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Florida College of Natural Health offers a number of programs to train students for a variety of accredited professional careers in natural health. This school offers day and evening programs along with extensive career planning services that are offered to students as well as graduates. The Maitland campus is located just minutes from downtown Orlando and is just steps away from restaurants and other amenities. Staff provides a professional yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere for students and hosts student activities every month. The only complaint is that the materials fee is a little high, but the materials kit is of high quality.
My experience so far at Florida College of Natural Health has been an amazing experience for me. The environment in each classroom is very comforting and creates that eagerness to learn.
The Florida college of natural health is one of the best schools with their combined course of makeup and skincare. I looked at several schools in the surrounding areas and was excited with expectations of being a student. It is a private college and very pricey. The one thing I would change about the school is their makeup program by getting more in depth and hands on with the different makeup lessons.
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The fees that students are charged to make up hours and make up public clinic are ridiculous. If you do not pay the fees they hold your credentials that you have worked so hard for hostage. Also being required to work for free in their public clinic even though I am a licensed esthetician. Clients pay FCNH for services that we have to perform for free. Everything we have to go through benefits the school. Had I realized before I signed up for this school that it was over priced I would have went elsewhere. Once you sign that contract you are obligated to attend or loose over $20,000. I can't wait to be done with this school. I also want my electrology license and FCNH has the program but after this experience I will go elsewhere for that. I will not give this school another penny.
It is very flexible. They fit my schedule perfectly.
The class sizes are perfect. I feel i can get help.
Employers come regularly to recruit students.
The curriculum is a lot but very interesting.
I really love this school. The staff are great.
I am working towards my Esthetician License, we have learned all the basics needed to be in the field. We also got the opportunity to work hands on with people from the community. I am going on to the paramedical program which help advance my career even more, and I'll be able to gain more knowledge.
The school offers programs that are not available anywhere else near the area. It is a good school, and the education is great, but you definitely have to study on your own, and look over notes to grasp the information. There is lots of miscommunication between students and staff. Other than that I have enjoyed my time at the school, and have been able to learn in a totally new way.
My school loves to give back to their students, aside from a library and a great education, there's food for our long days, water, and carnivals for a good break.
I have had multiple issues with this college. I am currently going for Massage Therapy. I was going to come back to be dual licensed but i have changed my mind. I go somewhere else. Massage Program is amazing lot of modalities but over all I dont recommend this school. This is a school that you are paying for a name.
Picho in career services is great, very helpful and knowledgeable. Any question I have, I feel comfortable asking him and he seems eager to help me out.
The student body at my school is very diverse. It is nice to see many people from different backgrounds and cultures.
As far as the curriculum goes, I feel that part is great. I am learning what I need to know to feel comfortable in the work place and to become a successful Aesthetician. As far as the administration goes, there needs to be improvement. Many of my class-mates feel as though they were "manipulated" or "scammed" in some way or the other. From personal experience, I can agree. Although, I attended this college for a specific reason, which was to obtain my license as an Aesthetician and I am doing just that so I am trying not to let any personal opinions get in the way of that. Also, the library has many informative books which I can definitely appreciate, but none of the computers work properly and shut down in the middle of your assignment without saving. It is very frustrating and with as much money as tuition is, I would expect the only 7 computers that are provided for us to actually work properly.
Small library, but has plenty of useful information provided.
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Love the academic experience so far. Exactly what I hoped for.
I have not needed career services just yet, however others that are close to graduation are very happy with the team. They keep a board with posting on local job opportunities in our field as well as lots of counseling available.
Very flexible and easy to make up hours if needed.
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