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Finger Lakes School of Massage - Ithaca Reviews

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Wonderful place, with great teachers. Students all get along no matter what their class is. Older students are willing to help the newer one's study and learn tricks to better understand the information and skills.
There are no online courses
No classes to transfer, but might later
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They look forward to helping everyone find a job
Great teachers that cover a variety of Modalities
Everything was simple and you feel wanted
So much encouragement from everyone
Understanding teachers that know life happens.
Very helpful in preparing for entering the world of body work.
Curriculum is strictly geared towards massage therapy.
Very supportive professors for the program, very passionate.
My student body ranges in ages from18-50's .
Despite what the school lacks it is still amazing. You have fun while you learn. You also build strong relationships with your classmates.
There is no wifi on campus. The only time technology is allowed is in the science class room and there are only 2 student computers in the building.
The most unique thing about the school is it is inside a castle. The facilities for the most part are non existent. The library is one shelf there is no gym. However the teachers and classes make up for it.
Although the school and teacher are amazing the school does lack in some areas. There is no gym or a really good library. There are only 2 computers in the school which aren't always accessible.
This school is completely devoted to massage. The classes given are strictly related to massage and the science of the body.
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Finger lakes school of massage only has the one program available. It is strictly a massage school.
Going to massage school students are always in close proximity to one another. Especially when giving or receiving body work. The students work hard together to creat a safe and relaxing environment.
My financial aide advisor made sure I understood everything about the student loans and the options I had to purchase the supplies I would need.
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