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Flagler College - St. Augustine Reviews

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Majoring in coastal environmental science from this school is the biggest regret I have in my life. Biggest waste of time and money. Do not go to this school if you are looking for a practical degree. Unorganized small school that does not have the resources to give you the competitive edge after graduating. The beauty of the school and surrounding area are why people go here. If you are looking for a useful degree do not waste your time looking into this place.
The college campus itself is beautiful and has history embedded in every square foot. But in my past two years i have seen my department, education, decline.
I love it here and wouldn't trade my experience for anything else. I got my AA at a small school in Naoles Florida and was used to small class sizes and knew that I would want to continue to be in small classes. I am able to connect with the students and faculty on a level that I wouldn't be able to at a big university all while being at a beautiful campus.
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The overall college life is good, there are plenty of resources at the school and I like that the classes are small and offer one on one help. However, the staff here Is incredibly rude, especially security. Despite having a range of services covered by tuition that security and staff are supposed to help with they only do so about half the time and are incredibly rude about it. They’ve been seen yelling at female students to cover up when they get out the pool, they are extremely rude if you ask them a question, and the shuttle service they offer to students which is paid for by tuition will sometimes just not show up and leave you stranded on a curb in the middle of the night. The surrounding area of the school is also really sketchy and dangerous because of creepy tourists and violent homeless people. In summary, this is good school academically, and It’s beautiful of course but they initially mislead you about a lot of things when you enroll.
Flagler is a beautiful place with professors who care about their students and want them to succeed.
Flagler is conveniently located in downtown St. Augustine which means that any parade, city event, or historical site you was to see or be a part of is a walk away. The professors are real people who want to help you get your degree but more importantly, gain the knowledge you need to be successful with your degree after graduation.
When I visited Flagler College, I was instantly greeted by several teachers who were open to any questions I've asked. Their political science program is great!
There are many aspects that make it truly unique from every other college. Its located in the oldest city in the US. There is much to do in the area including shops, restaurants/bars.The proximity of Flagler to the beach is another bonus. Freshman girls get to live in the historic/beautiful Ponce de Leon hotel which is very cool. All of these factors contribute to a unique college experience for sure. The small class sizes &awesome profs make learning enjoyable. I am going into my 4th year& have honestly had only 1 teacher who wasnt supercool & chill. It is truly hard to fall behind in classes of this size.Some things that students dislike about the college include the food, which has major room for improvement but isn't all that terrible,&visitation rules. However, the strict visitation rules have been eliminated from upperclassmen dorms & the hours of the policy for freshman dorms have been extended.
As a Fine Arts Major student I've been challenged and improved my skills through the various studio classes I've been enrolled in. My Academic Adviser has been very helpful and patient, and has encouraged me to reach out to people outside of the college that are part of my field of study.
The college is one of the prettiest campuses around this area. It has many activities and events to keep those who are not athletes busy and lots of social for everyone to fit into a group of new friends. Awesome reviews about this college.
I love the location of the College. It is safe and convenient. Most of the Professors are inspiring. The only disappointing thing, is the lack of class availability in my field of study.
Flagler college offers a wide array of on campus activities for students to participate in. I am currently involved in two clubs on campus, one of which I am the treasurer of. The surrounding area of the college is a great place to live and explore. St. Augustine is a beautiful town, and it is great for college students. The academics at Flagler are incredible, and I have learned so much in every single one of my classes. The only downsides to Flagler is the dining hall and the old residence halls. As someone with a dietary restriction due to a food allergy I had very limited options in the dining hall, and most days I would end up only eating a salad there. The residence halls are noisy due to thin walls, freezing in the winter and hot in the summer due to poor insulation, and overall not a great experience.
Flagler College is an amazing school! The class sizes are small, so you really get to know your teachers on a one-to-one location. It is also right in the heart of St. Augustine. So, you are a short walk away from the downtown area. Overall a really amazing school, and I am happy with my choice so far!
My first year at Flagler College, had its highs and lows. It is a small school so it was very easy to meet and become friends with people, and I met a lot of different people who all were incredibly nice to me. You truly get to know each other on a deeper level, especially when you are forced to live with each other. The number of students in each course are small as well, which gives students an advantage to connect one-on-one with the classmates and the professor. All professors at Flagler encourage all students to participate in class by carrying on a group discussion. Which is really good as it forces the students to be engaged in the subject that we are learning in the course. Since Flagler College is in St. Augustine, I was always in the downtown area to get food because the food served in the dinning hall was absolutely terrible. Overall, I really enjoyed my first year at Flagler College, and I am excited to continue my education there for the next three years.
Flagler is a beautiful campus with so many things to offer. Academically you get a great experience with small class sizes and flexible professors. The campus is so family-oriented that you graduate having known pretty much everyone who went through school there. The advisors and president are active in college activities as well as the community. Flagler is a great place to get an education that will make a difference in your life.
it is a lovely experience. Professors are very one on one. Classroom environment is small. campus and the area is beautiful. students are very friendly and relaxed. it is a chill environment all together. the campus can be very strict since it is in a historical building/area!
I love its small campus feel, hands on learning experience, its welcoming atmosphere, and overall its sense of wanting you to be there its an excellent school for anyone looking for a small college and to focus in depth with your professors.
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A Great College, particularly the Public Administration Program. This program is suited for working adults in this industry. Always recommended.
The school is great, they have a lot of support and I love being on the cross country and track team. The coaches really support our education and help us stay on top of our grades.
Flagler College is an absolutely beautiful campus. The faculty and staff are very helpful and sweet! The rooms are decent and the people are great. My only issue is how expensive this school is. Other than that, I would recommend anybody to this school.
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