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They are all about money and not at all focused on the students. The “graduation rate” is 100% because that is the number of students who graduated AND successfully pass the boards. However, many many more simply drop out. Don’t apply if you require finical aid or a payment plan. They will make it as difficult for you to graduate on time as possible, meaning more money in their pockets none of which is spent on the school or for the students. Makes you wonder where it goes! Not a place for those who don’t already have a foot in the door or parents to pay your way.
I would recommend FINE Mortuary College to someone who wants to work in the funeral industry, but already has a job in the business. The school does NOT offer any hands on learning for the trade.
Im in my forties and I feel very comfortable with the fact of being part of this school. It's a small school with good teachers.
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Not enough work has been put into an online course structured environment.
10 week courses its a ton of information to pack in 10 weeks but it is very convenient.
This is a school with very specific goal and orientation in mind. It is preparation school to get you ready for the national board exam that requires specific course work and so many hours of specific class work time and clinicals.
teachers are here to get you the info you need. Advisement to the students needs improvement.
Just making the grades and advancing to the next class.
These are specific 10 week courses designed to do one thing, that is to prepare you for the national board exam.
Not much financial aid from the school.
no campus resources other than antiquated library and computer lab.
There isn't any type of course that allows for further graduate studies at this time. They are affiliated with other institutions.
Students have a goal, that is to finish the required course work and get out. These are very specific course and are very demanding.
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