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I went to a small high school, so I’m used to small class sizes. Although I dreamt about going to a university, I honestly think this tech college is a better fit for me. The staff members at FHTC truly care about the students’ success.
FHTC is not disability friendly regardless of what they tell you. It works against people who think and feel differently than the people who have the most power. Police are fearmongering people's privacy away here. The college does not have enough tutoring hours for single parents. Good luck figuring out which restroom has the warm water to clean your hands, because not all of them do here. Also, some places have dead insects on the floor in rooms. Don't expect a lot of dorm and party life here.
i went there as a boy scout for the merit badge university and i found the staff nice and the halls easy to navigate.
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Such a great school! Love the small classes!
I loved my experience here I would most definitely choose this school again, it had a very comfortable and home-like feeling to it. We had small classes that allowed for more one-on-one time with teachers, that allowed you to also get to know your teachers a little better. You get to work at your own pace and you are never rushed, I would love to attend this school again.
The schools tuition and financial aid process is great. They explain things clearly to make sure you understand exactly what your options are. My education here is definitely worth the tuition I paid, I learned so many things here.
The alumni network is great! They are always willing to help out and let you know what your options are for jobs.
The courses at this school are very informative. The professors go out of their way to help you understand the course work and make sure they are doing the best they can to teach their students in a way that makes sense to everyone.
My overall experience with this school would be that it is an amazing school! I would choose this school again because of the friendly staff as well as students
Scheduling classes and the enrollment process was very easy. The admissions counselor made the process smooth and problem free.
I have never taken online courses and the online classes I am enrolled in are amazing.
This school has an extremely friendly staff as well as students. The teachers are very approachable. I love this school.
Not many things around but fast food but there is many resources. For a small college
The education I am receiving is well worth the money. Being a high school student I did not get any financial aid.
They teachers usually try to help you find a job within your career choice but often times falls through.
This school is a technical college so not much campus activities. They do have a cafeteria that is operated by the culinary arts class, that seems to be nice/
Just started classes so really have not experienced any problems yet.
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Financial aid was not there for me because I made too much last year, even though this year I lost my job because Hostess closed its plants and my wife retired so now our income is less then half of what we made last year.
College Algebra – The teacher is awesome, everything is pretty easy to understand! I enjoy taking classes through FHTC.
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