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I overall have nothing but good experiences thus far while attending Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University. Everyone is friendly and open, from the students, to the professors and all other staff as well. The campus is a decent enough size where you can walk anywhere in less than fifteen minutes. Overall it has two thumbs up from me.
I only did college visit will be attend the school in August. It is best school for the money and locate is this perfect place.
my first year at Florida A&M University was quite the experience. I enjoyed the environment as well as the people. Everyone was very nice and helpful. One thing I would change about the university is their cafe hours. It closes very early and it's inconvenient to those students that have classes that finish late.
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FAMU has a very welcoming atmosphere on campus and make it feel as if everyone is one big family and we're just all trying to do our best and make something of ourselves. The only things I would change about the school is the speed of dropping financial aid and time accuracy regarding the transportation provided by the university.
I like how the Florida A&M college professors help the students and the love that is shown from the staff to the students. One thing that I hope will change is the business aspect of FAMU.
Florida A&M is a historically black university and it was the best decision I ever made choosing to attend this school. The culture here at this school is amazing and you will receive a world class education that will not leave you in debt for the next 30 years.
The time I have spent here thus far has been wonderful. Even though the dorms aren't the newest and the cafeteria isn't gourmet, the university is great. The teachers and faculty want the students to excel and will help you to do so long as you show them that you want to thrive.
My experience at FAMU has been great so far. The networking and learning environment have been exceptional. I've grown educationally and spiritually. The people I have met have been great friends and colleagues.
I love this school! It is s fantastic school! I pray to God everyday that I am blessed to be able to attend this university!
This university is meant to provide a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else. The experince that comes with attending an HBCU can't be replicated and includes a lifetime welcome into a family. The faculty are your friends and the campus exudes friendliness that I have not felt anywhere else in a school environment. Once accepted here, you are accepted into a world that strives and encourages success for all, and the attidue of all for one and one for all can be found living here.
Being a student at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University is a great experience. I realized that even though there's thousands of students that attend the staff and professors care about each and everyone of us. They will work and help you in any way they possibly can. I will continue to attend this college until I finish my degree.
the #1 HBCU in America! if you are a diverse student then FAMU is definitely the school for you. The professors and faculty are amazing and well-spirited
One thing i certainly like abou famu is the overall student life experience when you attend this school you feel at home because of all the rattler snake logos around the school and students may assimilate very well. The atmosphere is quite lively and it feels as though you are in college and not just another ordinary institution. As far things that can change is campus food i feel as though that should change because there are many students at this school and all of them get hungry at the same time and it is difficult to feed all of those students in a orderly fashion.
I would love for FAMU to be put o the map so they can receive the much needed improvements they deserve.
I love it ! I love the HBCU, I experience that I have here, is unlike any other. The professors can be a little tough, but it is worth it. Transportation could be a little rough, but the thought of being around other educated individuals that look like you, is very reassuring.
Florida A&M University is a very cultured university. The professors put the students first and continue to motivate student to matriculate in their studies. It's amazing to see many African-American students striving for greatness. The university prepares students for the real world. Campus life is amazing. There are many clubs and organizations to be apart of.
What I like about Florida A&M University is that there is a lot of diversity on campus, seminars that give you information on your major, and different extracurricular activities as well as educational opportunity. What I do not like about Florida A&M University is that some departments at FAMU take a while to respond to phone calls or emails, some departments are very difficult to deal with, and some of the staff working at the institution can be very rude.
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It's has not been an easy journey. Some semesters are harder than others especially when it comes to paying for classes and books.... I can say that the stuff and professors are great; and it's is a pleasure to work with the professors. They go up and beyond to help you through your program. I am glad to be apart of the Social Work Program at Florida A&M😊
I love Florida A&M University! I was very skeptical about attending here, but I did my research and asked current students about their experiences and opinions. People have a lot to say about this university, but unless they attend/have attended, do not listen to them. There are SO many opportunities here, for those who seek them out and are willing to do the work to achieve them. Just like any other university, there are people who should be here and people who should not. Remember why your are in school and what you want to achieve. Don't wait until you fail a class or your GPA drops, before you buckle down. Hit the ground running from the minute you get here and you will be successful. So many people here want you to succeed, but you have to want it as well.
I Love FAMU.... What more can I say College of love and charity
We gather ‘round thy noble shrine;
We lift our voice in praise to thee,
And ask a blessing all divine.

FAM-U! FAM-U! I love thee
I’ll fight and win what’er the battle be
The Orange and the Green thy Sons shall e’er defend
And loyal to thy voice of love attend
FAM-U! FAM-U! FAM-U! I love thee!
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