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I really loved the community of people at Johnson University Florida. Everyone is looking to grow you and your faith, and try to encourage you to succeed and serve Christ. The professors are experts in their fields and not only do they want to teach you in the classroom, but they want to help you and get to know you outside of classes. I'm having one of them be the officiant at my wedding, and am inviting the most of the others! Overall, I'm sad that I have to graduate and leave, but they've definitely prepared me well.
While we are directly in a decent area, the surrounding areas are not that safe. We have 1-2 security guards to monitor the campus as night. They are mostly there to give out points for breaking curfew, as most of them are elderly or unfit to physically protect students in danger.
We don't have parties at our school. The campus is dead at night because people are 1) off campus having fun or 2) in their dorms doing homework.
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We have a small table of computer for our "lab". The internet is extremely slow and not always reliable. Since we are a small school, our tech support is great because we can contact them easily.
Within an hour of parks such as Disney, Universal, and Sea World. Plenty of nearby tourist attractions as well.
I don't really eat off campus often but I know of a ton of places in the area. They are typical tourists places, varying from fast food to nicer cuisine. Prices are as expected, but they are all located close by, making them easy to travel to.
Every night is always a party in our dorm. Some times we go out but mostly stay in.
I do not live off campus but orlando is a simple place to live in. A lot of different races but I enjoy living here. Everybody is nice and for the most part everything is cheap enough for me to afford.
The preaching major at FCC is great. The professors are all very experienced and extremely helpful. The curriculum is great because of the combination of Bible classes and Ministry classes, specifically the classes for your specialization. Workload isn't too rough but it does force you to get outside experience while going through classes, which while it can be stressful at times depending on the committments you make, is very beneficial. The school has a great reputation with nearby churches and works hard to help you get into an internship. Internships are required by the time you graduate.
Sports aren't the biggest part of campus life for anyone (except maybe the sports players themselves). However the teams are growing and the attendance at games is too. The baseball team is fantastic even though the program is fairly young but the other teams still have a little ways to go. For the size of the college the athletics program is better than would be expected and there is still much to look forward to. IM sports aren't very popular at all but thats probably due to lack of interest or organization. There's a bit of a gap between those who play sports here and those who don't. If you're not on a varsity team most people aren't looking for an organized team but there are still plenty of nonorganized sports around campus.
Your Choice! Pick your major. You're in. Work hard, and graduate.
Great Experience – I've heard very positive things from past interns.
Great Relationships – FCC has great, genuine students and faculty alike.
Social Life of Students – The guys and girls have very friendly personalities. There are lots of social events that bring us all together. Then there are girl or guy only bonding and social events. A good mixture of both is a way to stay connected. There are many groups and activities to stay busy.
Florida Christian College provides all the needed technology within an affordable price. Included into the students rent all students on campus receive wireless internet. The library computers and free printing is available for all students. The speed of the network is average.
Florida Christian College offers a community. The students make up a family and support one another. The atmosphere is super friendly and all the teachers pour themselves into the students. This school isn't just about degrees but transforming lives and making impacting relationships.
The school is mostly Caucasians and African Americans. There are very few Hispanics, I could count them. My school is Christian so everyone is obviously Christian. Race doesn't stop people from talking to each other but you'll mostly see the white people separated from the black people.
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There are no Dining options on campus. There are only vending machines and on Tuesdays they sell food from UNO'S.
My favorite thing about FCC is their general belief. They serve God and I serve God, and the classes are Bible based so it really helps me prepare for my future goals/career. They're not modern and the buildings are old though, but in a way it keeps "tradition" going.
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