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Finger Lakes School of Massage - Mt. Kisco Reviews

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The administration of this school is incompetent. They choose to ignore dealing with the lack of accountability about everything from academic expectations to extremely poor facilities (including moldy classrooms and dysfunctional plumbing throughout). The contempt the administration has for the students is only matched by the one that it has for its faculty, who are for the most part well-meaning people with a great deal of skill to impart but who are asked to perform the impossible task of teaching with enthusiasm when they have minimal resources and guidance with which to do so; it is painfully obvious that they dread being there. About half the science class time is wasted on study halls and classwork instead of teaching, and the massage classes have too many students in them for teachers to address questions from the students.
The professors seem enthusiastic and motivated to teach. They have passion for what they do. There is good chemistry among the instructors as well. The course outline is very extensive. The environment is clean, safe and conducive to learning.
Everything has been clear and great from the start.
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The teachers are lively. The standards are clear and the students are so nice.
The classes often begin with a centering meditation which grounds the group. The group dynamic is nurturing and loving. I feel like the teachers really love what they do and care for their students.
The career specialists seems very knowledgable. When looking into this school I found many spas and holistic therapeutic treatment centers that hired alumni from this school. They made me feel confident with my choice.
There is a ton of diversity here. We have so many backgrounds covered. There is a nice mix of male and female students overall at the school but my particular class only has two. But people are from a variety of life skills and experiences from corporate america to beauty and medical backgrounds. The age range is a nice spread of 20 - 60+. And everyone gets along and respects on and other.
The financial lead at the school has been very much in contact with students and helping us find scholorships.
We have a woman dedicated to helping us find employment upon completion of the program. I finish in 7 months so I haven't yet met with her but I've heard success stories and feel confident that I will find work at a place I love when I graduate.
The program includes half of the day as hands on and half of the day practical science classes. There is no homework just optional studying. I love that everything we need to know will be presented in class. The teachers cater to various learning styles and are approachable. The class sizes are kept small so you as the student have a lot of attention.
All the curriculum is laid out for us. We don't have to make any decisions about what classes to take. They offer peer tutoring and teacher to student tutoring. The student services faculty are there to monitor our progress and make sure we maintain a 75% average.
The staff makes this school! They are so friendly and helpful. We have a student resource center and several student lounges. The outdoor patio gives a place to sit outside. It is situation pretty close to a big road. There are no athletic centers but they allow fellow students to teach yoga in common areas and we do movement in class.
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