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Only being a freshman, I have already by far had the best experience. Faculty and staff are extremely helpful, along with meeting with professors for one on one help. There are multiple resources to go to for extra help, and plenty of things to do when you're down getting your education for the day. Amazing clubs, atmosphere, and people.
Flagler College is a very unique school in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine. It is a private college and has small class sizes so the Professors have time to learn and care for each student and help them grow and learn.
Very nice and close knit campus with a great surrounding city. The campus is nice and clean and very well taken care of and the staff is very warm and welcoming. Lots of students say the courses offered are wonderful and that they have just the right amount of challenge. All in all, a very good experience.
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Beautiful school and city.
The professors care about the students. They reach out and extend help and experience when needed. I have found wonderful friends at Flagler.
The beaches are pristine and quite beautiful.
Flagler is great school if you're looking for small classes. The school itself has a wonderful history and the fact that it sits in the heart of the US oldest city makes it even more historic. If you love warm weather and the beach, then Flagler is where you want to be. Also, the school does an entire Harry Potter themed night where they transform the dining hall into the Great Hall from Harry Potter; the professors dress up as actual characters and students can get sorted into the different houses. Very warm and inviting atmosphere. Great school.
Flagler College is a great school with a beautiful campus! While the food in the dining hall leaves lots of room for improvement, the atmosphere I experience living on campus absolutely makes up for it. Professors are personable and knowledgeable. Flagler hosts a diverse student body, which is awesome! Student Life is very active, entertaining students on a regular basis! Another thing I love about Flagler is their Career Development Center, which is also very active, and hosts events on a regular basis to engage students to receive the needed information about finding a job/internship! It is also a great resource for international students, whom they are working with very closely.
I attended 4 wonderful years at Flagler College and 4 more years living and working in SA. I can't say enough about my experience at Flagler and in the amazing city of St. Augustine!
I absolutely loved my time at Flagler, the scenic campus, the small classes, and the friendly professors make a great environment. I have only ever had 2 teachers who I thought were really horrible, and the rest were excellent. I wish Flagler would hire more full-time faculty and less adjunct professors, but other than that, I have no complaints.
I loved the atmosphere and the close connection you have with your professors. Class sizes are small but you learn a lot more and have that one on one learning.
Flagler is a great little private college in her middle of historic downtown St. Augustine. Most of the historic parts of the city are less than a five minute walk from the school. The building are gorgeous and well built and accommodate the students well most of the time. Of course, with the building being over 100 years old there will be something issues. If there were to be a complaint it would be about the food. The dining hall would be an amazing place to sit down and it, that is if the food were edible. The money that is paid for student to eat in the dining hall is used to experience the ambiance of the hall rather than the food.
flagler college is one amazing college. from the city of st. Augustine to the campus. The professors really care about you and its easy to make friends.
My experience at Flagler College has been absolutely amazing. When I was applying to colleges, I was looking for one that had small class sizes and passionate professors. That is exactly what Flagler College is. The small class sizes allows for a much better relationship between professors and students. All of the professors are professional and passionate about their jobs. They really try and help you thrive through your course work.
Flagler is a really great school with a bunch of interesting students and professors. You get out of it what you put in-- so if you work hard, put yourself out there and get involved on campus, and build relationships with your professors, your experience will be amazing. If you choose to float around and not get involved in clubs and activities, or care about your classes, you won't enjoy the school as much. It's a beautiful campus and amazing town, and the professors care so much about their students' success. I would highly recommend Flagler to any student who doesn't want a big college experience and prefers small, intimate classes. On a negative note, the food totally sucks and there's almost no diversity: everyone is rich, white, and privileged. Otherwise though, Flagler is a fabulous school.
I love the atmosphere. It is a welcoming and beautiful place. The staff are nice the history is amazing, the classes are small.
I love the location of Flagler College. The students have the luxury of being able to hit the beach anytime we want, and have access to some of Northeast Florida's best fishing spots. However, I would not recommend that students looking for a party scene or state of the art campus. Many of the facilities and rules are out dated, but many people love that for the charm it brings. I would change some of the strict rules and start bringing some legitimate Greek life on campus
beautiful campus, great teachers, the food could be improved but other then that its a really great school.
I have nothing bad to say about Flagler College, except their attendance policy. Other than that it is a great academic institution. Class sizes are small and professors really care about how well you do and are always there to offer assistance if you are struggling. The student body size is small but it really give you the opportunity to meet and become close with a lot of different people. I love Flagler and I will always have nothing but good things to say about it!
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My experience at Flagler College was limited as I was only visiting for one day for a college tour, however, that short tour left an impact on me. To begin with, it is in the beautiful historic city of St. Augustine! A city brimming with rich history of the great state of Florida! To top that off, it is right by the beach! The campus itself is very beautiful! It utilizes a classic cathedral look to it using crimson red and white colors to obtain an appearance as if it was from the 1800's! The campus itself does not feel crowded at all and the administration and staff there were very friendly! Student life there appears to be very involved with the school and the city. The dorms there were not not too shabby either! The only reasons I did not choose to attend Flagler College was because of tuition and a pursuit for an aviation career.
I absolutely love going here! It's my dream school and I've never been happier. The only thing bad about the school is D-Hall (moldy food, hair in food, uncooked meat, etc.) and the diversity is super low here. The area around is great, especially for history and art majors!
The School provides a wonderful learning environment where students and professors interact and create meaningful and valuable relationships. The courses available vary greatly and depending on the subject, are prone to change. The school is in a constant state of self improvement so no one year ever feels the same as the last. The challenges of managing time efficiently is a constant endeavor that each student will have to over come but i can assure that the faculty and staff do as much as they can to support their students every step of the way.
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