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I graduated FAU in only 3 years so I could save money and earn my undergraduate degree faster. I had the pleasure of attending FAU's College of Business, which was wonderful. There was no party scene at all at FAU. People had to go to local bars or people's houses off-campus to have a party. There was Greek Life, but I don't mess with that.
Recently transferring to FAU was the best decision I ever Kadence because it is smaller than my previous school and the professors truly focus and care about the students. At my previous college the professors would just try to get the lecture over with and get on with their day. At FAU the professors make sure everyone understands the topic before moving on. The only thing I’d change is the high cost of on campus living because it is already tough financially to attend college and the high prices make it difficult to want to live on campus.
I love it here at Florida Atlantic university. The ambiance is just perfect and the people here on campus are absolutely great.
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I really love the atmosphere at this University it is a local area, not to far away if you live in Broward. The people there are very welcoming and it's just a great college experience not to far away from home. I always hear good things about this college never anything negative and it is worth applying to because the scenery is also nice too.
I would like to feel a sense of community. There is not much to do locally except the beach and mall. The sororities don't seem like anything interesting. The campus is nice because it is small and easy to navigate. I've had a couple professors I love and some I strongly dislike.
Florida Atlantic is a great school! This school is growing achievement in the city of Boca Raton and for the State of Florida. They focus on their students academic and career opportunities. FAU is a growing school that is succeeding in many areas. Each year its progressing! Athletics are presenting positive results and incoming students qualifications are going up! FAU programs such as Business, Pre-Med, Education, Exercise Science and many more are growing to be #1. FAU provides certain opportunities that other school don't which gives our students an advantage for the real world and to be successful!
I was a transfer student who knew nothing about FAU coming in. They have all sorts of clubs and programs to make sure that you can always get the help you need.
I am loving my time here at FAU!! Everyone is so energetic and welcoming they also relate to me so well. They understand the stress of work and finals and will be there to help you every step of the way!
I had a great experience! I did my undergraduate studies there and returned for my graduate studies.
The professors were excellent and the support outstanding!
I really enjoy being at Florida Atlantic University. I live on campus and I am in the heart of everything which I love that.
FAU clearly does not care about its students. Only $146 PER 2 SEMESTERS is spent on student wellbeing. Administrative and financial offices do not know what they are doing. Student and non-student employees are not trained well and give out incorrect information on an almost regular basis. I have lost $500 in late fees due to misinformation. The vice president of student affairs and the dean of students do nothing to address hate crimes, bullying, suicide, or overall harassment. I am so disgusted with this university and I am glad to be graduating soon. If it weren't for the money, I would have already transferred.
I'm an out-of-state student and I love it here. It's a beautiful campus just about a mile from the beach. FAU is growing each and every year and it seems to become more of a college. The tailgates are extremely fun, and school spirit has seem to improve from earlier years. The professors are okay, just depends who you get and your major. The dining hall sucks, and there aren't a ton of options. Parking also sucks, but those really are the only cons. The rec center is awesome with a pool outside and filled with really hot guys/girls. Overall I recommend FAU.
Overall a great school, wonderful facility, and lots of resources available to students. There is a parking problem, but other than that the campus is very beautiful. Staff are nice, professors I've had are good, and some TA's know what they are doing. Athletics is pretty good, football is getting better and the baseball team is very good.
I love Florida Atlantic! It has so many things you can do and it offers so much. You have a bunch of clubs you can choose from and there is always some event happening for you to join. The school always has special events and football games on the weekends. The games are free to enter and the stadium is absolutely beautiful.
I love it here. My experience her has been excellent and i could ask for a better school. i was first hesitant as i had not into my dream school but i am so glad things worked out as they did. i absolutely love FAU.
I applied during my Senior year of High School and I have already been accepted. I received the acceptance letter in less than three weeks. They are very organized and the application procedure is methodical and systematic.
My experience here was not that great. The majority of professors are just there for a paycheck. The majority of the counselors do not advise and they often directed me in circles. For example, Person A would tell me to talk to Person B who would then direct me to speak with Person A.

I feel like I have wasted my money with this college as they did not provide me with a valuable education nor memorable experiences. Well, there are memorable experiences but not the good kind.

I would like to think that they would make changes to their academics and get rid of professors who are inadequate, but I honestly don't think they'll do that.
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FAU really exceeded my expectations. I came to FAU as an international student on an athletic scholarship, and was planning on going to school there for a year then move on to a top university once I would be all cleared by the NCAA and admission process. Little did I know that I would find the perfect fit for me and my professional career. My theory about college in the US is that you will broadly learn as much during your undergrad anywhere you go but the connections you make will be the difference. Going to school in south Florida gave me so many opportunities and I got my dream job right out of school as an analyst even though I was competing against top tier candidates. Being a big fish in a small pond can be very rewarding too!
Florida Atlantic university has its ups and downs, but the ups are so wonderful that its easy to over look the negatives. For instance the campus is beautiful and the research opportunities are plentiful. If you are interested in excellent science colleges this is the place for you.
Fau is great! A very intimate campus. Teachers are very caring and considerate. Since it's a very small campus you're not walking around all day
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