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I began attending Florida Atlantic University in 2015. While attending the university, I really enjoyed the diversity on the university, the clubs/groups available to students and the up to date inferstructure of the campus. A couple things that I did not enjoy about the university was the difficulty in finding parking at certain times and the inaccessibility of variety of professors in certain courses.
Excellent school with professors helping students learn and great learning environment with the campus being all brand new.
Florida Atlantic University is a very good college. It provided me with the resources needed to excel in my coursework, while also pursing research and extracurriculars. Overall, I would recommend this university; it is in a great location and offers a superior education.
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Florida Atlantic university is a vibrant university full of different activities to do and a lot of people to meet. The professors are great and every staff want to see everyone win.
My experience so far has been great! Many professors welcome you with open arms and you can see that they really want to teach. It is a clean university and there are plenty of clubs to join or places to hang out at. There are also places to study and you can always ask for extra help if needed. There are many different varieties to eat at and the university is very diverse. There is always something to do and most days there are stands on the Breezeway that inform you about clubs, other universities or programs that individuals can join. Also the advisers are great and they will do everything they can to help out.
It was very nice when my friend was graduating from college. He told me that this college helped him get through college and find a good job.
Great professors and gorgeous campus. Students here truly care about what they're learning and there's an abundance of energy to make students feel welcomed. Go Owls!
Great campus with tons of ways to get involved. It would be even better if there more late night food options on campus.
To have more class time options as well as more choices of different Professors. More parking is a must, you can drive around for an easy 30 minutes trying to find someone leaving so you can take their parking spot.
Florida Atlantic University was my first choice for school because it is the closest to where I live. That was the main reason I decided to attend but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that this school is not only welcoming to all types of students but the staff is always here to help you succeed. As an undocumented student, I was skeptical to share my information with anyone but the admissions office gave me the comfort and trust to let them help me discover the best opportunities for me. I am very happy with my experience at this university and I am very happy that I lived close enough to pick this one to attend.
Florida Atlantic University was an outstanding campus with multiple graduate and undergraduate degree to choose from. They are always there to help and support you in any way. FAU is located in Boca Raton, Florida, right where all the excitement happens. The campus is located in the most perfect area, with beaches, food and fun as far as the eye can see. If you are a easygoing but educationally focused student, FAU is the place for you!
I love Florida Atlantic University. I became a better person mentally and physically. I learned how to become my real self with no regrets. I found great people I now call my family. I am so happy to be attending Florida Atlantic University.
I enjoy the Small welcoming community and the great one on one professor conversations. The learning environment is challenging but doable.
FAU is what you make it. There are TONS of events going on, on campus. My overall experience was great. I love the professors and the cafe staff, everyone is friendly for the most part. The important thing to remember is to be friendly and polite.
I haven't attended yet but hope to. Even as a non-student, I can tell that life at Florida Atlantic is something different. The atmosphere is incredible, with friendly faces, a beach right down the street, and great weather year-round. There is numerous sports offered, both competitive and intermural and male and female. The architecture is beautiful, and there is enough campus space to meet tons of new people but not too big as to where one may feel disconnected or left out. There is much student diversity, especially since the campus is right near Miami, a home to hundreds of ethnically diverse people.
Florida Atlantic is super diverse when it comes to their student body. They have respect for celebrating all different cultures as well, whether it be someone’s heritage, how they identify, and so on. For the most part teachers at FAU are passoniate about what they do and how students retain the information.
People might say that Fau isn’t a party school but you can always find a party to go to at a frat house or a club. The workload is average and all of the professors that I’ve had are always willing to help. It defidently isn’t a hard school but when it is there is free tutoring for every class. One thing that is especially helpful is the math center, where you can do your homework and have someone help you along the way. Although there really isn’t a lot to do on campus during the week we spend most of our time at the beach or campus pool. There also is a moderate amount of school spirit. I would say a majority if students tailgate hours before the football game but few are actually sober enough to make it into the stadium. The campus is actually pretty large and it felt so much bigger once I actually started school. If you’re looking for a fun school this is the place for you.
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I enjoy being a student at FAU. I have met many great friends and others who have helped me establish professional connections. I have received a quality education thanks to the support of the University's professors and advising staff. Whenever I have any concerns regarding my professional development, I know that I always have the opportunity to speak with a FAU staff member about the next step I should take. Truly a blessing to have been able to study at the beautiful Boca Raton campus at FAU.
Its so pretty here, all of the people here are so nice and this is such a great environment. i would highly recommend it here.
I like the campus and the wide choice of classes, the housing is good as well as the campus. The meal plans could be improved.
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