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Very good colleague for the teaching program, I choose this colleague because I want to be a teacher
I love this school and all the teachers! They really have some of the best professors who take time to teach their students. I have loved every professor and throughly enjoyed every class!
I like the way in which the administration treat the whole enrollment process
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i like the hand on approach with the small group teaching.
The classes are small so the teachers are able to take a personal approach to teaching. The courses are designed to provide knowledge that will be useful in real life in order to prepare you for your career.
A degree from Flagler is very respected because employers know what kind of standard the students are held to and what kind of employees they can become. There is plenty of support when it comes to finding a job or internship and they keep you aware of upcoming career opportunities, job fairs, internships, and often have guest speakers from different careers fields to motivate and educate students
The campus is small but seems to be safe, there are always campus Police on patrol.
Flagler College is a great school because it is very affordable, the class sizes are small, and the teachers are excellent! They really help prepare you for your career and care about your success. I'm very happy with my decision to enroll at Flagler and would recommend it to anyone.
most professors were good, classes are difficult to get if you miss a class you nearly have to wait a year for it to be available again.
Pretty convenient, love one class once a month
Campus security is always around
No greek life that i know of.
there are no athletics on the Flagler Tallahassee campus/;
Refreshing is the word I can say being at Flagler College the staff is very prompt, knowledgeable as well as professional in the approach and information they give you.
There don't seem to be a lot of software options for the computers but plenty of computer labs and computers in the library to use.
I've had no incidents and often see a cop car in the parking lot.
It is exciting to be a part of the business degree because we will create a business plan for a local company as our final project.
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Because it's a satellite campus it has a limited offering of programs, unfortunately. The night classes are also tracked in such a way that it does not have a lot of flexibility to drop or change classes.
In Florida we have a lot of rain and some hurricanes. Usually class is not effected, just the level of dampness.
The discipline with attendance is great. People who are there to learn will be there, those who don't shouldn't be.
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