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I love the collage, but it could use more diversity and competitive sports. Other than that is a great place to get an associates degree or 2 years start then transfer.
The classes are pretty interesting overall, and there are a surprising amount unique courses to take. Science Fiction has an entire class based around studying sci-fi literature, movies, and everything else the genre has to offer. The teachers are kind and inviting, and I'm overall very satisfied with the skills I've learned.
High quality instructors at an affordable price in a supportive environment. A great way to affordably switch careers.
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I love being a student here, I feel valued and like a person rather than a number. I mostly go to the lincoln county campus, which is an extension of the main campus.
Sports programs need to come here, i feel that they are lacking and if they were to promote sports and things along that nature they would have more people come and join there school.
I have only been on campus for three moths and i love it. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Professors truly care about the students.
FVCC is a convenient community college in a fairly rural town. I do feel that their advisors could improve as I have been set back a year due to poor advising.
A very great environment for someone who doesn't necessarily need the party scene or big classrooms. Great professors and programs as well. Highly recommend
Everyone I have dealt with, from administrators to advisors to teachers, have been very helpful to me in beginning my college career. The teachers I have had so far have been excellent. I am very happy attending this school.
Flathead Valley Community College is the best choice I could have made being fresh out of high school. The instructors and the rest of the staff are highly professional and very attentive to your needs and concerns. The campus is well organized and easy to navigate. I am very pleased with my education at Flathead Valley.
The college is very accepting of everyone. Staff is nice, and you have access to any kind of help you may need. Ranging from basic academics to trouble with your personal life. Many online classes are available, but the website used for these is hard to navigate and lacking on important notifications. Small classes help gets you a more personal connection with teachers and everyone knows each other's names.
I received credit for far more than I expected
Workload can be overwhelming at times
Great networking for future career options
Financial aid office has been super helpful
Admissions folks were super helpful
I haven't been accepted into the program yet
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FVCC has some of the best professors I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Almost all of the professors I have had have been incredibly encouraging, supportive and understanding to their classes, displaying a mutual respect that students value. I have heard many students on campus claim that learning more difficult subjects like mathematics was made easier from the high-quality instruction they received. Teachers at FVCC seem to genuinely take interest in their subjects, and most importantly they really love teaching.
Flathead Valley Community College has encouraging prospects in terms of alumni success and the value of their degree. In STEM majors especially, the school has churned out students that went on to work for prestigious organizations such as NASA, JPL, and SpaceX. For those not planning on transferring to a four-year institution, their Associate's degree does allow for a much wider field of options in terms of employment. FVCC hosts an annual job fair on campus and has online job boards specifically for students to find work, so there are resources and support for those who need it.
Currently I am majoring in physics. Flathead Valley Community College is a smaller school in a small town, so the physics program here is small. There are fewer faculty members and the budget is smaller than that of universities. However, because of the smaller size, students are able to get much more one-on-one time with professors and tutors than they would at bigger universities. I find the curriculum to be stimulating and worthwhile; not overbearing but challenging enough to prepare me to transfer to a four-year institution. I have had some fantastic opportunities to learn important skills for internships and jobs, such as programming in MATLAB and LabVIEW. I have also been able to work directly with Montana Space Grant Consortium to educate high schools and the general public on the polarization of light. Overall, I would say being a physics major at FVCC is very rewarding and enjoyable.
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