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In general the office workers and staff were very friendly and welcoming. They very helpful and answered all the questions I had regarding academics as well as work programs. The campus is just the right size, nice and clean. There is a variety of restaurants giving options to eat different cuisines or just to hang out with a group of friends for coffee. As well as various place to go for entertainment, groceries and shopping in general. The students seem to be a good crowd for studying as well as to make good friends to last a lifetime to make great memories and having fun.
I enjoyed the welcoming experience when first arriving to Florida Atlantic, I felt as if I belonged and it made me want to spend 4 years at the institution.
I was pleasantly surprised with this university. I still haven't encountered the parking issues everyone complains about and I've been here for over a year. Awesome gym, decent food court, good study areas, beautiful campus and interesting research opportunities!
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It is a university that really cares about your future and success. There are so many resources on campus that can help you in any way for you to earn your degree and graduate on time. There is always someone who can help you be on track, give information on what course is recommended for you and help you find the major that is right for you.
Florida Atlantic University is the premiere state university of the Palm Beaches. The classes are informative and the only limits to your learning are yourself and the students around you. I would like professors to enforce a more studious and serious atmosphere in some of the classes, but if you work hard for yourself you will excel.
FAU is an excellent university for your bachelor and masters. I'm currently a BA Theatre student and the program is great. The professors are helpful and encouraging. The chairperson and faculty are wonderful and do everything they can to help their students.
I loved everything about Florida Atlantic University, the teachers were great the facilities were top notch and its in south florida.
FAU was a great University. It was very diverse and had a great college night life. There is an all night study hall if you have a long night of studying.
I attended FAU for longer than 4 years for many reason (mostly financial), and while I did struggle with getting into the classes I needed, they were always well-taught.
FAU is a very nice looking campus, that is not too big, but not too small. Everything is centrally located and easily accessible. It is in a very safe community as well.
I first entered Florida Atlantic University in the summer of 2013. It was a whole new world for me. I have made friendships with people that I will never forget. I have learned a lot of life lessons as well, academic and personal. Studying is a must, otherwise you will not make it to graduation. I am proud to be a part of the school. It is because of FAU that I have become a rose from concrete. My advice to incoming freshman is to never lose sight of what is important and never give up when it seems impossible because it isn't. Everything gets harder before it gets better.
I Iove how nice the people are. I would change the parking and less crowding. The price of books are really up there.
Florida Atlantic Univeristy has a pretty campus fill with trees and greenery. the campus is extremely diverse with excellent professors.
FAU is super diverse in every way, and there are so many organizations you can join for every liking!
Florida Atlantic is a great University. It is very diverse and the professors and staff makes everyone who steps unto that campus feel welcomed. If you have a problem they always have a solution. Great school! I love it!
My overall experience has been great. The courses have challenged me and driven me to succeed. The school is diverse and I've meet a lot of good individuals who have become my best friends. GO OWLS (Owlsley)!!
It was a good school in a great area. I really enjoyed my time spent at FAU and am grateful for the opportunities I have been offered because of my degree. I would have attended for graduate school if I hadn't moved back up north. Boca Raton is a great city to attend college in.
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It's pretty fun once you get yourself out there and make friends. I've never been so free; I 've been able to try out new things such as sports and clubs (and partying). A majority of the professors are really helpful, rally care and want to see their students pass.
I enjoyed how nice most of my professors were. They were helpful and very involved. They kept the classes interesting and that was important since most of my classes were after I got off of work.

I would like to see online professors more responsive and understanding (especially foreign language online.)
I love the location of FAU and how close it is to the beach. The teachers are there to ensure the students learn and get the most out of their time at FAU. The faculty and staff are so sweet and caring, it is really appreciated. The things that need improvement is the quality of the food at the dining hall and the buildings can use more maintenance and ground work (cleaning). Other than that, the education is great and the location/housing is nice.
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