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I like how nice most people are. What I don’t like is how the walkway to the 5000 building is broke
I've had an amazing first semester at FDTC. I look forward to continuing my education there. I think the college is doing an amazing job, I see no need for change. Maybe making is easier for online students to take final exams. As it takes me an hour to get there and the weather can have a major effect on my getting to the campus. But I've had a great first semester. I look forward to graduating.
I went to FLorence Darlington Tech with my sister when she was doing K12 learning and having to go to the school for testing.
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Florence Darlington Technical College is an amazing place to start out going to college. It has a beautiful campus, It is usually a safe place, The subway in the food area is amazing! There are a lot of fun things to do in the lounge. You don't really hear much about athletics at FDTC but we do have them. Our professors do a good job of teaching us, but what they don't help us with there are some free tutors that are willing to help you no matter what.
Its very intriguing, i love the fact that you have so many options and ways to excel, not just in the classroom but with tutors, study groups, after school help, the works! I love my school for allowing me to be able to excel and get the help i need to fully succeed and learn about my career path
My experience has been good. The staff is helpful and very knowledgeable. In addition, I feel like the they really wants to see you succeed and accomplish your goals. The campus is clean, safe, and friendly. The one thing I would like to see improve is course structure.
There isn’t anything I would change about Florence-Darlington Technical College. It’s easy to apply and they have a 100% acceptance rate. The campus is diverse and easy to find classes. The professors are wonderful!
I really enjoy being at tech. It has a lot of different opportunities that helps me get what i have to get done. Everyone is very helpful and is willing to help.
Great college to attend. It's a great step from high school to a 4 year college. The professor are professional and work with a family man. Without them working with me I could never go back to school or finish. I would recommend any one to futher there education here.
Florence Darlington ia a big campus and pretty busy however the things they have in place to ensure that students succeed is a bit unheard of. Im glad I decided to go with tech.
So far the experience has been beyond well but there are a few more improvements to be made. While the college has diverse options in courses tutoring is very limited for certain subjects so the pass rate drops a little. My profeesors have alwaysbeen open for a extra clarity I may need on a subject so that is always a plus. Student life activities have improved and I love most of the career and stuident fairs that they have.
I have a attended Florence-Darlington for one Fall semester in 2017. Overall I would say that it is an amazing school. The teacher I have encountered not only care about your education but as well as your ability to learn. They help you with not only adjusting to their class but also life on campus. Such as helping you find places on campus or easier routes to navigate. I plan on continuing my education at Florence Darlington Tech for maybe a few more semesters then transferring hoping my next school is as well rounded and helpful as this one.
FDTC have many faculty and staff that wants you to stop by their office and checks on you as a student.
The classes were actually very small which made one on one interaction with the professors much easier. However, the professors they have aren't always that wonderful. Some are very passionate about their student's success but others could care less.
I have had a wonderful experience at Florence-Darlington Technical College. The college always has a lot of activities going on and it is such a safe place to be!
I have a very lovely experience here at Darlington Technical College. I would love to return to continue getting my degree in business management.
Classes are small so there are lots of one on one. Classmates are friendly. Professors are actually helpful and know what their teaching.
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Florence-Darlington Technical College is a great 2-year college. The price is right and the teachers are very helpful.
The classes were actually very small which made one on one interaction with the professors much easier. However, like most schools, the professors aren't always the most helpful nor did they care about their students' performance.
what i like about florence darlington tech is because i can learn what i want to be wen i graduate from high school.
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