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Falcon Days were amazing! Florida College is a Christian college that not only cares about your success in academics, but also cares about your spiritual well being. They do everything they can to keep you on track spiritually, while receiving an outstanding education! I plan to attend there in the fall of 2019!
I personally don't have any complaints about Florida College. Florida College has excepted me into the school family. The ladies in the financial office are very caring. If you having issues they try there best to assist.The professor are willing to help you become successful. They offer tutors and different kinds of assistance if you are struggling. I have joined the women's basketball team, the coach is awesome. I love that we have to attend bible study. I enjoy being on there campus it's secure for young ladies and gentlemen. I hope I can continue to make Florida College my home until I graduate.
This college is centered around God. It has such a good vibe to it, and you feel right at home. All of your professors go to church with you so you know them. You are made to feel like you belong, where at other colleges you do not have any personal connection with your fellow classmates and professors.
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This campus is the place to be for those who seek to grow intellectually and spiritually. You will never find a group quite as special as this.
I really enjoyed Florida College this past year. I played on the Women's Basketball team and absolutely loved it. The overall atmosphere of Florida College is simply amazing. The professors are so kind and are truly there to help the students in almost any way possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the smaller classroom sizes. I also really enjoyed the food. I really liked my dorm a lot as well.
I started going to this college last semester. It is a wonderful place to make friends and learn together. The staff are knowledgeable and always willing to help any students in need. The dorms are well kept and there are many opportunities for students to enjoy competition and friendship. I made a large number of friends and I look forward to seeing them this coming semester.
When I visited the school a few months ago, I felt welcome and appreciated. I feel that I will fit right in when I enroll for my freshman year there.
The environment at this campus is amazing, everyone is friendly with everyone and teachers genuinely want to see each of their students succeed.
This is a great spiritual environment with great people who you will make lifelong friends with. There are small class sizes and great interactive teachers who are willing to spend extra time so you understand courses
Florida college is a great option for a solid education in a spiritual setting. A small campus and class size means individual attention and personal connection between teachers and students. On subjects I have studied before I am constantly learning new information from my professors.
Great place to meet people and get an education. Professors and staff take great care of students and are very helpful in achieving your goals.
Florida College has given me so many opportunities and opened so many doors spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically. My biblical knowledge has grown tremendously and my love for the Lord and His people is exponentially greater. I have not just been taught in the classroom but outside of the classroom as well. I am encouraged and renewed daily by the examples of others and have made powerful relationships with my professors because of the care and concern they show to each of their students. I have made lifelong friendships and developed in ways I never knew possible. It has given me a home away from home and I have loved every minute of it.
I love the environment. The teachers are so involved and will go out of their way to personally see to it that you are doing well in your classes
In general most professors are very helpful, i broke my wrist while i was here and they helped me to catch up on my school. they rearranged test and homework for me because i missed school. Also in general the environment was great!
I loved my time at Florida College. It was probably the best time of my life. I knew a few years prior that's where I wanted to attend college, having participated in their camp for 5 summers. I met a lot of friends at the camp who also went on to college there. Since it was a Christian college, it made it that much more like home.
I liked how all the professors care about the students and whether or not they would pass. This school really helps you grow as a person in your faith with God so ,i would recommend attending FC.
Florida College is the best place a Christian can go to. You are surrounded by many Christian's. The school is small which makes a small class size allowing for your professors to know your name and really help you in class.
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Florida College offers students with many opportunities to grow academically, socially, and spiritually, and provides numerous events to help students excel in each of those areas: concerts, devotions, academic panels, sporting events, society parties, internships, etc. Even though FC provides its students with many life enhancing opportunities, there are some things I think they should change. FC should be more proactive in encouraging their students to interact with other groups; to not be so closed off from each other or the community. I also wish FC had a strong art program. This can help boost the college's enrollment and provide the opportunity to study art in a morally based environment. Despite these setbacks, I think FC has helped me to grow as a person; forcing me to learn how to be more independent, but to also help others who are dependent. The people (faculty, staff, and students) are encouraging and supportive whenever you need it.
There is not that many options but there are many who will help you look.
It is great the professors are easy to talk to and provide ways for student help.
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