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even though its my first year, it was very enjoyable. Fisher is a school where you have to go find your own fun and activities.
My overall experience with Fisher College is very good. Even though it’s a small school, but professors, students, and the location are ideal.
The small class size is great for sparking discussion and getting one on one help. the evening classes are split in to quarters allowing a working adult to take a full course load every semester with out overloading.
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The students are friendly and can help you if you have trouble adopting to the new environment Fisher College has in store for you! But not just the students, the staff are always there to help if you have any trouble living comfortably on or off campus. Their housing opportunities are just as abundant as their educational and intellectual opportunities. It's no wonder that they have been nationally recognized as one of the nation's most prestigious liberal arts and business colleges for centuries since the college's establishment in 1903! But, they don't offer degrees in just business and the liberal arts! You can take a whole variety of courses and end up with marketable jobs at the same time! The staff at Fisher College will go above and beyond to help you find your ideal job with the best pay. That's why, in my point of view, Fisher College works! Don't miss out on your opportunity to study in the most liberal neighborhood in all Massachusetts!
only thing I like about the school is the admissions team.................................................................
I am taking solely online classed at Fisher College and each instructor and administrator has been very helpful in guiding me along the way to be sure that I am getting the correct amount of credits in all my program requirements to complete my degree. This has been a very convenient and easy transition after not being in school for many years.
I attend Fisher College for one semester&had a horrible experience.The dorms are disgusting.There is rat poison all over the rooms.The residence halls themselves are loud.The RA's do nothing&even join in on the "fun".When I reported this security did nothing.My residence hall was across the street from the main building&we had no security guard at all. When my roommate had a sexual harassment complaint about a female student the head security guard said that sexual harassment only occurs between an older male and a younger female.The student body is just as awful as the rest of the school. Bullying&racism are a problem here&no one does anything about it.The only good thing I can talk about is the classes.My professors were well trained in their subjects&I learned a lot from them.
If you are looking to move past high school&want to be surrounded by intelligent people do not go here.The location&class size is nice but not worth it.Overall I do not recommend this school.
Fisher College gives you the tools to succeed, but you have to want it. Their professors will bend over backwards to help students that actually try and care about their grades and their future. The Academic Center for Enrichment (ACE) is a free tutoring program that offers tutors with masters degrees to help students in any subject. The location is prime being located in the Back Bay. Its not often you get to live on beacon street so if you have the opportunity to live on campus take it!
Attending Fisher was the best desicion of my life. Making the change from high school to college is never easy but at Fisher it is. In my first semester they provided me with a class called "The Common Experience" this class teaches you everything to expect from college. It teaches you how to deal with college papers, exams and even gives you a layout of the next four years. When I took this class my teacher was my Psychology program director. She gave me/us a full layout of what to expect with our major. What was amazing to me was that Fisher offered free tutors for my classes. I've honestly never seen a school that does that. They even help you find jobs. Fisher College had a department named Career services that is dedicated to helping students get jobs both in and after college. They've help me to perect my resume and even helped with finding my internship. I honestly love Fisher, it has been a great four years.
I love the people and teachers of fisher college. Everyone is very nice and friendly and the people are diverse. However if i could change one thing about the school it would be the set up of the dorms and allow everyone to have equal space.
Fisher College is a student committed college, they want you to have the best experience and are focused on the student.
Transferring into Fisher College I was initially attracted by the beautiful buildings and beautiful location on the corner of Beacon and Arlington street in Boston. After leaving a large school I was nervous about the small size, and found it to feel even smaller than expected. However, I fell in love with the care and attention given to students from professors, staff members and everyone. I'm, very much enjoying my last few college years here.
The best part of Fisher is the close-knit community. Everyone here knows each other, which makes it a more comfortable and laid back setting, while still maintaining a professional look.
My overall experience at Fisher College wasn't the best. Academically I wished my major's department had it together (organization wise) the curriculum taught me a lot. The campus is not the best although recently trying to upgrade it. The students I felt lack motivation and campus policing is not/was not great. I also think that the school cost so much to have so little to offer versus attending a state college.
you get alot of inspiration and motivation with the right type of people also a better environment as well.
It's not that bad to be honest for the first year but it's alot of work that's for sure but the main focus is to be determined no matter what
Academically this school has been somewhat flexible and convenient. It really depends on the teacher to decide how flexible your time in and outside of class is.
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I say that it is great because many students will strive for an easy college experience. The classes are mostly easy passes, and students do not have to be brilliant, or even do much at all, to get good grades. For example, my roommate barely went to class and got average/below average grades on her assignments. Towards the end of the semester she spoke to her teacher who, within less than 24 hours, raised her grade from a D to a B+.
Just like many schools, it is required that each student completes and at least one internship in order to graduate. However, I would say that a degree from this school is not as reliable as most would think. It really depends on what major you are in, and how well you can present yourself when it comes time to use your degree.
I think this program is more effective outside of the classroom than in. You learn new things, but it would be a lot more informative if we could spend more time outside of the classroom. The fashion classes at my school are easy to get good grades in, but often boring or are lectures.
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