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FAU is great its not to big but not to small either perfect for people who want to go to a decent sized school. The clubs really help you get involved in the community and school. However, the food is ok it could be better. The people here are pretty nice for the most part. Additionally, the city of Boca Raton is extravagant.
Everyone enjoys most of there classes despite all of the sassy ness of the teachers. The class sizes are just enough for one on one time.
Florida Atlantic University was a great school for commuter students. It was a great campus for those looking to simply attend their classes and then go home. The only thing I would like to see change regarding FAU is their academic advising. A majority of the advisors are not helpful and can't assist in many academic questions. I have had to visit many different advisors just to receive help on one question.
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For what it is as a school academic-wise, FAU is great. The tuition is fairly cheap too, so most people that are local automatically think of FAU as their go-to university. However, I feel as though the one thing holding back FAU from being a 5-star is that there is some issues with the higher-ups and the choices they have been making as of recent to the university. I know that FAU is desperately aiming at getting that spot of recognition as a big state school among UCF, UF and FSU, but they might be making certain aspects of the university worse along the way.
It is a very good school overall, because it has great safety, excellent diversity and most importantly it provides a great jump start for my academic career.
My experience at Florida Atlantic University has been great so far! I have only been at this university for one semester, so I do not have much of an opinion on it. The biggest complaint I would have is it is hard to find parking sometimes (especially the parking garages).
I did discover FAU from my High School, they did bring us as a student at a seminar regarding a program for health and pharmacy from the High School. It was great and the Professors were very kind.
I just think they should be more of a "come visit to see everything you're applying for" type of college .. rather than seeing everything on the computer.
I was at Palm Beach State College for two years before coming to a university and I'm so glad I chose FAU! I decided to add a minor and do a study abroad experience and it's so nice that they have advisors to help you handle everything you need to do for those things. The staff has been so helpful and instructive on what I need to do to reach my goals. It's a very diverse area, which I appreciate, and the people are very friendly, as well. The campus is well kept and there are a few restaurants you can eat at.
FAU provides numerous opportunities for students to get connected with others following the same career path with clubs, societies and more. The professors take their time to help their students understand concepts and and other information regarding the course and career during their office hours.
Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton Campus is up to date and modern. It is a fairly small University in comparison to Florida State university and University of Florida. I think its smaller less populated campus makes it more accessible and less intimidating for incoming freshmen. Students have the ability to have more one on one time with their professors and TAs.
I love how culturally diverse this university is. Everyday there's something for us to do or new ways for us to get more connected with the school.
This school raves about being diverse but it just doesnt exist. coming from Atlanta where diversity is over the top diverse to a mostly, white, hispanic, carribean school. diversity doesn't exist with only three races/cultures. academics is okay, teachers are great
FAU is a outstanding school. It is one of the most diverse university in the country. It is a division 1 university with a cozy atmosphere.
Everyone hear is looking to make new connections and new friends. People attending the university are very helpful and some professors are very understanding. They offer a wide variety of tutoring opportunities for tutors and students looking to be tutored. Overall, everyone has good vibes and is super relatable, no matter the major!
FAU is an amazing place. The professors care about you and your needs. Plus! you're ten minutes from the Atlantic Ocean!
I really enjoy the feeling and look of the campus. It's very inviting and friendly with so many happy and welcoming students and staff on the campus that are open to helping you if need be with anything.
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I go to the Wilkes Honors College which is about an hour away from the main Boca campus. This is a very small liberal college for FAU honors tudents. There are only several hundred students at this school and classes are reminiscent of high school in terms of class size. This college provides a very unorthodox experience due to the small size of the student body. The Wilkes Honors College provides the perfect environment for academically driven students who enjoy for a small welcoming community in which the majority of students are well acquainted with their peers and professors. However, this college may be less suited for those who enjoy a large campus bustling with students and activities.
Overall, an average sized and homey campus. The professors for the most part are caring and like to help the students. However, the parking and transportation and housing offices are AWFUL and extremely money hungry.
My experience at Florida Atlantic University was not the best. I started my college career the summer after I graduated high school. My dorm experience was horrible. I got paired with a Junior while I was a Freshman and she was messy and dirty. She did not like to clean and always had an attitude.
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