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I was hesitant to apply to FAMU but I am so glad I did. I have never been so welcome at a school. I am so glad about my decision to attend this school. I am grateful that I am able to pursue a degree I love at a school I also love.
I love the overall environment of Florida A&M University, I love the culture, the student body and the overall run down of how the schools function. The food is spectacular the staff are hands on and student oriented. I would have to say that this school is on its way to being not just one of the top HSBC's in the country but one of the best schools in the nation.
They have a great network of professors and students that will help you with anything necessary. Most professors are at the top of their field. The student community makes sure you feel welcomed. There is a club for any and everything.
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overall I enjoy going to FAMU. I love diversity and the atmosphere. Make sure you go on rate my professor to pick a great professor.
The environment at Famu is like a family. When I went to visit with my mom, everyone was friendly. Even my mom fell in love with the campus. The campus is super big but once you walk around, you will find your way through campus with no issue.
The move-in process was not the easiest because my building was still being renovated. However they put my roommates and our families into a hotel until they could get us Housing. The education has great quality and is worth its cost.
I like that I feel as though I'm a part of a big family at Florida A&M. The students usually help each other out and keep each other accountable. A lot of the professors are great and very personable. If there was anything I would change, I would renovate the dorms because a lot of them are not in great condition and could be potentially hazardous for the students.
When I went on the College tour back in November , the campus was well quiet , there were no kids being out of character . W walked and examined the auditoriums , where classes are help , the cafe/lunch room, and the dorms. FAMU has always been my dream school and I surprisingly git accepted for the summer term which I'm ecstatic about . FAMU , however, is also a HBCU school which feels like home because. No African American should feel left out : it should feel like home.
I am transfer student. The transition was very smooth. Professors are great and class sizes are small.
Attending an HBCU has no doubt been one of the best experiences of my life so far. The Univeristy does for those who have the will and the ambition to do for themselves. Academically the university has some of the best professors in the School of Business and in the College of Pharmacy. The other professors make an effort to include the African American experience within the context of their lectures. The univeristy also has a very active Student Government association, Greek life, and Club and Organization department. There is a place for any one and everyone who attends this school.
My overall experience with Florida A & M University was definitely memorable, I truly enjoyed my 4 years at this institution.
Florida A&M University is a great University to attend to pursue your 4 years at and also receive your B.A
Florida A&M University's students party hard, so you have to be very focused when you go here. The professors are more one on one and more helpful than any other university I know. The staff in the offices such as registrar and financial aid are also helpful and they really try to help get you to where you need to be. The University has made the slogan "Out the door in four" a true representation of how they operate in order to get students to reach their degree in an orderly time.
I'll be attending in the Fall and I can say the energy of Florida A&M University's campus is something that is unlike any other campus that I have been on. The faculty and students are extremely helpful and are always willing to lend a helping hand. There is available one on one time with professors because of the smaller classes unlike majority of other colleges/universities. The athletic programs give equal opportunity's to all students on campus. Florida A&M University's staff wants the best for each and every individual on the campus and its a positive aspect of the university as a whole. The professors are motivators and that is key to a classroom designed for each student's greatness. FAMU is a small investment to pay on a successful life which is why you should attend.
Love FAMU the professors, student life and the new friends from all part of the country that I can call family.
My experiences with Florida A&M University has not been amazing. Don't get me wrong I love m school,but there needs to be some more organizational, and financial management changes taken into account.
The people are very friendly, you meet friends very quickly and bond through class and other activities. The school has transportation to different off campus housing apartments and that is really efficient than the bus.
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Florida A&M University is a melo and chill place but also a home that can get exciting and extraordinary talent brought into the atmosphere. They have Fraternity with enthusiasm that with knock you out of your seat. I would change nothing at FAMU because everything is perfect the same goes for the students!
I had many family and friends who attended FAMU so it was definitely on the top of my list of schools to consider and I'm not even sure if I had any other options. In high school I went on many college tours but nothing quiet fit the feeling that Florida A&M gave me.
FAMU is a place of opportunity for students to show of their mental and physical activities. So far it is one of the best decisions that I have made in life yet. I love getting an education surrounded by positive peers and teachers. I would have it no other way.
I went to FAMU for a summer camp and had a blast. The food is great and the people are wonderful. The summer camp was for two weeks. It was the most fun I had all summer. I got to meet new people, stay in a new environment, and make wonderful memories.
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