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I am in love with the FAU campus. Everyone is extremely welcoming and it honestly feels peaceful and like home. I would not want to be any other place and they offer a great business program for my major! I would highly recommend.
Florida atlantic university is a great school, filled with diversity, teachers that care and want you to succeed, and lots of activities to participate in.
Overall, my experience at Florida Atlantic University has been great! The faculty is super knowledgeable and helpful. Classes are interesting and fair. The only complaint I have is parking. Depending on the time of day, parking can be hard to come by.
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FAU is a opportunist school, filled with vast options for students of all types. There is alwasy something new going on everyday throughout its tropical campus. Facilites are modern and up-to-date, and most students seem rather friendly and independent in pursuing their college degree. Only downside to FAU is its difficulty in parking. Other than that, I would reccomend FAU to anyone with a major that is offered at this fine establihsment.
I have been going to school here for 3 years and what i come to love is the scenery around campus. They are in remote places, where quiet reigns and the peace is incredible. The food is alright, many options, different locations. The student life is not all it is cut out to be. Unless involved in sports, clubs, sororities/fraternities, or living on campus, you will not know what is going on. i have discovered events because i am on my way to class or i overhear classmates talking. People stick to themselves and not alot of school spirit. On the academic side, it is great. Diversity in classes, teacher, and class time.
My experience with FAU has been great. The faculty and staff are very willing to help. You have professor that care and want to help you succeed. As an example with undergraduate research and the like.
I have enjoyed my experience at FAU so far. Its a comfortable campus with ample opportunities for extracurricular activities. The professors and advisers are caring and want you to succeed. If I had a chance to re-pick a university, I would still choose FAU.
Overall, FAU has great facilities and faculty, you just have to involve yourself and find the opportunities you need to success. The only downside I can think of as a srudent is the fact that a lot of upper division courses for biology are not offered on the main Boca campus, and you must commute to Davie or Jupiter. FAU has great programs, you just have to take advantage of them and find whats best for you.
Florida Atlantic University is located in the Heart of Boca Raton. It is a large and beautiful accessible college. So many events, sports teams, clubs and cozy places to study!
If you want to go to school with modern amenities and a family feel then FAU is for you. The campus is very green and makes you feel like you are not in school.
It is a nice school. The students seem to love the school and the events that take place such as the football games. Also this school offers a lot of ways to get involved on campus.
I love everything about FAU. From the beach, the faculty, and the atmosphere. No matter what there's always something to get involved into and its just somewhere i love being!
It is a nice and big school. The students seem to love the school and the events that take place in the school like the football games and the celebration of different events.
As a freshman here at FAU, I have had a great experience so far. The overall atmosphere on campus is great.
Florida Atlantic University is a great university. There are ample opportunities to become involved such as, Greek life, student government, sports, and plenty of clubs. The dorm life is fun and interesting. Parking can be a hassle and the cafeteria food isn't very desirable.
Great professors. The campus activities, sports, and quality of availability for students on campus is very limited.
I really love the atmosphere in the university. Some of the professors are really sweet and do care about the students and their opinions. There's a lot of diversity on campus!
Review Florida Atlantic University
As I visited Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton Florida I loved the school environment and community. In general Florida Atlantic University is a great school all round and I would certainly recommend anyone to take into consideration.
Very clean, safe school. Small campus and population. Not a very eventful party scene school because so many commute. Classes are not insanely difficult but still a bit challenging. Very up-and-coming.
The school itself is beautiful. Underneath the old banyan trees around campus make for the ideal shady study spots.
There are ample tutoring opportunities available at no cost. Therefore, it is safe to say that success and understanding of the given is a priorty of this University. You absolutely get what you come here for.
Students and faculty here are especially focused on bettering our resources in order to achieve maximum success. And it is a fact, that the school is gradually raising its qualifications due to these improvements every year.
One aspect of student life that could be on is the extracurriculars. There are opportunities and groups to get involved in but frankly some the schoolwide events could use better planning in terms of getting students to participate.
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