutely the best choice I could have made. Coming out of high school, I was a bit weary about how I was going to transition between a really small school to college level work, but FGC was extremely helpful. I love how hands on the professors and guidance counselors are. The facilities are nice, open, and clean. My surrounding classmates were very friendly and willing to help me with any trouble I had. My favorite experience being at FGC was when I got to work on a cadaver in Anatomy & Physiology 1. I knew I have always wanted to work in the health field, however this was my first hands on test. Thankfully, I could not have loved it more! One thing I would like to see change at FGC is the athletic programs. I know it is a small college, but we still should have some indoor sports for us students. All in all, FGC is the place to be!
My experience with Florida Gateway College has been very rewarding so far. As a freshman, college can be a little overwhelming; however, FGC has been very welcoming to me. While, I love this college, I would like to see some sports teams at our school!
For a small community college, Florida Gateway is a good starting college. The atmospehere is friendly and people are generally willing to help. The same is to be said for the Counselors. They're incredibly helpful and they really try to get you in classes that you nees and will benefit you in the longrun.
I like the campus at Florida Gateway and the small class sizes. I think that this college should keep growing and building because it has a lot of great students and a lot of potential
I love the campus and everyone there have been really knowledgeable. Can't wait to continue my education there!
The campus is bigger than most expect but it's still small enough that your professors remember you by a first name basis. They're always open and available to help you. The campus is every to navigate and the online work is user friendly as well. The professors and advisers respond to emails in a timely manner.
One of the best schools I've attended! Offers online classes which is exactly what I needed. Has a great atmosphere, great students, faculty and positive vibes.
Florida Gateway is an amazing college the professors work with you and do everything they can to help you succeed the staff is amazing and will explain things to your understanding! Couldn't ask for better!
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My experience as Florida Gateway College has been a superb one. I've yet to have any issues with anything, with classes, financial, books , ect. My questions are answered within a few hours via email. I've even received personal phone calls to answer my question. FGC had been nothing short of a pleasure to attend.
I would definitely recommend Florida Gateway College to local students looking for a quality education to better themselves as they advance towards their career goals. FGC has many programs that are highly rated within the school grading system throughout the state and southeast. I personally have attended the LPN program and was highly satisfied with my education within that program.
I enjoyed attending Florida Gateway College. Most of the professors there want to help you succeed. Also, the tutors there are very helpful. It's in a small city and not every diverse, the staff are very nice. I never had a bad experience with any of the professors I had. It's not a huge campus like most colleges/universities but I would definitely recommend it to someone that wants to get their Associates degree.
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