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It feels like home away from home. The environment is like no other campus because of the genuine love for their students. I have met great people that only wants the best for you if you let them. You have to really want help to the new world you are transitioning in. FAMU is the best decision a student can make.
The staff and students there are very friendly but one have to have connection in order to get where they need in FAMU
I love the school its self but I feel as though we put money into things that are not helping all students.
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I've just finished my first semester and it was decent. The teachers are pretty good but the staff in different buildings don't really communicate with each other. Student life is great because we're all so connected.
Attending Florida A&M University helped me find my self identity. Being a Psychology Student, the professors taught Afrocentric lectures that gave students different perspectives of the world. The professors actually treat the students as if they care for our future instead of looking at us as if we are numbers. I am happy I was honored to attend one of the best HBCUs in the nation. The problem I have with FAMU is that the Financial Aid services have a hard time moving in a fast pace to give out the students refund money. Also there have been many incidents with the faculty member in Financial Aid losing important documents that belongs to students. But overall attending FAMU was a blessing.
What I love about FAMU is the social life and being able to connect with different kinds of people from different group it is such a welcoming place.
great university. parking could be better. overall wonderful experience. on an academic aspect it's great, professors are nice and a majority of them know what they are doing.
It has been a great experience and there isn't anything I would change. The people i have met are great. The teachers are nice, friendly, and want you to succeed. The campus is beautiful and lively.
FAMU provides a great family-like atmosphere and is very welcoming to incoming students. Also the environment is very enjoyable and people are very friendly.
I will be transferring there in the spring but from orientation the school does look amazing. The people there look very educated. Everything is taken very seriously no playing around. University is very different from a community college and it has more of a crowd of Different people with different backgrounds or ethnicity
Florida A&M University shows an excellent experience for those who are here. This prestigious university helps you to discover the inner you. The only thing I would like to see change is the food.
I have had wonderful professors at the law school, but have also experienced quite a bit of frustration with certain professors and issues with the level of communication from administrative offices.
I love my HBCU! With FAMU comes great opportunities and long lasting friendships. The teachers show a lot of love and support, they don’t look at you as a number, they look at you as family helping family! One thing I would change about Famu is the rule of “Freshman’s not allowed to have cars” I believe that is unfair due to the fact that student students come from all over and a car is their only source of transportation to and from where they live. Allowing them to have a car for the first year would only give them the opportunity to get to and from home and also to and from a variety of attractions and destinations here in Tallahassee.
I am a first year business student at FAMU considering other students to apply here for educational purposes. For students thats trying to find a not so expensive but fair tuition fee; this is the best school. Not only its a reasonable price they also provide you with a fair amount of cost for in state and out of state. FAMU is a historically black college that presents activities to be involved with and a lot of encouragement. The things that can be improved about the University is the housing buildings ,more parking, restaurants , and overall cleanliness.
My experience at Florida A&M University has been great so far as a freshman. Ther are so many things that can be improved, but overall it's a great school.
The student life is amazing because the clubs and organizations offer so many events and opportunities to the students. Even though its a historically black university it still is very diverse. Diverse in a good way where you meet all kinds of people. The campus is very clean but some of the buildings are really old and need some touching up. There aren't as many food options on campus as I expected. There should definitely be some more. The school spirit here is absolutely amazing. The home games are always fun and active. So if you're looking for a school where the campus is a decent size, not too big, vibrant, and many clubs and activities this is the school for you.
I liked the atmosphere on a social level. The implied aspect about academe here is that it's about "who knows you". If you want anything done you have to be in "kahoots" with staff and/or faculty.
Florida A&M University is a place for students to make connections. Here you know your professors are going to be honest and open with you.You know your advisors will help you.The students have so much school spirit is amazing.Overall its the best place to be.It has its ups and down but it is all worth it.
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Florida feels like the best university in the world. I love the awesome opportunities and history of this school. The only thing that I would like to see change would be better insect control.
I went on a college tour to FAMU and it was pretty exciting. The tour guide was seemed like he was into what he was talking about and he made sure to engage us with conversations. We went through the museum to learn more about the history of FAMU, saw murals that were painted on walls, and got to know what life was like on campus. FAMU had such a beautiful campus and it was very welcoming.
Florida A&M University is a diverse school with students and professors from all around the world. They also have a great business program that gets you ready for the business world!
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