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Flagler is a beautiful campus with so many things to offer. Academically you get a great experience with small class sizes and flexible professors. The campus is so family-oriented that you graduate having known pretty much everyone who went through school there. The advisors and president are active in college activities as well as the community. Flagler is a great place to get an education that will make a difference in your life.
it is a lovely experience. Professors are very one on one. Classroom environment is small. campus and the area is beautiful. students are very friendly and relaxed. it is a chill environment all together. the campus can be very strict since it is in a historical building/area!
I love its small campus feel, hands on learning experience, its welcoming atmosphere, and overall its sense of wanting you to be there its an excellent school for anyone looking for a small college and to focus in depth with your professors.
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A Great College, particularly the Public Administration Program. This program is suited for working adults in this industry. Always recommended.
The school is great, they have a lot of support and I love being on the cross country and track team. The coaches really support our education and help us stay on top of our grades.
Flagler College is an absolutely beautiful campus. The faculty and staff are very helpful and sweet! The rooms are decent and the people are great. My only issue is how expensive this school is. Other than that, I would recommend anybody to this school.
Flagler College had a beautiful campus and the weather was fantastic compared to Wisconsin. The town was very nice and had a lot of history with it. It was fascinating to discover all St. Augustine had to offer. However, the food was absolutely terrible and was a waste of a lot of money.
Although the academics are good, not all of the professor are. Security on campus is very low, making it essay for tourists to wonder into the dorms.
Flagler College is amazing! You get to learn at a beautiful school that happens to be a great part of history!
I love the professors, they are always willing to work with you and help you improve. I love the smaller class sizes because you get to know your professor and class better and it is easier to reach out for help. One thing I love about Flagler is the Learning Resource Center. I go there for help in math and english mostly, but they have tutors in practically all subjects. Flagler College has helped me in the transition of leaving home to creating my new one.
It's such a unique town you feel privileged to be part of the community surrounded by Flagler College. The teachers are awesome and care about their students. They will work with you to make sure you succeed. I love being a student at Flagler. It was the best decision of my life.
Beautiful campus in a town that has many wonderful shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more. Small classes, good teachers.
I like how small Flagler College is. Everybody knows everybody, the professors know who you are and you know who they are. I fit in very well among the other freshman. The campus is breath taking, love looking at it everyday. Things to be fixed are having a bigger choice of majors and minors. I keep having to switch around my major and minor because Flagler will either not offer it or only offer it as a major and not a minor.
Flagler College has a great focus on the success of their students. All the professors care about the students and help them when needed.
The college is pristine, but often crowded, not by students, but with tourists. I believe that they should add certain times where tourists are not permitted because the noise can be a distraction. Furthermore, there should be more racial diversity at the school.
Flagler is a small campus but there is much to love. They have multiple opportunities for students to get involved, diverse clubs, and one of the greatest education programs in the country. The dorms are all in great quality, they have many opportunities for work/study, a great career center who get hands in on your experience and help you get things like internships. Overall, Flagler is a great college, albeit small, but it has many great things to offer.
Now in my second semester, I definitely can see various pros and cons to Flagler. In the warm months, the nearby beaches are great destinations to hang with your friends. The picturesque campus, pool, and palm tree garden are awesome commodities that this small liberal-arts college offers, but unfortunately attract an excessive amount of tourists. However if you are an extroverted person looking for a variety of nightlife options, you're definitely out of luck. The parties at this school are few, and with the St. Augustine police constantly on patrol, you won't find many gatherings exceeding 25 people. There are no nightclubs in the area, and many restaurants/bars are closed by 10pm. The dining hall is gross and their hours are inconvenient, being open a total of 5 hours on a Saturday. Finally, their ridiculous inter-hall policy at this school is strictly enforced and prevents students of opposite genders from being each others dorms unless they're signed in between 7pm-12am.
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Amazing professors who take the time to know you and REALLY CARE about you. Interesting classes and the most beautiful campus you've ever seen. Small classes so you make friends easily and honestly, you won't regret coming here.
Flagler is a very small school, which I liked because of the small class sizes. Learning was more personalized and individualized. The campus is also small so all the main buildings are in close proximity. The farthest building (a residence hall) is about a half mile from the main campus. As for academics, Flagler is a liberal arts school so majoring in the arts is very popular. Majoring in business administration is also very big at Flagler. The professors are all very friendly and helpful, however, some of them are bias in how they teach information since most professors are liberal teaching at a liberal arts school. The only thing I don't like about Flagler is its sports program. Flagler is a Division II school so athletics are competitive, but there usually is not a big turn out for games.
Only being a freshman, I have already by far had the best experience. Faculty and staff are extremely helpful, along with meeting with professors for one on one help. There are multiple resources to go to for extra help, and plenty of things to do when you're down getting your education for the day. Amazing clubs, atmosphere, and people.
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