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The campus is beautiful and very safe, however there is very little to do in the immediate surrounding areas if you don't have a car. Half the professors are incompetent but there is also some very intelligent and caring professors there as well. This is not a party school or a school that has a lot of clubs or things to do for it's students. You will not get a true "college experience" here. FAU is more closely related to a community college than to a true University. However, it is cheap and very easy to get in to.
They have many resources. The academics are good.The food sucks and meal plan super expensive. The dorms are moldy but they fix mold when you complain after 1 million times.
As a student of Florida Atlantic University I found this past year quite stressful. There is a lot of things I wish had not happened. The food in the cafeteria is terrible, and cost way too much for the quality. The worst part is you are forced to buy a meal plan, which I personally could have lived without, even living in a dorm with no kitchen. Other issues include tutoring services. I would spend hours in tutoring and for one of the classes I did this for I still had to drop because I made no improvements. Housing had rats and mildew. One thing I really enjoyed was having a mentor, she was helpful in making my year a lot more bearable. They also have very different majors of other schools in the state. This is the main reason I am continuing to attend this fall. They have a major not offered anywhere else in the state.
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Florida Atlantic University is such a great institution. This school has so much to offer and has so many great opportunities for advancement in all areas and fields of study. FAU has allowed me to get involved not only at school but also within the outside community. Every professor and staff member I have met has helped guide me in the right direction and want nothing but to see students succeed. The diversity at FAU is remarkable. I have met people from all over the world and I have made the best friendships. From being on executive board for the Women Empowerment Club to being on the Women's Tennis team, every memory and relationship I have made along the way will never be taken for granted. I would not change my experience at FAU for the world and if I had to do it all over again, I would still choose FAU.
Florida Atlantic University is a ok school to attend , but at some times i feel like the school can careless unable its students and more about the funds from each student.
FAU is another great public university in the Florida state system. It has grown tremendously by adding a college of medicine, research facilities with Scripps, and expanded the athletic department. They also have a solid reputation for business, accounting, hard sciences, and ocean engineering. The main campus offers plenty of amenities, plenty of shops, cafes, and bars nearby, and is about 5 miles to the beach.
Florida Atlantic University has helped me decide what I want to do with my future and that is to become a physical therapist. I love this university and I am proud to call myself an owl
If you're someone who wants to experience going to a larger university then this is the place for you! FAU has over 30,000 students and is able to comfortably accommodate these students with parking and food choices. There is a very large clean library where you can easily find a cozy quiet nook to do your studying in. Overall, the campus is generally very clean and has a lot of interesting animals roaming it like raccoons, iguanas, ducks, and cats! You won't regret spending your undergrade, or even graduate years at FAU!
I love FAU because of the diversity, activities, welcoming campus, and all else it has to offer. There is always something to do and always people reaching out for you to get involved
Great professors great classes. Many clubs to choose from. Administration very willing to assist students.
I love attending Florida Atlantic University because of its diverse students, and its perfect location only one mile from the beach.
Florida Atlantic University was a great experience for me. It was my first time being away from home and I felt as if I was in a safe environment. The Boca area has many things to do and the school is 5 minutes from the beach. I appreciated my academics and the professors were great. Administration is continuing to get better.
There are tons of resources for you and all sorts of people who are willing to help you make important decisions regarding your future. The campus is a decent size, many places to sit outside to get some homework done, and there are so many different sororities and fraternities to join (if you're into that sort of thing.) I'm only going into my second year starting the fall of 2018 and so far my experience is pretty good. Some classes were a little rough in the beginning and it was a major adjustment, but the staff and professors that I've come across are very nice and are willing to help you in any way they can. All you have to do is speak up and express your concerns; they're there to listen.
FAU is a very diverse campus with many opportunities for meeting and interacting with new people. There are also many chances for students to interact with their community and their school, which I like. However, a lot of the FAU teachers that I have had, were pretty chill and did not make their classes very challenging, which was a disappointment, since I did not feel like I was really learning too much- it did make for an easy A though.
I'm a current student at Florida Atlantic University. All of my classes are fully online so I don't have much interaction with the students on campus. It's virtual world you can say. The professors are amazing and really understanding. For the most part, we are all working adults with families and they really take that into consideration with the workload. It was the best decision I could have made when I decided to get my bachelors degree.
Go Owl!!! Love my school, love what it stands for and what is had made me become. I've never really participated in many extra events at my school, but FAU really provided me with a comfortable place to let my wings fly.
So far, I have had a great experience at FAU. I think that the tutoring and SI sessions that they offer are an amazing resource and that there are many other resources available on campus. I feel like the university truly wants to see its students succeed and offers many opportunities such as supplementary resources, career advising, and student organizations.
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I had an amazing four years! Each and every faculty/staff I encountered was ready to help the student in anyway possible! I am the woman I am because of FAU.
The most thing that I liked about FAU is that its very diverse and a fit for everyone. On the tour, everyone seemed happy and satisfied. The classrooms are big and the library also, there are many books for you to check out. The dorms are close to the food courts, there are also a variety of foods to choose, like; starbucks, wendys, pizza hut and more.
I love FAU! I am in my third year and it has been amazing each and every year! Recent renovations created a beautiful outside atmosphere on the campus. The business building is state of the art and even has a fully equipped stock market room! I wouldn't choose any other school in Florida before FAU.
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