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This school makes me feel like I have a home away from home I am glad i made the right choice by attending this college.
FAMU is a great place to be!! However, if I would’ve taken the college application process more seriously I wouldn’t have chose FAMU. Academics and professors are OK and a lot needs to be done. Student life is amazing but everyone is more concerned with looks and having fun rather than their school work. Teachers are not excited at all about classes and it reflects during their lessons IF CLASS ISNT CANCELLED.
The network you build paired with the caring nature of the professors and everyone else around you is unlike that of any other university. You are provided many tools to excel all while having the best college experience, ever!
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As a junior at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, I can say that my experience at this University was a life - changing experience due to the fact that I was introduced because I went to predominantly European American schools yet, I was welcomed in a way that I was surrounded by students that looked like me. My experience at this fine HBCU (Historically Black College/University) is one that I can say that I'm happy to be an individual that is African American. I like that Florida A&M University stays true and sustains its traditions of African culture and influences, but also opens its arms to students that are not African American. I like how Florida A&M University is being acknowledged and appreciated by outside ethnic groups of students. I would like to see facility and parking services change at this University so that students would have an even more comfortable journey into being a part of such a great academic experience.
FAMU is not what everyone makes it to be. If you ask me, the only thing that separates colleges are how expensive it is and the resources. If FAMU ad enough resources or enough funds for these resources, it would be just as great as any top school.
Today I had the most wonderful opportunity to explore and be part of a college tour of Florida A&M University. I am currently trying very hard to get into a college that I have full interest in. Today was very beneficial and awesome because this tour made it clear that I NEED to be in this school. Flordia A&M University is one of the colleges I have complete total interest in. I really did enjoy being on campus today, I just honestly loved it! My residence is in Georgia, so this scholarship will really help me out with the cost of attendance to this school. It will be a blessing for to have help with the pay.
FAMU is a HBCU obviously, although they try to be diverse campus. Security, proper classrooms and remolding is needed in most buldings than others.
FAMU so far is such a amazing university. The professors actually care and want you to be successful. Your classmates will literally become your best friends. The school feels like one big happy family. The campus is very safe and has 24 hours security. Lets not forget how much history the school has. Im glad I picked this HBCU and Im never gonna regret it!
My experience at Florida A&M University was pretty good. You wont get the same experience at any other college. HBCU's like Florida A&M University have a different type of atmosphere is always positive and filled with energy.
First off, I would like to see extreme changes in administration. They are very slow about getting paper work done. The food is great but there should be a little another restaurant. Campus life is fabulous as far as the organizations and activities.
My overall experience at Florida A&M University is excellent because it has a family environment and teachers that care about there students. I wake up every morning knowing I am getting the best education. The campus is very lively and there are many organizations that students can participate and bring change to our school.
I am enjoying learning about where I come from and reconnecting with everything I lost about myself in the traditional school system.
Florida A&M University is an historically black university that will make you feel like family even though it may have a downside like every other school. Their campus in my opinion is decent and the people are nice.
My experience at Florida A&M University was like no other. Full of excitement, new beginnings, new friendships and african history. The school is full of people eager to learn about themselves and where they come from. Florida A&M has an abundance of different majors, with top ranked programs throughout the U.S. like pharmacy, business and so much more.
I love all of the huge opportunities that are offered at my university. The support from my peers and professors are great also. The school spirit is the best.
What I love about my university is the unity that exists amongst the students. We have a term here at Florida A&M University that joins us together. From the time I first got here I knew that there was a togetherness. The upperclassmen would help the freshmen and the juniors would help the sophomores. If you needed to know whether or not there was class on that specific day all you had to do was ask someone. The professors care and will most of the time reach out to you if they see that you are struggling. It is a really great university!
Florida A & M University is an awesome HBCU! The professors have so much humor and charisma in their teaching styles. The only thing that troubles me is all the hills!
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This school is wonderful, you will get a great education and experience here. The teachers help you out and is always there for you. The only thing I would change is administration staff. Other than that it is a great choice.
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University is a very exciting and thrilling school I attend. My worries when selecting a college was not feeling involved with the school and feeling like a number or statistic. Not only does Florida A&M University makes you feel like you are apart of a family with its abundance of school pride, but the school offers the help when needed. During my Freshman year, staff and even fellow upper classmen help me transition from high school to college. Countless times I ran into times where I needed extra help with academics and the teachers were there to help me get through my obstacles.
The school works together with all academic departments to help keep students become well connected, in order to produce young professionals.
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