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Let’s be real, this school is money hungry... they don’t want to lose students because they’ll lose money the amount of stuff you learn isn’t worth the price of the whole program you DO NOT get certified, they don’t offer a certification for medical assistant just a diploma & they don’t tell you this when you first enter the school. students are very rude and you can’t concentrate on anything because of how loud the classroom is from everyone talking, administrators don’t care of course because they wouldn’t dare to kick someone out the program because they’ll lose money, classes are tiny, bathrooms don’t work most of the time, very disappointed in this school pretty sure the reviews are fake this school is terrible its all about money here DO NOT COME TO FEI or at least the medical assistant program, wish I can go back and picked a better school
Job Prospects – Florida Educational Institute does a great job in helping us take the exit exam and obtain our license to find job.
The Workload – The workload in the nursing program as been really hard to manage, becuase I have problems finishing my work in a timely manner. However,I am working on a plan (schedule) to help me manage my homework and study time.
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I believe that the value of education I pay at the school I attend is worth all the tuition paid, becuase the school does a great job hiring great teachers to teach the Nursing prgram.
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