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Florida Atlantic University Reviews

3,952 reviews
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As I visited Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida I loved the school environment and community. In general Florida Atlantic University is a great school all round and I would certainly recommend anyone to take into consideration.
Very clean, safe school. Small campus and population. Not a very eventful party scene school because so many commute. Classes are not insanely difficult but still a bit challenging. Very up-and-coming.
The school itself is beautiful. Underneath the old banyan trees around campus make for the ideal shady study spots.
There are ample tutoring opportunities available at no cost. Therefore, it is safe to say that success and understanding of the given is a priorty of this University. You absolutely get what you come here for.
Students and faculty here are especially focused on bettering our resources in order to achieve maximum success. And it is a fact, that the school is gradually raising its qualifications due to these improvements every year.
One aspect of student life that could be on is the extracurriculars. There are opportunities and groups to get involved in but frankly some the schoolwide events could use better planning in terms of getting students to participate.
Oh, the old "Review your university" question that well all should really complete.
The first thing I noticed was the diversity the university had. I would say a near equal mix of everyone culture was shown, especially through clubs. Secondly, the major selection was a huge improvement coming from Palm Beach State College. As an electrical engineering undergraduate, I was able to choose specific professors at times I desired.
The cons I would say would be the large tuition differentials the school requires each student to pay is rather ridiculous. Another con would be unexpected construction and its unfinished process lasting over a year on one of its main route (Called the Breeze Way). Very... VERY... inconvenient to most majors that require the use of that route.

Who knows, the school may have a huge improvement in the near future.
I haven't started just yet; as i'm only applying to Florida Atlantic University. But based on what I've heard, i would do anything to go there. This is why i also keep my grades up so I can get accepted.
Florida Atlantic University is a college that will instantly make you feel welcome and at home. Florida Atlantic University has a beautiful campus and many resources to get help.
I study at Florida Atlantic University's Harriet Wilkes Honors College. It's am incredible school with so many opportunities and outstanding faculty. In the dorms, each student even gets their own room, which is not something many other schools can offer. However, the one thing I do dislike about the school is the dining hall, but I am an extremely picky eater and most of the students do not share my feelings towards the dining hall. Though, it was not difficult to learn how to cook for myself with the limitations of living in the dorms.
FAU is a good school if you are a resident of the nearby areas looking to go to a university, but want to save money by living at home with assistance from your family. FAU has HORRIBLE academics. Classes required for most undergraduate students to take are almost exclusively taught by graduate students/"instructors", not professors. Why would they have a rigorous acceptance rate of 44% (lower than FSU and UF), but have an avg. freshman gpa of 2.0? Is it because the students are inherently dumb or because the faculty only consists of professors that can be over 80 years old and instructors in their 20s? --> As said by newspaper The Sun Sentinel: "FAU's low score cost the university $7 million. In addition, FAU got no new money from the state. FAU scored a zero on two key metrics: graduating first-time-in-college students within six years; and academic progress, which means the rate at which FAU retains freshmen whose grade point averages are at least 2.0" (sun-sentinel.com).
I think FAU is a great school. It allows me to be myself and express my beliefs. I joined greek life at fau allowing me to expand my horizons.
I attended as dual enrollment during high school- which means you have to go in evening (adjunct professors who teach entry level evening classes are a mixed bag). One class was exciting and well taught whereas the other the teacher informed us he would rather not be there, and was extremely sarcastic and rude to anyone who asked a question. I have heard they are working to improve their undergraduate programs, but as of now it is still pretty much a commuter college that needs to keep improving!
I enjoyed the information I learned in the Exercise Science and Health Promotion department. The professors were very dedicated and passionate about what they were teaching. I would like to have been able to have had more hands on experience working with athletes.
My experience at FAU was great. I took two classes there as a dual enrollment student and both of my professors and all of the students I met were incredible and treated me as an equal although I was much younger and perhaps not so ready to be taking the classes I was enrolled in. Professors were helpful and understanding. Peers seemed excited about college life and the atmosphere is inviting.
Florida Atlantic University is a wonderful environment to be surrounded by. The campus is beautiful with its luscious green landscape and very modern architecture. There are professors that actually have knowledge on the things that they teaching and care about their students. My overall experience at FAU so far has been good its great to see a new face everyday and involve yourself in an activity that you normally wouldn't. Something that could be improved is the parking; there are thousands of students on a campus and not enough parking spaces.
It's a great school for commuters. It's not really a party school so I guess it helps you focus on your education more.
The campus is absolutely beautiful. There is something for everyone. The staff are right there for you if you need help. They're there to help guide you into your destiny.
The school overall is very good with awesome resources. Though it is over priced and we are not in a college friendly area, I won't complain.
If you want to go to a party school. Fau really isn't that. That's school is very much so about their academics and clubs. There is a club for everyone at the school and the school also has a lot of events that the students can attend. I would recommend this school because it really forces you to be focused around your school work and it provides you with a lot of connects that you will need in the real world after you graduate
Within my experience at Florida Atlantic University I experienced unfair, unrealistic education. From a teacher who expressed her political beliefs out loud in front of the class to a teacher who only made an appearance at 4/16 scheduled class meeting dates, the experience was not up to par to say the least.
I like meeting new people from all over the world. All the students are really nice. One thing I would like to change is the food options- the food in the cafeteria is good, but I wish we had more options for week-ends or late nights.
I attended Florida Atlantic University for my undergraduate and currently for graduate school. The awesome thing about this school is all the opportunities that it had offered me. I was able to teach biology students as an undergraduate lifeline leader which exposed a new passion for me, and then I was able to continue on teaching as a graduate TA. There are many clubs, or organizations, that are offered here at FAU and I would highly recommend getting involved in them.
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