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great teacher she is very willing to teach and assist you with anything she can she shows you how to have great personal skills and work skills to go into the work force.
First Coast is an great institution and they are accredited also I really feel like i get a bang for my buck and a real education there. there are no gimmicks and their staff are helpful, resourceful, and student friendly.
I have already had job opportunities.
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they have a lot of companies come and talk to the students about what they are looking for and the job opportunities.
they class size has plenty of room. has a nice style. A very positive instructor.
welding. there is plenty job opportunities. they also help you talk with companies hiring welders. the curriculum is great you are not rushed and can take the time you need to learn the program. The facility is very nice and clean for a welding shot you have plenty of material and well maintenance welding machines
I have been going to this school for a year and it has been a great learning experience they put the students first and Its a very nice and welcoming environment.
Teachers are awesome but the learning environment is not the best.
I love my school and the students that I study with.
I love the computers at school they are up to date.
Nothing Transferred – I started this school to begin my career in the Culinary field and I'm glad I chose FCTC because they lay down the ground rules for you. Their whole process was simple and hassle free from applying to financial aid, enrolling, and attending classes.
I Am Satisfied Thus Far – When my class first started we were one of the biggest classes they have had for the program. It seems that we were throw every which way but loose. Although the school has been running for many years, you would think the curriculum, time frame of things, and teacher availability would not have been as problematic. But things had been so unprofessional for a while before things became balanced. To the point we were falling behind with lesson plans. Apparently the school's curriculum for this program was changing based on the feedback, experiences, and grades from the previous graduates. As far as what should be introduced first in the lesson plans and etc. My class ended up being the first to introduce the changes to and every day seemed to be in some disarray. It gave us more study time on lesson plans. Which was a helpful for sure. Overall, I am satisfied.
Upgrading Is Necessary – The campus is not very upgraded. I'm not really sure what to expect from the school on this behalf because this is my first time ever attending a technical school. Coming from a college and comparing the resources readily available I would say this school has to upgrade in many areas.
Not Quite There Yet – I have not completely completed my program yet. However, the feedback that I have been given tells me that most importantly I have chosen a great career direction because no matter where I go I will always find a job. So far, the professors and such, have been very insightful and realistic about where jobs are in the county. And ways to increase finances or making yourself more marketable.
" the Early Bird Catches the Worm&quot – The only thing that bothered me with the financial aid process was how long it takes to receive the difference of your pay out. When you are attending school full-time that gives you less time to work. Especially when it comes to study time, and you are a full-time mother, etc. Otherwise the tuition cost is fairly priced for my program of interest. I think the most important thing for any potential student seeking financial help to remember is, " the early bird catches the worm".
Computer Access Not Necessary – For my program of interest computer access is not necessary. There have been several occasions where internet connections, or website unavailability has caused much delay and inconvenience. Especially when needed for test reviews, study guides, or study plans for the day.
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