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FAU really exceeded my expectations. I came to FAU as an international student on an athletic scholarship, and was planning on going to school there for a year then move on to a top university once I would be all cleared by the NCAA and admission process. Little did I know that I would find the perfect fit for me and my professional career. My theory about college in the US is that you will broadly learn as much during your undergrad anywhere you go but the connections you make will be the difference. Going to school in south Florida gave me so many opportunities and I got my dream job right out of school as an analyst even though I was competing against top tier candidates. Being a big fish in a small pond can be very rewarding too!
Florida Atlantic university has its ups and downs, but the ups are so wonderful that its easy to over look the negatives. For instance the campus is beautiful and the research opportunities are plentiful. If you are interested in excellent science colleges this is the place for you.
Fau is great! A very intimate campus. Teachers are very caring and considerate. Since it's a very small campus you're not walking around all day
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I go to the Honors College, and while rigorous, it is still a great college experience. Great campus, the staff and faculty really care.
Florida Atlantic University is a prestigious yet fun university to attend. I went on a summer tour to view the campus and it is so enormous. The atmosphere is very nice there and the people there are super friendly. I like how they have various events around campus and are career focused after and before graduation. The school seems to be very well oriented and I only hope that I can enjoy the atmosphere there as well one day if I get accepted.
I love the location of the university, it's close to the Boca Mall and other shopping centers. It's close to my family so I can visit them in my free time. And the students and staff are all friendly and diverse.
I've been at FAU for a semester and a half and i love it. The learning atmosphere is great and it is a beautiful campus.
My experience at Florida Atlantic University was mostly good. Some of the professors were not so good, but others were great. This happens at every school though. I enjoyed meeting new, lifelong friends and being able to connect with many students. Florida Atlantic University has many clubs that are offered and many student services that are available to students.
I really enjoy attending college here. I believe that this University does need some minor improvements such as parking but overall it is a nice place to attend college.
I love FAU! So much to do, plenty of clubs and sports for everyone to enjoy. Research is available for those interested and free tutoring is available and used as a valuable resource.
FAU is a very diverse school with a very strong education department. However sports they are poor and the city is not a good place to have a collage because the cost of living is soo high. The party scene is also pretty bad.
Great facilities. But if you're a non-traditional student, there is no love. It's as if the administration makes everything harder for working students, returning students, students with children, veterans, etc. They hardly accept any military credits.
I graduated with my Associates of Arts at Florida Atlantic. I then went to Palm Beach State college to get my RN license. I am currently enrolled in an RN-BSN program at FAU. I have always liked FAU and the environment and community it has. I would recommend this University over PBSC because of the caring nature of the professors, student life, and location!
In general the office workers and staff were very friendly and welcoming. They very helpful and answered all the questions I had regarding academics as well as work programs. The campus is just the right size, nice and clean. There is a variety of restaurants giving options to eat different cuisines or just to hang out with a group of friends for coffee. As well as various place to go for entertainment, groceries and shopping in general. The students seem to be a good crowd for studying as well as to make good friends to last a lifetime to make great memories and having fun.
I enjoyed the welcoming experience when first arriving to Florida Atlantic, I felt as if I belonged and it made me want to spend 4 years at the institution.
I was pleasantly surprised with this university. I still haven't encountered the parking issues everyone complains about and I've been here for over a year. Awesome gym, decent food court, good study areas, beautiful campus and interesting research opportunities!
It is a university that really cares about your future and success. There are so many resources on campus that can help you in any way for you to earn your degree and graduate on time. There is always someone who can help you be on track, give information on what course is recommended for you and help you find the major that is right for you.
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Florida Atlantic University is the premiere state university of the Palm Beaches. The classes are informative and the only limits to your learning are yourself and the students around you. I would like professors to enforce a more studious and serious atmosphere in some of the classes, but if you work hard for yourself you will excel.
FAU is an excellent university for your bachelor and masters. I'm currently a BA Theatre student and the program is great. The professors are helpful and encouraging. The chairperson and faculty are wonderful and do everything they can to help their students.
I loved everything about Florida Atlantic University, the teachers were great the facilities were top notch and its in south florida.
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