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I have only experienced two classes from Ferris. Both of them were offered to me in high school, so I do not have a full comprehension of some aspects. From what I have experienced so far, the teachers seem to be very good and accommodating. I have had no problems reaching out to them via email or other discussion boards.
So far my Ferris experience has been eventful and joyful. The campus is lovely and the cafes serve good food. There are nearby food places if you want different options. Also the shuttles on campus are convenient when trying to get back to your dorm after a long day. The University Center is amazing and the FLITE is a great place to study and do work, a beautiful building with a beautiful view.
I like Ferris state. Some athletics are good, the teachers are willing to work with the students and they have different organizations to keep the students busy versus getting in trouble
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I like Ferris because it is a smaller school but you hardly see the same people walking to and from classes. We also have a lot of student origination to be apart of and they put on a lot of different events during the school year. One thing I would change is the amount of things to do off campus. In the summer not a lot of people are here because it is a college town so nights can get kind of boring. I think we have a very diverse population, including race, ethnicity, age of students attending Ferris, among others. One of the biggest things that needs to be worked on and that I would change would be the advisers, sometimes they do not know all the correct information and then you are taking classes you don't necessarily need for your program. They should send you to talk to someone who knows more about the topic so you aren't sent in the wrong direction.
Ferris is incredibly impersonal. With the rising technological advances, Ferris is becoming less and less personal. They don't have enough staff in some places. Some classes are terrible and boring, others are interesting enough. Don't expect anything from your advisor. I had one meeting with my advisor and he told me to talk to someone else. I guess it's not the guy's fault, more​ the whole management system. Because your advisor is just some professor in your field. But that's like giving a gym teacher a job as a history teacher. Like you don't have enough people so you make unqualified people do the jobs you can't fill. Plus you don't have to pay another person. All in all, it's a college so it's a gigantic scam and everything is more difficult than it needs to be. So you can't be too optimistic.
Our family did a campus tour for my brother who would like to attend. I was wonderful and full of information. There is a lot to do and see just walking around campus.
I really enjoy Ferris State. The campus is small which makes finding friends pretty easy. Plus, there are a TON of clubs to join!
I really liked the friendships I made there and how many different opportunities there were to get involved in the campus. The huge downside of Ferris is its location in Big Rapids. It’s pretty small, especially for me since I originally live in Grand Rapids.
Ferris State University has decent food and sports. The science department is excellent. They attempt to get students involved but the only places most students hang out is off campus at parties/bars.
I love the atmosphere here. The professors I've had are amazing, the campus is beautiful, and the people are amazing. I transferred to this school hoping to get a better opportunity than what my previous institution was providing me and I am not disappointed one bit. I feel at home at this college.
I love the small campus size, it makes everything a lot more manageable. The food there is great, and the Legal Studies program is tough but fantastic, with teachers I will remember and appreciate for the rest of my life. I truly felt like this school was a good fit for me, especially since I came from a small town. There are a lot of things to do on campus, and the students there are generally friendly.
I attended the Grand Rapids campus and it has allowed me to stay home and get the 4 year degree I wanted. They also had this awesome program that allowed me to take a majority of my classes at Grand Rapids Community College so that I could save money and be sure that all my credits would transfer. FSU has truly been the best choice for me and I would choose this route all over again if given the chance!
Ferris State University is a great college located in the heart of Michigan. It is extremely underappreciated as far as Michigan schools go. The class sizes are small, there are tons of campus events to keep students engaged, there are many student organizations both professional and extracurricular, and of course there is a river running through town that is great for tubing in the summer.
Ferris state is an amazing school with amazing programs. The campus is beautiful and Big Rapids is a great little town.
Ferris state university is a good school because of all the hands on programs and labs. It also has a good enviornment for people to get to know one another.
Great atmosphere and the people that I have met were wonderful. Everyone is very helpful here. I haven't been to many sporting events but I hear a lot and we seem to do very well.
Ferris is a great school with lots of well known programs across the nation. Each program is very competitive and obtains challenging characteristics. The food is good, and there are a lot of out door activities seeing the location of Big Rapids. I do recommend bringing a car. The only negatives about Ferris is the advisor communication and the financial aid department. As a science major, I would prefer to be more in touch with my advisor regarding the best ways to get into my program faster. The advisors don't help you with picking the classes you need to take or are late in response to any questions you may have. The financial aid department seems to have poor training and lack of knowledge. Each employee will tell you different than the other.
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Campus is perfect sized so you do not feel overwhelmed coming into college. Also great teacher to student ratio.
I transferred to Ferris and it was the best decision ever! I feel at home at Ferris. Greek life isn't important, but it seems like everyone is either part of Greek life or an athlete. The athletic games are always full of many students cheering on the team. The basketball team even won the National Championship!
I have had a pretty good experience at Ferris so far, as I am only a freshman. I would like to see change is the dorms and better food on campus. It would be nice if the dorms looked more roomie and less like a prison.
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