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The school and professors are great. The resources on campus are amazing. You really do get your moneys worth. That being said the food is terrible and never fails to upset my stomach! It’s too expensive for what is offered. There is never anything new and it has no flavor. Financial aid office always loses paperwork and that makes it difficult for us to get our money on time. Other than that the school is excellent and some classes although challenging are very interesting.
I like attending fitchburg state because it is a relatively small school with means you get to know everyone better and you feel more welcomed when it’s like this
I am in the accelerated online MBA program at FSU.
Pros: Get your degree, this is a means to an end.
Cons: professors are less interested/focused on their students. It seems as though they don't care about their students as much and treat them with less respect that if they were to teach in person. Not the best experience. It seem professors treat students as though they are less intelligent than they are, perhaps because they do not meet in person.
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I knew this was the school for me as soon as I stepped foot on campus! This campus is so welcoming and there are so many resources to use. Professors here care and do not want you to fail. It is a small school, so you connect better with professors, friends, and other college help.
Fitchburg is an amazing college that is small in size. If you are from a small high school and don't want to move to a large college Fitchburg State is perfect for you!
I really enjoy the small community of people who are willing to help you with anything and everything:)
My experience at FSU has been a rocky road but I've gotten through it and will continue to. Majority of the professors I have had were very helpful when it came to understanding the work, criteria, and curriculum. The activities and events were planned well and were great, especially for those who were new. The workers on campus, including tour guides, orientation leaders, office employees, etc were helpful as well.
The hygiene at Russell Towers is a joke. There would be hair in the shower stalls and the bathtubs have dirt in them. People leave their personal dishes in the sinks and the faucets would be dirty sometimes; some people don't even flush the toilets after they use them. The kitchen in Russell Towers would be sometimes from the other students leaving scraps and trash in there; the vending machines sometimes don't work in Russell. The B elevator in Russell is broken sometimes. The wifi at Fitchburg State breaks down 70% of the time. The food at the dining hall is okay overall. My favorite food there is the breakfast stuff really. What I don't like about the dining hall is the fact that the pizza is burnt most of the time, depending who cooks. During warm or hot weather there would be flies flying around the desserts and even at the tables. We also can't food out, which is stupid.
The education is great! The classroom ratio with students and teachers is a great learning envroinment not too overwhelming. the university has a great evroniment and friendly students as well as the staff.
The overall experience is good. The professors are compatible and good teachers, they care about the students wellbeing and they will do what it take to prepare the students
Fitchburg is great academically, however, the area is really rough. I'd like to see the area surrounding the school be cleaned up. This is slowly happening, but it will take some time before FSU totally transforms that area....although it's well on its way.
Great school. Lots of diversity. Very LGBT friendly. Great selection of clubs/organizations. There's always something to do during weekdays, however, there isn't much on weekends since many people go home. Absolutely love this school though.
I love the small campus at Fitchburg State University, and I enjoy having a tighter knit community to be able to be closer connected with professors.
The campus is very nice. Everything is centrally located. The school is located in a tough area. I am getting a great education.
I am getting a masters and it is a great school. It's cheap, but it still offers so many opportunities. The professors are great and the staff is friendly.
I really like the small community here, I feel like I always see a familiar face. The professors are very professional and unbiased. The main thing I would change about this school is the dining hall hours are very inconvenient.
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The smaller Massachusetts State University has allowed me to flourish as a student thanks to help from tutors and teachers that are easily accessible. I also like that I am noticed in class. At big schools, it's easy to get intimidated by the numerous students in a lecture hall.
I play basketball and live on campus. I love the campus and living there is so much fun. The education level is difficult, but very good and I have already learned so much.
I liked the academics, some professors are better than others. It is easily to get involved and there are many options. Dining hall can be improved.
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