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The teachers try to work with you, and the community is all around inclusive for just about everyone.
Very pricey due to being a private school, but everyone is nice and supportive and want you to graduate
Ferrum College is a small setting college that provides a wide variety of one on one teacher/student education in efforts of having the best learning tools to enhance your career options.
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I really like the teachers and the academics in college. I really felt the teachers knew their subject and did a great job of teaching us the subjects. The teachers really helped students that needed extra help.

What I would change about Ferrum College is the student life. There's not a lot around the campus. The nearest grocery store is 30 minutes away. The nearest mall is 30 minutes away. Due to everything being so far away its hard for a lot of underclassmen to get around. Although the scenery is very beautiful there's not much to it. That's what I would change about Ferrum College.
At Ferrum College it is very isolated which could be a really good thing as far as focusing on academics but also a bad thing when it comes to social, out-of-school interactions and entertainment. One thing I would like to see change is more investment into building things around the school as far as food and entertainment.
My overall experience at Ferrum College has been a great one! The campus is beautiful. The class sizes are small and the professors are willing to work one on one with you. It is truly amazing. The only bad thing about Ferrum College is the price.
It's a nice experience so far, but not much to do since we're in the middle of nowhere. You'll need a car since everything is about a 30 to 40-minute drive. You'll eventually get to know everyone since this campus is pretty small. Not too much diversity. The sports are pretty cool. The lunch food is okay.
This college is probably the best college to take a tour around and everyone there is so amazingly nice.
Great college,everyone is very friendly and helpful.I would love to see more athletics and sororities.I would love to see a lot more activities to do.Being away from home and on weekends there is nothing to do.The professors are great.Overall Ferrum is great college.
Police Station is right across the street from the main campus, they will show up within seconds.
Ferrum is a great school for students who like the country and the small school feel. My class sizes ranged from 5-25 depending on the class. The professors I had were caring and helpful; they made a huge difference in my academic success. My advice to new panthers would be- attend all the campus activities you can! They are filled with fun, and that's where you will meet your college career friends. A lot of information is handed out during these activities, and thats how you will stay ahead of the game!
My housing was fabulous freshmen through sophomore year, though I started in nicer housing due to my GPA in high school.
The addition of the new athletics building on the backside of campus has really improved our athletics department.
There are no words to describe how the professors impacted their students. 95% of my professors were the most approachable, knowledgeable, and caring professors I could have asked for. I was part of the Health Sciences program, so I can't speak for the other disciplines, but I have heard many good things. The only downside is the price of the private school.
I love so much about Ferrum! Everyone seems so sweet, the campus is beyond beautiful and I know that the faculty and staff really cares. What you see on the internet and based on the websites you cannot tell how amazing the school is! If you are considering Ferrum, I really do urge you to visit, you will not be disappointed!
For me it is too soon to tell. I haven't witnessed anything bad, but the staff takes health and safety VERY seriously, as they should
Students pay average for regular 2 person dorms, yet most of the rooms aren't air conditioned. Make sure to bring some fans.
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There are only several sororities and fraternities... like 2 all together.. so as you can guess its not that big of a deal. I'm still trying to get a read on them though. I think I will join if its not too expensive.
I don't know that much about it yet, but by the way people talk about it, it isn't a huge deal, but the people involved stay busy. The professors try to work with everyone as much as they can, but the defiantly understand that student athletes have schedules and they try to help with that as much as they can, but that doesn't mean that they will accept excuses from them.
I'm still a new student so I cannot speak to the entire experience, but from what I have seen the faculty and staff truly care about us students and they take pride in working at Ferrum. To be honest I only chose Ferrum as a last resort, but I really wish I had visited before I decided because I would have fallen in love with the school from the first sight. The staff are really friendly and you get that very obvious southern vibe. Even the cafeteria staff was very friendly and introduced themselves and make you feel at home. The campus is considered small, but I would actually consider it a medium sized campus with a high school sized student body.
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