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what i like about florence darlington tech is because i can learn what i want to be wen i graduate from high school.
I love everything about the college and I wouldn't change anything about the school. I am very thankful for everything that the college has to offer me.
My experience was convenient and if i needed help with anything there is always someone to help me with my problems.
Review Florence-Darlington Technical College
my experience with the online courses were good after i got a good understanding of it. I enjoyed it the most because basically you teach yourself and that's what i liked about the online course.
My experience with the courses are okay sometimes they can be difficult, but you have to overcome your obstacles sometime. The professors at the school are great as well, if you need help with anything the one on one help is excellent.
To begin with, This school is very successful in sports and with the education. If you're new to the school the staff will help you every step of the way if needed. The teachers respect the students and the students respect them as well.
my school is very helpful with schedule around my family scheduled and work schedule so i can get a good education.
i absolutely love my online classes
I'm not really sure about this i hear good about the process. i just started this year.
i love it because it is affordable. the teachers know what they are talking about and they care about you.
the students are wonderful. if you don't understand they will help you
I have learned a lot from my classes.
I absolutely love my school the teachers are helpful. they care about you and want to help and give you all the attention that they can give you.
The online classes are just as good as the in class classes
The teachers are always there the only thing you have to do is email them or talk after class. So teachers will tell you where the helpers are.
They showed us what we are to do when we do get our associates and places to apply.
I haven't get in to the program yet but so far the school is great and they are making sure I get the credits I need to get into the program on time.
Review Florence-Darlington Technical College
This school work with me no matter what the situation is. The teachers are always help and most breaks things down you you can get a better understanding. I would definitely choose this school again
All courses that was transferred were credited to the major I applied for. That says a lot about the school wanting new students and not asking you to put out more money or get more loans to take courses needed.
This is for students who are working and on the go. Also for students who are fast learners and tech savvy.
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