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Don't waste your money, go into the military. They don't care, your just a check. Look at the place. It's falling apart and costs to much.
I love the small class size! You can meet up with your professors during their office hours or make an appointment! It's a located in Upper Michigan and the best part of it is they embrace it. Finlandia is a private university, which is really nice. They have one building for dorms, two buildings for classes, a gym near by with a new weight room (it's really expensive and open all day!).
Finlandia alone is a pretty good school. I am in the art program and the professors are amazing and really care.

The dorms, you could not pay me enough to live there again. They aren't safe. There have been cases of sexual assaults, guys breaking into girls' dorms in the middle of the night and trying to lock the girl in.

Not to mention the RAs are pretty much useless and only care about being friends with everyone instead of actually trying to keep people in check like they are supposed to.

All in all, good school, HORRID dorms.
If I had a daughter, I don't care if it was free, I would NOT let her live in those dorms.
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My experience at Finlandia has been great since the first day I arrived. I'm the first of m family to go away for college and play sports as well. I had no idea what to expect coming from California and then coming to school in Upper Peninsula Michigan. But the U.P. has grown on me and I love that place a lot. To me its an escape from California the real world things and just all the people and everything that's going on. I love LA but we don't have the same stuffs as Michigan does. I'm on the Men's Soccer team and have been captain. It's a dream come true to play in the collegiate level. Winning our independent conference my sophomore and also becoming #1 in the Nation for assists per game for 2/3 weeks during the season. I have made some great friends that I will forever know. I've met some great people out there in the town.
Because the university is so small, the faculty and students are very close. There is are small community that feels like family. The professors are very kind and considerate. They know the material. The class sizes are small which makes learning easier. The campus is small and easy to navigate. The overall atmosphere of Finlandia is welcoming. It's a great school for someone who likes a small town.
STAY AWAY. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. Do your homework (fight clubs in dorms, break&enters, assaults, sexual assaults, racial tension).
There is a reason this school is the doormat in sports. The university over promises and under delivers. There is no reason to bring in 55 hockey players other than to collect extra tuition. Even when a player is on the varsity team they are at risk of being demoted to the JV team. The university does not commit to the player once at the university. When the varsity coach says "there are 45 players on this team" there really is no team. That is why they lose. All other schools solidify a team of 25 players. Not here. Can only assume that this is an approved tactic by the university to collect extra tuition. Sour grapes? You bet, but look at the yearly turnover on the team. I am not alone. Awful unscrupulous school.
It is a small school. That in itself is not a bad thing but its size does take away from the university experience. Cliques are everywhere. Worse than high school. The academics are barely okay and not overly challenging. In the end, a four year degree doesn't get you much. Looking to transfer and having difficulty finding schools that accept Finlandia's classes. The athletics are not NCAA 3 caliber. They can barely compete with JuCos in most sports. There is very little "team" in the teams as most recruits are not welcomed by senior players. This could explain why they have difficulty keeping recruits. If you are looking for a good college experience I would go somewhere else. This has been a waste of time and money.
I'm not really sure. I love off campus and am a mother, so I only know what I hear from other students
Professors are amazing. They are always willing to help and readily available. The problem is not the professors, but the classrooms and buildings.
Our school used to have an amazing support system for anyone who had issues with thins like harassment or sexual assault, but the woman responsible for the supporting role has left the school. I honestly don't even know if they hired someone new for this role or not... I would no longer feel comfortable going to anyone with a problem.
The school is small, but thy are very helpful with assistance in finding jobs
Sports take up most of the school' money, but nobody attends games and the teams aren't very dedicated.
The professors are amazing. I just wish the board and the president cared more about academics and keeping the buildings up than they do about sports and wasting money...
It is the most miserable place on earth
The professors mean well and genuinely care.
Very tolerant. Rarely reports of discrimination that i know of.
There is room for improvement.
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It is small but you make great relationships.
We don't have greek life.
Being an athlete slightly impartial.
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