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Fisk University is rich in history. It is up there with Howard University, Hampton, Spelman and Morehouse. It is slowly losing its appreciate but it is important for the students to keep that up and going. I would like to see the students become more involved to make Fisk like the 70's, 80's, and 90's Fisk that alumni use to talk about.
Fisk is a great institution. The only problem is has is that it has some financial problems with aiding students.
The people at the school are amazing. It's a very small school so everyone kinda knows everyone. Also it's a very old hbcu.
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Fisk is one of THEE greates HBCU's in the state of Tennesee. It helps pave the way for great opportunities!
I like how if you do the medicine program, you get 3 years as an undergraduate and go into your program.
Fisk has been amazing to me. Ever since I was younger Fisk was all I knew, being that my mother attended and graduated from the university back in 2000. When i first got to Fisk I didn't really like it being that it was really traditional and wasn't really modern. However it grows on you. You grow to appreciate the connections you gain from the teachers and students, and how everyone wants whats best for you no matter if they know you or not. Fisk is my family away from home and I love and appreciate all they've done for me thus far.
Fisk universtiy is a loving HBCU that i would recommend to every student I come across. they have great teachers that love assisting you and their every step of the way. being at all Black college has shown the the culture of this University and what it stands for as a whole. i say the only thing Fisk should improve on is making the excellence of the school, more excellent. they can only get better.
I love the diversity and family dynamic of Fisk University. Fisk has a very rich history and has had a huge impact on the advancement of African Americans. I love that Fisk also has a great academic record and is nationally recognized. The thing I would change about Fisk is the business aspect of the school. Fisk lacks successful communication with their students business wise. Overall I had a pleasurable experience while attending Fisk University and would definitely recommend it to other students looking to further their education.
I feel extremely safe on campus. We have automatic locking doors and security out at all times.
The dorms are a nice size. Cleaning services come on a regular basis to clean community areas.
I can only speak from what I've seen so far. Greek life is a big part of campus life. The events are fun and everyone is interactive with everyone.
It was scary at first, but now I understand the swing of things. Everything if set at a fast pace, but I truly feel like I am learning
I feel like it could be a lot better.
The school I am at is wonderful.
I like how there are many opportunities giving at Fisk. I like how the students are engaged and willing to help one another achieve. The things that Fisk differ from other HBCU's is the number of students. I feel the less students the better relationship you can build with your professor.
Small class sizes and wonderfully staff.
I will hopefully know soon.
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I don't really know ALOT but it seems good.
When. I need help the school is always there, they will do anything for your successful, which is wonderful.
I've made long term relationships with some of my professors.
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