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I liked how polite the people were and how focused they were on academics.
I love that it is a historically Black university and how good student life is and how they make you feel like a family and you will find someone to connect with. It is one of the best HBCU's and are very accredited on the business frontier. there is diversity in all aspects throughout the campus. There are so many clubs anyone can get involved in and the professors not only teach you what their subject entails, but also include life lessons along the way.
My experience at FAMU is pretty good for someone who is not extremely active on campus. There's a lot to do at this wonderful HBCU to name a few, you can learn and explore not only your heritage, Meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you do, or joining a club or fraternity/sorority. What I like about Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University is that I go to school with people that look like me, and want a better future for themselves. Also, there's always something to do whether it's partying, applying for a scholarship from the school/elsewhere, or spending time working out to improve your overall health. The biggest downside to FAMU is the quality of education which stems from the professors. some of the professors truly don't care about the students nor what they teach. The best way to avoid bad teachers is but you won't always get lucky. Besides that FAMU is a great school with lots of fun and great people.
My name is Iyanu Deborah Farukanmi. I am a senior now, and i only transferred to Florida A&M University three months ago from Nigeria to complete my undergraduate program. It has been a very good experience so far. The first thing i noticed is how receptive people are in the university, both in the offices, on the campus streets and even in the apartments. When i am in need of anything, i can walk up to anybody with no fear because i know pretty well that i will have an answer to every question. Apart from this, the inter class relationship between the lecturers and the students is just the best a student can have. Each lecturer takes time to attend carefully to students, following each students' work diligently.
In addition to that, I have been able to improve my scientific knowledge in diverse ways. This will help me as much as possible to make positive impact to my society, and even to the world at large.
In conclusion, i love Florida A&M University. Thanks.
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I love that it is a hbcu and how good student life is and how they make you feel like a family and you will find someone to connect with.
I love and adore Florida A&M University. Although it is a historically black college/university, there is diversity in all aspects throughout the campus. There are so many clubs anyone can get involved in and the professors not only teach you what their subject entails, but also include life lessons along the way.
I love FAMU, the people are great, as well as the environment. The professors are amazing and make the college experience here better than it already is. It is definitely an HBCU that I would recommend for anyone looking to attend one.
I am a current graduate student at FAMU, whom was also a transfer student. Overall, the campus is nice. Many of the important buildings that are a necessity to the student is there (ie. financial aid, admissions, registrar, and the library). The professors are truly there for the student and they are very sincere about their student's academia. In addition to support, FAMU is the most diverse campus that I have observed/experienced in all of my educational experiences.
I love my professors and their diligence to ensure that students are prepared to be successful in careers after college.
Before coming to FAMU I wouldn't have thought a HBCU was for me. I was very shy at first but I can honestly say FAMU was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Over the pass 3 years FAMU has molded me into this highly educated well spoken individual and I wouldn't have it any other way.
The culture , the love for black people , the history behind how the campus became what it is now . The school spirit during game days , seeing the almuni come back and show their support and give back to the school that they were originally from
I would give it 5 stars, but the administration at FAMU is a work out! They have you running all over the place to get certain things done. Other than that, I love my university! Most of the professors are great, helpful, and friendly. The atmosphere is an amazing one.
Really like the smaller sized student body and that it close to a major city, but I wish there were not as many hills on the campus and that it did not rain so much.
Florida A&M is a great school for student development and post graduation opportunities. As a public school, administration does a great job to account for the student's college experience and growth. As a student, you will not be neglected nor spoiled. The dorm life is fair at best and the campus is currently going through some construction and renovations.
I had a great experience at Florida A&M University so far. It is a comfortable environment. The proffesors are also helpful and generous.
I enjoyed the school spirit. I had enjoy the trip to Spain with some of the engineer of the future. The study overseas was a once and A life time experience and I know that I will be going back.
My experience at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has been amazing thus far. Between the people, staff and the environment, I can't help but feel at home despite me being hours away from my actual home. Choosing FAMU has been one of the best decisions that i've ever made.
FAMU is an okay school. They definitely need to make improvements within their community. The atmosphere is wonderful, however the administration needs severe help. The school also needs to improve their housing and parking big time!!!!
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What is it like to send your child to this HBCU? Does it mean to send your child to one of the oldest institutions that supposedly educated some of our community's most prominent members and have so many issues ? Does it mean that you have to fend for yourself to actually locate information and they are uncaring? Does it mean that it is difficult to get cooperation from admin from this fine historic university? Personally we have received nothing less than continuous disappointment from FAMU! The experience of dealing with FAMU has been the most unorganized, dysfunctional school experiences that I have ever encountered and the staff is very disrespectful!
The environment at the school is very welcoming and a nice change for those who may have an interest in an HBCU. Often overlooked, it is a great place for those of all backgrounds to flourish and reach their highest potential.
I love the diversity of Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. As well as the environment, the staff really welcomes you and helps in any way possible.
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