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Tuition is not too high and this school really cares about their students. For the size we have, the class sizes are so small. I love the food and cobstant advancement. If you are looking for anything they have it.
Ferris State was the most important phase in my life. It grew me up mentally, physically and emotionally. I was a sheltered child from Detroit but Ferris showed me that there was much more to the world than Detroit. I met people from all over the state, the Midwest, the country and the world. Now I had some troublesome times there but it grew me up. I met caring professors and consuelors. Ferris was a great experience that I will forever and always cherish. I'm
I love most things about Ferris from the food to the people, to the smaller campus to the smaller classrooms theres dozens of things i love about this school. The thing i don't like about Ferris is the lack of financial support through scholarships. This school will give you 6000 over 4 years for a scholarship then somewhere like eastern will give you 16000 over 4 years its really hard to go here and get support for tuition from the school. This is especially hard for someone like me who has to go for 2 extra years because of a waiting list they have because THEY don't have a big enough program for the large demand then I'M expected to be able to pay for the extra years here. overall the school is very good.
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I attend Kendall College of Art & Design of Ferris State University. This is the BEST college Michigan!
I love my experience at Ferris State. There is something for everyone and there is always a way to learn more about your major, or just something that you are very interested in.
What I love about Ferris is that it's big enough to offer unique experiences that you can't find anywhere else, but it's also small enough to still deliver that "home-y"-feel. I feel safe and comfortable here, and I'm glad I chose Ferris State University.
I am currently a freshman at Ferris State University and am studying PGA Golf Management. I really like it here and it feels like one big family! I can't change the weather but that is really my only complaint. They have a really good hockey and football team. The town of Big Rapids is very small but there is always something to do.
I love the numerous options Ferris has! Between jobs, sports, RSO's, programs, and other activities!
Ferris State University is not too big and not too small. The small class sizes allow professors to be involved with the students. There is always something going on around campus, and many events to participate in.
I honestly love everything about Ferris, this is my second year, 4th semester at Ferris, the only complaint I would have would be that the food gets old it still tastes great but there are some foods I wish they would have more often than they do.
Ferris State overall is a great school academic wise they provide an abundance of resource tools to help students be successful. Being that campus is small everything is within walking distance. Some active Black Greek life and there's always a fun event to attend.
Ferris has an academic support center as well as a writing center that are free to students and allows them to be academically successful. advisors help to make schedules and plan for your future. The campus is Beginning to bring more diversity with sororities such as Sigma Lambda Gamma. The social aspect of ferris is fun and safer than most universities around the area. The programs they have range endlessly and the minor do too!
I really got to know all of my professors and they was willing to help me out in all of my work that I did not understand. I help me throughout all of my studies and encouraged me to further my education once I have finished and graduated. I am a graduated student of 2015 and I am finishing up with my Master's Degree in Criminal Justice. I want to say Thanks to all of the professors for keeping me on the right path and furthering my academic profession.
It was great and I received a B I attend Delta but I'm a Ferris student I have 11 more classes wish I could finish in 2 semesters but I have to pay out of pocket so I can only afford one class at a time
I love how open the campus is and how easy it is to get along with people. It dies need some new buildings and for some things to be redone but other than those little things there isn't anything wrong with Ferris.
I am a sophomore student at Ferris state from my experience Ferris is one if the best division 2 schools i have been to. It could be better with the engineering degrees being actual engineering degree, but as far as the education they definitely didn't cheat me out of its experience.
Ferris State is a great University for those who are looking for smaller courses and more one-on-one teacher to student time. They offer a wide variety of programs that meets the needs of most. The quality of the instruction excels expectations. The University hires qualified and intelligent instructors that truly care for the success of their students. I would recommend Ferris State to anyone who is serious about their college education. The professors help guide each in every student in the right direction and offer help for any kind of student. The teaching styles vary based on the types of students in the class which is how it should be overall. It is a well-maintained campus with friendly employees and students. I have recommended Ferris State University as a college of choice to many high school students who have decided that the school would be their college of attendance.
Review Ferris State University
I love being part of the Ferris community! There are always things to do and stuff to look forward too. Ferris has an amazing atmosphere as far amazing faculty and students. Everyone is very nice and respectful. The instructors always try to their best to see their students succed. I really can't that the Ferris community enough. I will forever recommend Ferris as an option to friends or other peers. I think Ferris has much to offer to anyone looking to further their education. The academic programs provided here are by far some of the best I've seen. From pharmacy to music management and everything in between; I feel as if everyone can find themselves and what they want to do as a career.
I've been at Ferris for one year now and i love it a lot more than high school. More opportunities and fun come with Ferris. I will gladly spend the rest of my 3 years there. I am currently studying business and i really enjoy it. Coming out of high school it was a good skill of mine, being at Ferris have been really helping me perfect it. My professors are very detailed and actually try there best to help those confused with questions. I am also into athletics at Ferris. I enjoy playing football and running track during my off time. I hope to open a business soon and i sure d believe being at Ferris can get me there.
I love Ferris State University! I have had a great experience here so far! I am so glad I chose Ferris for undergraduate school. The faculty and students are so kind. The food courts have some wonderful food. You must eat there if you attend or visit Ferris State University. The athletic games are always a fun time. I can't picture myself being at any other university than Ferris.
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