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Ferris State University has decent food and sports. The science department is excellent. They attempt to get students involved but the only places most students hang out is off campus at parties/bars.
I love the atmosphere here. The professors I've had are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and the people are amazing. I transferred to this school hoping to get a better opportunity than what my previous institution was providing me and I am not disappointed one bit. I feel at home at this college.
I love the small campus size, it makes everything a lot more manageable. The food there is great, and the Legal Studies program is tough but fantastic, with teachers I will remember and appreciate for the rest of my life. I truly felt like this school was a good fit for me, especially since I came from a small town. There are a lot of things to do on campus, and the students there are generally friendly.
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I attended the Grand Rapids campus and it has allowed me to stay home and get the 4 year degree I wanted. They also had this awesome program that allowed me to take a majority of my classes at Grand Rapids Community College so that I could save money and be sure that all my credits would transfer. FSU has truly been the best choice for me and I would choose this route all over again if given the chance!
Ferris State University is a great college located in the heart of Michigan. It is extremely underappreciated as far as Michigan schools go. The class sizes are small, there are tons of campus events to keep students engaged, there are many student organizations both professional and extracurricular, and of course there is a river running through town that is great for tubing in the summer.
Ferris state is an amazing school with amazing programs. The campus is beautiful and Big Rapids is a great little town.
Ferris state university is a good school because of all the hands on programs and labs. It also has a good enviornment for people to get to know one another.
Great atmosphere and the people that I have met were wonderful. Everyone is very helpful here. I haven't been to many sporting events but I hear a lot and we seem to do very well.
Ferris is a great school with lots of well known programs across the nation. Each program is very competitive and obtains challenging characteristics. The food is good, and there are a lot of out door activities seeing the location of Big Rapids. I do recommend bringing a car. The only negatives about Ferris is the advisor communication and the financial aid department. As a science major, I would prefer to be more in touch with my advisor regarding the best ways to get into my program faster. The advisors don't help you with picking the classes you need to take or are late in response to any questions you may have. The financial aid department seems to have poor training and lack of knowledge. Each employee will tell you different than the other.
Campus is perfect sized so you do not feel overwhelmed coming into college. Also great teacher to student ratio.
I transferred to Ferris and it was the best decision ever! I feel at home at Ferris. Greek life isn't important, but it seems like everyone is either part of Greek life or an athlete. The athletic games are always full of many students cheering on the team. The basketball team even won the National Championship!
I have had a pretty good experience at Ferris so far, as I am only a freshman. I would like to see change is the dorms and better food on campus. It would be nice if the dorms looked more roomie and less like a prison.
This is a great school, and I am excited to attend there in the fall. I have visited the campus and it is very beautiful. The dorms are nice, you are able to organize it however you want. The food is excellent, and is done very well.
Smaller class sizes, so there's more one-on-one interaction with professors, especially those in your major. However, college could do more to connect with non-traditional students
Ferris State University is a small University located in Big Rapids, MI. Ferris prides itself on being safe and secure. Everything on campus is about a 10 to 15-minute walk (but that depends on where you are located on campus). Classes are relatively small and professors are always willing to be hands-on in the students. The food on campus is great! On different days you can different types of food depending on the culture that they choose.
I love the campus and how it's set up. I don't like how they constantly have the same food over and over. The classes are a good size and the professors so far are all reasonable.
I enjoyed my time at Ferris, it was a great experience to have. No better thing to be then a bulldog.
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I enjoyed my time at Ferris, the culture here matches me. Faculty seem to be pretty helpful. Diversity is awesome.

Would like to see MORE parking places. Cheaper rates for classes too
I'm currently a second semester freshmen at Ferris State University. So far, I would rate my experience "average". The academics here are pretty good in certain areas where Ferris ranks high among other colleges in the state. The athletics are pretty good as well, Ferris has a division two football team and a division one hockey team. The diversity here is mixed. Lastly, the party scene is pretty well known here, however, you have to make college what you want it to be. Good luck!
It's a small school that doesn't have too much to offer. It's a great adjustment for those coming from really small areas. Classes are pretty easy but there are some professors you really need to watch out for.
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