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I liked how all the professors care about the students and whether or not they would pass. This school really helps you grow as a person in your faith with God so ,i would recommend attending FC.
Florida College is the best place a Christian can go to. You are surrounded by many Christian's. The school is small which makes a small class size allowing for your professors to know your name and really help you in class.
Florida College offers students with many opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritually, and provides numerous events to help students excel in each of those areas: concerts, devotions, academic panels, sporting events, society parties, internships, etc. Even though FC provides its students with many life enhancing opportunities, there are some things I think they should change. FC should be more proactive in encouraging their students to interact with other groups; to not be so closed off from each other or the community. I also wish FC had a strong art program. This can help boost the college's enrollment and provide the opportunity to study art in a morally based environment. Despite these setbacks, I think FC has helped me to grow as a person; forcing me to learn how to be more independent, but to also help others who are dependent. The people (faculty, staff, and students) are encouraging and supportive whenever you need it.
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It is great the professors are easy to talk to and provide ways for student help.
There is not that many options but there are many who will help you look.
The college is small very little crime, I feel safe.
I made a great decision to live on campus where i never missed anything that was going on, and all my friends lived right down the hall from me.
Many students are involved and many come to support during the games.
I attend a small private school that I would choose the school again and I will be returning, I have made so many life long friends and wonderful memories. Its has been fun so far, being on the women's basketball team has made it a great experience to be a part of traveling wth the team has been the best part. Moving to florida to attend school was the best thing that I did for my self.
The best parties take place in our student center after hours (I'm talking like 2am). There's always good music, good food, and depending on the party theme, lots of fun stuff going on.
Nightlife is gr8. There are occasional parties, and people use Ubers to get around unless they get a ride from someone.
Many things can be said about the academic aspect of the school, but I'll leave you with one thing: the professors, the courses, the registration process, everything about it can be either a very good thing or a very bad thing. Many students have a bad attitude about their workload, or the gen-ed courses they are required to take, and they don't treat the professors with respect. Others are extremely optimistic about all of it (such as myself), and excel abundantly. It all depends on your attitude.
There have been a few known cases of intolerance, but it's not terrible.
Drugs and alcohol are clearly prohibited on campus, but a lot of students still get into them and sneak around behind supervisors' backs.
Employers around the area are very active in recruiting students for jobs and internships, and our campus career department is helpful in that as well.
Great courses, greater professors! They truly care about you and your grades.
Our administrators are very active in campus health and safety issues.
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The school's housing is better than most!
There aren't many non-Greeks on campus.
Overall, the school's athletics are fantastic!
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