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I took online classes for a year and found the classes to be very easy to access, along with great help if I needed it.
Ferris State is a great school, with supportive faculty, staff, and teachers, who are available on-site or through meetings. There satellite campuses statewide, which I happen to attend, make of convenient for me to finish up my degree. Great institution!
It's an amazing school. The food is the best around, and the class sizes are small so you can actually get help from your professor when you don't understand something
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Very good Criminal Justice Program. Dorms are quite small though. Class size is very good, with my largest class only having around 34 students, which is very good for asking questions and getting help in class.
I am a freshman here at Ferris State University and I can honestly say this is home. This university changed my perspective on many things. Such as being on my own and having to take responsibility for my own actions. There are very important life lessons that everyone should know. And Ferris teaches you these things.
Every time I would visit my sister everyone would be so welcome and so many had positive attitudes and it was just an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go there to pursue my degree.
Ferris has offered me so many opportunities to advance my skills and knowledge in my field. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. They could use a little more parking for commuters though.
Great student life. Teachers always willing to help. However, Big rapids is a very small town will little to do.
Ferris State is racist. But aside from that it's a great school for studious individuals, and people that don't like the commotion involved in a big city.
I enjoyed my time at Ferris. They were helpful and kind and helped me get where I needed to be. The only thing I had trouble with was the lack of help on internship placement.
I love the campus, and everyone here including all the professors and other college officials. The financial aid department has given me some issues however overall i have had a great time here so far
Great first day experience and just all around love the community. The professors are great and the food is amazing .
As of starting this year, it seems like a great college, smaller than other colleges in Michigan but great for it's size and it has some programs, other colleges don't have or provide.
Should put air conditioning in all dormitories. So it makes it a very good environment to want to live in. And also make that freshman have a easy time picking a dorm by making freshman dorm placing easier instead of just a survey. Ask more questions about the student before giving them a recommended dormitory.
I love the campus, I can find everything easily. There is a variety of classes and the professors are very passionate about what they are talking about, being so passionate about what they are talking about helps me get interested in the subject.
Ferris professors are great! Many have worked in the field they teach, so that experience is very helpful. The food on campus is pretty good and there are clubs and activities for every interest. Sometimes it might not appear that the activity or service you want is there, but usually if you look a little harder you can find it. Make sure to stay on top of what classes you NEED to be taking or you might end up spending a lot of extra time and money
The thing I like the most about Ferris State University is the students. If you're looking to make great college friends, this is the college to go to. Some of the teachers won't be the best that you have had, but the people here make having a few bad teachers worth it.
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Ferris State University is a four-year college that offers a healthy balance between academics and extracurricular activities without becoming overwhelming. Though this university is not for those who thrive in a bustling city with a thriving campus life, Ferris State offers a uniquely familiar and calm, yet focused and driven, feeling that makes nearly everyone feel at ease. Offering a wide variety of courses with a considerable amount of flexibility, this college gives a good taste of freedom as well as adult responsibility.
Being a student at Ferris is the best choice I have made within my education. The staff are great and strive to push students towards success. I have found many new interests while enrolled at Ferris and I have learned how to succeed on my own.
Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Tiny campus so easy to meet people. Teachers are nice and helpful.
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