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My classes are very flexible. I work full time in the day so i have classes at night.
After graduating, you can always come back to further your career, that's great ...
There are always opportunity for everyone to get recruited.
Review Florida Career College - Miami
I love the fact that my class is small. We have more interaction this way. My Professor is amazing ...
I love the fact that at FCC, each course takes a month so that you fully understand the work before moving on so quickly.
Going back to school as a 43 year old had me a bit nervous. I wanted something more for me, i wanted a career. I am so happy that i conquered fear and stepped out and took this chance and opportunity to better myself. I am learning so many things at FCC. My instructor is amazing, and my classmates are awesome ... I wouldn't change a thing.
The employees was so warm and welcoming
We only had morning and night classes. And most of the staff was gone at night
I didn't do online courses.
They've been helping me find a job
Students seemed to like it but also seemed like they didn't care
the first 7 months with my professors were amazing, the last 3 I had the same one who didn't know what she was doing.
At first they had me doing what the nurses were doing, then we started doing medical billing. Once we started the billing the teacher was not good at explaining how to do the work.
The director was amazing but financial aid didn't make it clear to me how much id be paying.
Administration has no regard for students' needs or issues. If you work and come in late or have to leave early because you have to catch the bus and you end up missing 25% of class time, you automatically fail the course, even if you earn an A in it. If you were going to graduate that module, that means you cannot graduate because you failed. You may have to wait several months before you can take the class again, because it was just offered. If you try to get the career department to help you find a job after graduation, they tell you that the students that are about to graduate are their first priority. Instead, they give you a list of search engines for you to look for your own job. Instructors sometimes have to teach 3 different classes in the same classroom at the same time. We end up doing homework in class, just so teacher can handle all the different students, so we are paying to do homework at school and not to learn.
Teachers, campus I love it. I love the campus I like smaller class so I can learn more and I teacher are able to attend to each individual one on one.
Its awesome. They have a library to help students. They help with resumes and mock interviews. The school also helps with finding a job by having a job board and a volunteer board in case you want to start volunteering for your career before graduating.They also have a career director who can help with finding a job while in school.They staff is helpful and if there are problems or any question they are all right there to help.They want each and every student to succeed and are willing to help to do whatever it takes to make sure we complete what we started.
Review Florida Career College - Miami
this school is unique from other schools because you really can get the help you needed, they have hands on training, you can feel very comfortable talking with your advisors and teachers as well
my experience in being school so far, I've must admit it is fun ... you get to learn new things, you can get to know people and your instructors personally, you can feel very comfortable talking to almost any one at the school
Being in school was like being in high school all over again, except this school gives you more opportunities, motivate you , and try their best to help you be the best.
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