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I like everything at FAU from the people who are extremely friendly to the staff who will help you at every turn and wants you to succeed . I would highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to make new friends and wants to experience different cultures.
I enjoyed studying at FAU, the professors are really engaging and want to see you succeed. I did my junior throi th senior year after transferring from a community college and the process was seamless.
Florida Atlantic doesn’t have a relatively large campus compared to other universities which is a good thing. The class sizes definitely vary from large lecture halls with 250+ students to a classroom size with probably 30 max. Regardless, my overall experience thus far has been pleasurable.
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I am very happy that I chose to attend school here. I have joined Greek life and have made many friends in it. I also liked how the school paired me to live with people of my same major, nursing. By pairing us together and having us room together we have become very good friends with the same interest and same classes. I would enjoy to see more Catholic services advertised around campus so that I am aware of when they are happening.
Since my SAT scores are below than normal, they accepted for summer and it will be an opportunity for me going there. Boca Raton is a excellent place since it´s different from Miami and people are more relaxed
I am about to start my freshman year and the faculty there is very helpful. The housing set up is very convenient and accommodating.
I am already an FAU student , and plans on graduating sometimes next year , I would looking forward as a FAU graduate. I see careers that will change my life forever and I can be positive at all times
Laid back experience at the commuter campus in Davie. Perfect for those who have other responsibilities to attend to.
first semester and so far its been great, you meet interesting people and get various different opinions.
The first thing that everyone should love is the scenery. FAU has the palm trees, the beautiful grassy areas, and more. The staff are really nice, and they advise really well. I recommend FAU to anyone who wants a beautiful south florida scenery.
FAU has many opportunities for students to get involved with one another; there are so many organizations that keep you involved and connected!
Florida Atlantic University is one of the best University in the United State the diversity and the environment is great. I choose FAU because of their Academics and athletics because one day I do want to play for FAU and create a great environment around the school and Florida itself.
Florida Atlantic University is a great university in many ways. First of all, the professors at Florida Atlantic are good but some are not the best to explain the materials in their course. Second of all, Florida Atlantic is a very diverse campus, which you can meet people from all over the United States or other countries. Finally, living in the dorms is a great way to meet new people and have fun.
FAU was my choice because of location, it's away from home and also in South Florida region. People are very nice and they do the best to keep the campus clean. There are a lot of raccoons around. Admissions and Registrars office are great and get things done quickly. The campus life is well diversified and students are kind and outgoing.
My experience that I have had is really short, I am starting to go to school there in summer . I toured the school and the campus is very beautiful and their main goal is for their students to succeed.
I like how diverse my school is. The programs and services offered to students is incredible and very helpful. The campus is pretty big and spread out yet everything is connected so really far walks don't usually occur. The spirit is pretty nice as well. We are a D1 school in athletics so we are better than average in sports.
it is a great school i would love to see better parking. the faculty and everyone there is really nice and helpful. this is my 4th semester and i am happy here. i am a commuter so i do not know very much about the dorm life
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It's an overall clean school in a peaceful area. There is a low crime around here and the professors are generally good. Everyone around here is fairly friendly and helpful.
I attended FAU back in 2002 and decided to transfer to MDC, just because it was a bit far from where I lived. Now that I'm older and it's easier for me to commute, I love the school, especially now that there is a Davie campus closer to my home.
There’s a lot of opportunities here and they really make sure that everyone can afford to go here. I like the opportunity to study abroad and make moves in my major and appreciate the staff and help here. All in all the school is great if you use your resources everyone is willing to help.
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