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I am a graduate from this school and am now a licensed Acupuncture Physician working in this field. I feel the school served its purpose in preparing me for the national boards to become nationally certified and licensed. The school does not give direction in terms of post-graduate employment, but I feel that's really up to each individual for any career path and job field. The schooling is intense and very demanding. If you are not in class or interning at the school clinic, you are either studying or studying. This is not an easy program, but if you put in the effort, you will do well and you will succeed.
There is very little flexibility in this school. That is understandable because they have condensed a 5 to 6 year education into 3 years by removing time that can often be made up in other curriculums.

This is very clearly explained often before and in the first 10 days of classes.

When there has been a dire need, accommodations have been made to aid the student in maintaining their standing.
There are no online courses offered that I am aware of
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There is no post grad work available at my school that I am aware of. As stated before alumni and job prospects are excellent.
From the very beginning networking with the community and real life opportunities are constantly visited via health fairs, on site presentations and the fact that most of the instructors have their own practices.

According to the the practice of acupuncture and alternative medicine in general is seen as a significant growth industry throughout the next 25 years.

The alumni network is very tight and helpful from offering tutoring to apprenticeships.
All our professors have attained the goals we as students are striving for. This fact grants confidence in their knowledge and expertise.

The course structure could be a bit more clearly defined as to what is being shared for the board exams and what is meant for fleshing out and sparking interest for self research, this is true of all the courses.

Class size is fine, each term has a fluctuating number of students but it never seems to be too large.
Everyone at my school is studying to pass the board exams for Oriental Medicine, so we as a school have that one driving force at many different levels. This is very powerful in that there are students just above and just below your level, providing the unique opportunity to be both mentor and mentored. All the staff also is clear and singularly focused giving the entire school and program an impressive momentum.
Once classes begin this school is dynamic, engaging and all encompassing! the staff are enthusiastic! Each bringing their unique experiences and view points and showing how it all meshes with the reality of the practice of medicine and how we can best utilize the training we are receiving.

All staff are receptive to student ideas and questions, encouraging challenge and research.
We do not have online courses.
I am very happy with the program, and I would do it again.
Great value for the dollar.
What you see is what you get, but it worked for me, and I had a great experience with everything I needed.
Very kind, intelligent and free thinking.
Honestly, I have had an amazing experience with the teachers, my classmates, in the classroom and in the clinic. I have grown personally and professionally over the past three years. And I felt prepared for my board exams, and I have passed 3 of the 4 (I will take the last one in December). I could not ask for more than that! If you put in the time and the effort in, you will get a lot out of your experience, just like anything in life!
We take a lot of herbal, western and eastern medical classes.
There really isn't much going on at FCIM aside from a student government association and one additional club that some students put together. There are no campus activities except for maybe pulse day that occurs once per semester. We do have a library which had barely functional computers but I am thankful that a recent graduate donated a couple new computers to the school because the old ones were a headache. The school also lacks aesthetics as most of the classrooms are in portables which the administration claims to be "temporary" for the past 5 years or more.
I am sad to report that there are no special things that set my school apart. This is one area where my school falls tremendously short.
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The curriculum at my school is rather uniform. Everyone who enrolls has to take the exact same courses and there are no additional options or electives offered. There is not a class registration process (because it is automatic) nor are there special study programs. As with all colleges some professors are better than others but for the most part the professors here a pretty good and very knowledgeable which can perhaps make up for certain weaknesses in the curriculum.
I am majoring in acupuncture and oriental medicine and the program is basically what I expected. I just wish that the curriculum made time for more diagnostic skills education which is crucial for shaping an effective acupuncture physician. I am taking classes on acupuncture, herbs, and also western medical sciences which is really neat. I really like the merge of western science and alternative medicine.
The Tuition/Financial aid process went smoothly. I cannot give my school an A because they are lacking in many areas and I do not feel that what I pay in tuition is comparable to the quality of education that I am currently receiving. The curriculum could be better and there are many topics that should be expounded upon that are barely covered. Some of these topics which are crucial to developing knowledgeable and effective physicians. Even with the negatives of my institution, I can not say that I have not learned a tremendous amount of knowledge that I did not know before and ultimately my education here will be a stepping stone to advancing my career and profession.
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