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The small community environment creates a close family atmosphere with all the students and professors.
My experience with Five Towns is pretty good. As a resident on campus, I like how hard the students try any and everything to make life better and more enjoyable. Even for those who do not reside on campus, they still join whatever festivities that may happen. One thing they might have to work on is reviewing the success of their events. If it was a popular success, then they should have more of it throughout the year.
the food needs to be better and not as expensive. the upbeat cafe should not have the deli and salad area close at 7 if the whole upbeat closes at 11. and we need to throw more parties
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Five Towns has excellent teachers, especially in the music department. They have recently begun trying to improve the schools facilities and appearance by planting flowers and revamping the schools radio station. There are many opportunities there for all kinds of interests. The only frustrations i had with the school were when I had to deal with registrar, bursar, or financial aid. These appointments tend to take too long and sometimes it seems that no one is informed.
Everything's about making the school look good and hiding better projects from the owner/President
Very small means a lot of drama, between faculty,studenrs, and president.
The classrooms aren't filled to capacity, so the experience between teachers and students is very personal. It allows me to pay attention easily.
There are many opportunities for students to intern so they are ready for the "real world".
The college allows students to join internship opportunities so they can get their feet wet in their fields.
I have been in the school for 2 weeks and I already feel how great the year is going to be. The classes don't have a lot of students, so it is a more personal experience with the teachers.
I haven't taken an online class
All the teachers are fine and have a hands on learning technique.
there are a lot of internships anyone can apply too.
Get involved and you'll have a great learning experience!
In my High School year the wonderful things I experienced here was just like having a real job and opened up my mind even more to see that I'm on my own.
It's wonderful because learning things the easy way and when you get to college it's going to be very easy and you're going to know what to do and try to empress the professor.
The professors are very respectful and they always want the student on task and on track to improve their grade to get higher each school semester. The class size are very suitable for students very roomy
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Flushing High School is really a great school to attend to because there's so many opportunities here for juniors to start an essay way for college and while during their senior year they would already know what to expect for college.
Stay on top of online work
Career Services is very helpful in finding you job opportunities/internships..after you graduate as well.
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