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This university looks amazing on tours, and the tour guides pull you in with lies.
The advisors dont care about the students
the faculty and staff dont take action when needed
illegal activity is turned a blind eye.
Fitchburg State University is an interesting place to say the least. For those looking for degrees in Nursing, Education or Film Production, then I highly encourage you to attend. All three of these programs are incredibly strong and lead to internships in the field after you graduate. Other programs are also well worth it to attend here, but those three majors are stronger than many colleges that charge four times the price.
My time at Fitchburg State has been great. This school has excellent faculty, and an astounding community that takes pride in being a falcon. Extracurriculars are great, there's a wide variety and something for everyone. Building hours such as the library and dining halls could be improved, and the quality and quantity of food services could be increased, but other than that, Fitchburg State is wonderful.
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It's a great school with a really good internship and Graphic Deisgn program. After being there for a few years I realized the faculty isn't 100% the best. Sometimes the professors play favorites and the people working in the offices have no idea what they're doing so you have to be a little bit independent if you want to get by there.
Fitchburg State University has beautiful campus. I would like it more if there were better dining. The campus has it's own police force. All of the officers I have met thus far have been very friendly. I'd say it's pretty safe on campus, but it's not recommended to really walk outside of campus at night. Overall, it's been a great experience for me so far.
The campus itself is very nice, and it had many activities to keep you busy. Each week there are all sorts of activities for the students to enjoy. The only thing that I believe should be changes is some of the dining hall policies. They do not have times that are convenient for most students, and it is very difficult for most of us to make it in the time that they do have it open. Other than some of the dining hall issues, there is nothing wrong with the campus itself. The students are all very welcoming, and there is not a dull moment while you live here.
Fitchburg state is a very diverse school, with a relatively small campus, which I enjoy a lot. The campus is very pretty during the fall, and all your furthest class can only be a maximum of 10 minutes from your dorm building. Overall a very good school.
I love the professors here. The courses are interesting and diverse. I've have one bad professor, but I ask friends before signing up for courses now so that won't happen again. The social scene is amazing here. There are so many clubs and it's easy to join. Greek life is probably the best choice I've made and I definitely recommend it. The parties are awesome and easy to find Thursday through Saturday. Overall, I love this school and I'm happy I chose this place.
I feel very safe and secure when I am on campus. Campus crime is very low and I feel that my personal safety is never is danger. The campus police as well the city police are both very active and do a great job of securing the students and campus.
Living on campus has been an absolute great experience. I love living on campus because the environment is amazing. The facilities are great and the social life is even better. I love every thing about the dorms and the peers that i lived with helped make the experience an even greater one.
My overall experience at school so far has been okay. It has had great experiences as well as very bad experiences. My favorite experiences have been centered around social time or events with my friends and other members of the community. Although my experience has not been too bad, I would like to transfer to a different school.
The athletics at my school is great. Students attend each and every home game regardless of what sport it is and we all support each team equally and passionately. The majority of the teams perform well and are contenders our conference each year. The games are always full when it comes to attendance because our school's team spirit is excellent.
Although the campus isn't placed in the best neighborhood, I still feel extremely safe walking around because the campus security is always available and there are assistance poles located all around the campus if you need security to go get you if your don't feel safe.
There are two housing halls that are considered the best on campus but one of them is definitely better than the other. The hall that I live in is great because we don't have to worry about checking in because it's just considered to be a giant house which is why a lot of students like it. The down side is that: they aren't that clean, closet space is extremely tight, and the rooms are average. Oh, and we aren't able to put our beds up high to place chairs or other lounging items underneath. The other dorm makes mine look terrible because it's much cleaner, the rooms are larger (as well as the bathrooms), and the closets are about 2 or 3x larger than mine.
Personally I don't pay too much attention to the Greek life on campus, but from what I see it looks like they do a lot of things to raise money for different organizations as well as volunteer work.
The athletics at my school are great when it comes to the teams that are doing the best at the time, but other than that students won't really go to support the school at games if they don't have the best winning streak. Personally I love the recreation center at my school because it has all the basics to workout and a variety of weight machines to use. We also have access to the track, and basketball court. There is also a separate room where you could dance, stretch, do some weighted exercises or yoga.
Although I have only attended my school for a semester so far, I still love it. All of the students and faculty there are extremely nice and always trying to help out. We have a lot of fun activities always going on around campus. For me, this is the perfect school because the campus is small which makes it easier to have more time to work with the professors one-on-one in class.
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There's a police station in campus so they aren't too far away if a situation were to occur.
Overall the courses I've taken for my major have provided me with a plethora of information and I'm very happy about that.
I definitely think that if you put your all into what degree you're pursuing,you'll go far in the working world.
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