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Its so pretty here, all of the people here are so nice and this is such a great environment. i would highly recommend it here.
I like the campus and the wide choice of classes, the housing is good as well as the campus. The meal plans could be improved.
Florida Atlantic University is a good school, you will be able to concentrate on your work, and there are n distractions , what so ever. I came from BCU and transferred here and my grades improved tremendously. I enjoy the cafe food its like all you can eat for only $7 dollars. Everyone is friendly and they have free tutoring for hard classes and also have SI sessions as well. The school also have a food court with a bunch of variety restaurants such as Wendy's and Outtakes. Love this school and very beautiful.
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It is a great school with many classes available for many majors. The professors are amazing. The school is in an awesome location. The campus is beautiful. There are great restaurants and even a starbucks on campus. There should be more parking garages built though. That would be nice. Traffic can be bad around Boca pretty often to be sure to head to class early just to be safe. The library is huge and very useful if you need some quiet time to study.
I've been attended FAU for 3 years now I'm loving my major, cuurent classes and professors especially the disabilities department very helpful with my accomedations overall highly positive experience.
I am a student at the Honors College in Jupiter and it’s a beautiful campus! Very well rounded individuals and top notch proffesors! Go owls!
It’s a great school that is growing and contadle becoming better. There’s a club you can go to almost every night and they’re great. The professors I’ve had have been extremely caring and truly care about the students.
FAU is a pretty good commuter school. The campus life is very dead at times because of the fact that majority of student population do not reside on campus or even in the surrounding neighborhood. The professors are usually nice but here and there you will find some that are not as nice. The population is very diverse and welcoming. If you are looking for the "college experience", I would not recommend FAU but if you just want a school to just get your schooling over and done with, then yes, this is the school for you.
The professors and the staff clearly want you to succeed. The education program is setup to foster and nourish the best attributes in each student. With that being said the unversity does need more parking and more clubs.
The environment is great, there are areas for sports and studying. The professors are helpful and knowledgeable. The advisors are available to guide students.
I wish they will fix there parking situation. But great major options to choose from and great school overall.
I absolutely love FAU! The environment, the food, the teachers, everything is top notch great! I started FAU as a freshman of 2017 and honestly came in thinking I'd hate it and was so ready to transfer. Nevertheless, I gave it a chance and am ready to finish my whole four years at this school. FAU's football team is D1 and doing better than ever having school spirit hit an all-time high! I also love the diversity at FAU and the fact that it's in the middle of Boca Raton makes it so much better. Overall FAU has been nothing but flawless for me and I'm really looking forward to my next 3 years. Go Owls!
The teachers are not that bad, the ones I experienced. The campus is relatively safe and not much bad weather unless it is in March. The dorms fill up fast and the school is all about business and the money. The dorms are pretty decent too but just do everything early.
It's a cool experience but a huge campus that requires RUNNING from class to class down 4 flights of stairs than across campus, going up 2 flights again. You're going to need running shoes with support and a good bag.
Florida Atlantic University is a 4 year university located in Boca Raton. I first began going to school the summer of 2017. Starting during summer gave me a chance to get a feel for the campus and get familiar with it. I was part of a group called jump start, which allowed me to meet a bunch of different kinds of people and share an experience with.
FAU has greatly improved over the years. The school campus itself is very beautiful and has been renovated and you can't beat the weather, sunny skies almost every day and close to the beach. The quality of the academics has also improved, with even more quality curricula in honors courses where the attention is more individualized and the teachers are top notch. Students from all over the world come here and it's not hard to see why.
At the time, the school was more of a commuter school. Even though greek life wasn't "traditional" as it is at large state schools, it certainly played a role in me enjoying the college experience at FAU. Since I graduated, football has really taken off and school spirit seems to be much higher than when I attended.
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The school is in a good area. Very nice campus and professors are great and really know their stuff.
This is a great university for those looking for a diverse and immersive college experience! Going here was a great decision. There are always activities going on around campus to keep students involved and feeling well. The administration in most offices should be replaced (registrar, controller, housing) but other than that its a great university with faculty that actually care and know what they're talking about.

Also our sports are awesome for being C-USA division!
FAU has countless programs, clubs, internships and opportunities to help you prepare for the real world once you graduate. I intern for my English major and so far I have learned several skills that will help catch the eye of big employers. The campus in Boca Raton is very safe and friendly to those who are wondering what it is like. Apply today!
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