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F.I.R.S.T. Institute Reviews

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Miss leading and huge waste of money. Credits do not transfer and curriculum is sub par. Run!!! I'm surprised they are legally still operating.
Employment Search – I have not used the career center as of now because I was able to find a job while still in school. First Institute is always advertising this useful help. I would plan on using them in the future.
Great Learning Experience – Because of the flexibility I was able to work and attend school at the same time. For one of the classes we were required to prepare a resume. The teacher went over each students resume one on one. I was able to obtain a Medical Assisting job while I was still in school with the knowledge I was quickly learning with the program at First Institute. Ideally, I would like to go for my BSN at Chamberlain College of Nursing in Addison, IL. I have been meeting and working with my advisor to plan my future. My only complaint would be about tranfering classes. At Chamberlain I now have to repeat several classes because nothing transfer. I am being optimistic and looking at this as an opportunity as a refresher.
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At my school they offer help finding a job after you graduate. They will help me find a job that I lik best. They do have a career center in which they help you with anything you need.
My Opinion – My school is different becuase it is smaller than others. I like it because everyone is nice. They all greet you. They treat you with respect. They help you with everything you need. I will be carpooling with another classmate, it will save me gas.
My Opinion – I think my school is a good school. It it a small campus, and that gives me more chances to get more help. I would love to go to a university, but I enjoy my school. It is giving me the education need to be successful as a Medical Assistant.
Very Comfortable Setting – This school offers great classes. I love it because i can work a full time job and still manage to go to school at night. There are also many perks to going here. I get one hour massages for ten dollars and breaks during classes where i can heat up some dinner in the student lounge or study there.
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