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This school is TOXIC. The students are trash and they enroll anybody that can make payments. The people running it change and are all crooks if they stay long. They all about attendance - I missed so many days that they signed me in when I wasn't even there and then tried to make me pay for the term. Real talk. Crooks. Do not waste your time or money.
The one downside to this school is that there are only two class scheduling options available here. Morning classes from 9am til 2pm or evening classes from 5:30pm til 10:30pm. I feel like a lot of people would have a problem with the lack of flexibility of the classes. And you cant alternate between mornings and evenings. It's only one or the other.
I really cant say I have a valid input on this because I have never taken online classes before. however I do learn the best when the training is as hands on as possible and this school in very big on applying hands on learning in the classroom. They teach most of there classes through hands on learning which I feel gives them an advantage of success rates.
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The only thing I really know about post grad services is that there is job placement opportunities available among the staffing here at school. I am new and just starting out in my degree but the faculty is very helpful and I do believe that they will provide me with more detailed information about post grad services as a come closer to completing my degree.
I am new in this school so I am unable to say too much on the variety of courses offered as I am only in my first class still at this point. But the quality of the course itself so far seems like there is a lot of material covered which makes me comfortable that there wont be much left out that I wont know when I come to completing my degree.
The prospects of a degree at this school are good because while you are taking classes the staff helps place you in a job until you earn your degree. As you are close to graduation, after you pass your certification test to become certified in your field, they then help with career placement.
The curriculum is very detailed and encompasses everything we will need to know going out into the real workforce after graduation. The classes do move at a fast pace however, which can be a challenge for slower moving students like myself, but that's why its also more helpful that most of the learning is hands on.
I haven't been attending the college for a very long time but so far they have been very good at making sure the students have a very hands on approach to learning which, at least for me, makes learning much easier. The teachers are helpful and understanding when you are not in full understanding of the class work and are willing to help out as needed.
My experience at florida career college has been great I am learning alot and meeting new friends in my career field. The environment is safe and full of energetic people around the campus. I dont think anything could make it better as of now.!
My school is career-based so my credits I have are kind of irrelevant at the time being but once I go further past my certificate I believe they will help me skip some process or save me a couple months from getting a degree in my field
I don't have online classes
I am not sure about the post-grad services but I have heard great stories about students going deeper into there profession even about a medical student that continued until they were running the whole hospital so as I said in the beginning its all about what you put into it and I am putting my all into this so I can be successful.
The courses are certainly not the easiest especially for someone like me who had zero experience in the field, but they helped me learn everything and practice it in front of everyone so you are confident in what you are doing, the class I am in has about twenty students so its not large but its a crowd and it is more than what you would encounter in the field maybe 2 to 4 people watching at a time.
Well I already have interviews for my field so I believe its all about what you put into it If you do your best you will get the best or close to it. My teachers and my advisors have connections in Orlando to help find me a job even with my criminal record so I would have to say they have helped me tremendously.
My program hvac is 9 months long and I am halfway though it and I believe that it has prepared me so far for a good job I have interviews coming next month already the courses are hands on so you can feel what you would be doing while working.
I like the school because it focuses on what you need to accomplish to get you an better life
the library is good but small and there is no students activities
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the school counts with different ways to help you work around the schedule and ways to help you get to the school
the school its small but well prepared they can improve by adding more lab time and having more students extra curriculum activities
they help you all the time since you start on the school and they get you job interviews even if you haven't finish the degree
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