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Be very, very careful with this school. It looks great, and their marketing/ admissions is good at attracting students. Their academic department, however, lacks student support. Although there are a lot of people working in the administrative offices, there are no academic counselors to speak of. Their policies are cutthroat. If you go to this school- always watch your back! On the other hand, there are some great professors and clinic supervisors at Five Branches University and amazing students.
There are no sport teams on campus. We only have a ping pong table and students, faculty, and staff play with each other casually.
My experience here is typical of other universities where we apply the FAFSA online and pick up a check for the reminder of our aid after tuition is paid.
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We don't have campus housing.
Whether in the San Jose area is fantastic!
The San Jose campus is located right next to Santana Row so just minutes of walk can take one to all the fine dinning and international cuisines. It would be ideal if only it is more affordable for the typical student.
Overall, administrative policies are fair and most people adhere to them.
There is fast wireless Internet access throughout the campus but sometimes during peak class hours, the Internet can be a bit slow due to network overload.
There are plenty of free parking spaces at the San Jose campus.
The field of Traditional Chinese Medicine attracts those who are interested in the profession so as more and more people understand TCM, they are drawn to the profession and the school. In general, we have a high population of Asian (Chinese and Korean) and a good percentage of European Americans as Five Branches offer programs in English, Chinese, and Korean.
We only have a student lounge where we sit to eat but not a dinning hall in particular as there is no cafeteria on campus.
There are security cameras installed at various spots at the San Jose campus as a measure to reduce property theft.
All of the students are mature and are at this school because they truly want to become a holistically healthy individual. There are no problems with drug or alcohol use at the school.
The admissions process is very straightforward and fair. The school wants to admit every student that is competent and dedicated to pursuing a career in TCM.
The professors are great. They have a thorough understanding of a complex system of philosophy and medicine and have done a wonderful job of translating their knowledge into a western worldview.
The education and material are great. The faculty are very knowledgable. However, I feel the expectation of students needs to be held higher and there needs to be more stricter guidelines for testing and holding students accountable for the information being taught.
Beautiful but Expensive – lots of really great options, by the beach, close to downtown, or amongst the redwoods, but Santa Cruz is a very expensive place to live!
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Clinic on Site – I love the acupuncture clinic on site. They offer care to all student and have an herb library akin to an herb pharmacy. People are great and most faculty are still practicing TCM.
Love the Area – I lived here all my life. Love the area. Housing is expensive but rent.
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