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I'm currently a second semester freshmen at Ferris State University. So far, I would rate my experience "average". The academics here are pretty good in certain areas where Ferris ranks high among other colleges in the state. The athletics are pretty good as well, Ferris has a division two football team and a division one hockey team. The diversity here is mixed. Lastly, the party scene is pretty well known here, however, you have to make college what you want it to be. Good luck!
It's a small school that doesn't have too much to offer. It's a great adjustment for those coming from really small areas. Classes are pretty easy but there are some professors you really need to watch out for.
My experience at Ferris State University so far has been very good. There is a diversity of students and faculty. The faculty is very helpful and Greek Life is always sponsoring an event, so here at Ferris there is always an opportunity to get involved. Not just with Greek Life but there is multiple opportunities here at Ferris, choices like study abroad, concerts, internship fairs, sports, and so on. The campus life is not always busy, so you can move around freely and the dorms are not too small so you can make your self comfortable. But, what I would like to see change is the students that work for the school to be a little more helpful. Also the safety police are not that good at their job, and also the littlest things can cost you a lot of money at Ferris.
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Ferris has really great professors and small class sizes allow them to really help students one on one. The dorms are average, but the campus is pretty and safe. The apartments have parties on the weekends, but go at your own risk it gets pretty crazy.
Absolutely love it here. Everyone is willing to help you, I have never felt like the 'dumb freshman', I would HIGHLY recommend this college to others.
Overall It’s a great campus. Not too big, a lot to do if you don’t mind the outdoors. Most professors are there for you. Overall would recommend.
Ferris Satte University is a great college for academics as well as getting out and making new life long friends. The professors generally go out if there way to helo you succeed.
I like that Ferris is small, which makes it very easy to have hands on experience with professors. I come from a small high school, so the transition was nice. I also have a lot of the same students in my classes which makes it easy to make friends. If I could change anything about Ferris I would add more to the town, such as a mall, more places to eat, this would make Big Rapids more lively. The other great thing about Ferris is that it is a very safe campus, you always feel safe which is important. Overall, I really like Ferris, I enjoy the classes, the sporting events are always fun, and I love having the feeling of being at home while I am away. I originally came for the dental hygiene program, which has a waitlist so that of is a negative here at Ferris.
Amazing staff and administrators and a very welcoming student body! Being away from home as a freshmen starting college can be challenging, but Ferris does it's best to make everyone comfortable and feel at home.
Ferris State has been a great place to study. The people and professors are great. There are a lot of activities that you can do on and around campus. The food is great and housing is really nice.
Ferris is a semi-small school. Which means it is big enough to not feel like everything is too close together, but also small enough to have good class sizes and feel very comfortable. Everyone is friendly and makes it so you feel welcomed no matter wherever you go.
There is a good student:teacher ratio and the faculty take an active interest in the students. The curriculum is constantly evolving to be more effective and efficient. There could be some improvement in regards to the organization and communication from the school to the students regarding events and deadlines within the program. The town the college resides in is very small and there isn't much to do outside of the college, but the downtown is cute. This isn't specifically a positive or a negative; just an observation of the surrounding environment. There are quite a few organizations and groups on campus, so its fairly easy to get involved in something you're interested in.
I have had many amazing Professors that care about y learning experience and take the time to make sure I get the most out of there course. The food is great for the most part and the staff are generally friendly. Class tech such as in the engineering programs is up to date with industry and great for hands on experience.
The staff and the programs are amazing, with small class sizes, and good food. The campus is only a mile long, so it makes getting to classes very easy, there is even a campus shuttle to take you around. There are two places to eat, with one that's open till midnight
Enrolling into Ferris State was relatively easy and uncomplicated. Student housing is convenient and close to classes . I like the small university feeling. The food is good and caters to all diet preferences. I do feel safe at the university
I was not sure whether i was making the right decision when i opted to enroll at Ferris state University for my masters, until i was blown away by the daring to care attitude i received. I do not regret having enrolled.
As an international applicant, i expected a lot through the application process but with the dedicated staff at Ferris, i can confidently say the process was much lighter. in fact, i did not even hustle. I always had my questions answered and received personalized guidance that i so much desired, from the international admissions office.
i feel at home even before i arrive at the grand rapids campus.
The tuition is quite affordable, I love the small class size which gives a better interaction between the students and the professors. The policies are so favorable and so accommodating, especially for international students like me.I highly recommend Ferris State University as the best choice one can make. Its worth the investment. I am glad to have enrolled here.
Love the teachers. Very invested in your learning. Campus feels very homey and very safe. Academics vary in difficulty but overall class that I have complete have been a lot of fun
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Everything is close by, easy to get to classes, library, gym, and food. There is a lot of extra charges after tuition during the semester, especially grad school.
I absolutely love Ferris state, it's a very homey and comfortable atmosphere, however there's isn't much to do due to the demographics of the town.
I am going to Kendall college of art and design, which was recently bought by ferris. The try to teach you the trade, but they don't work well with our sister school in Big Rapids.
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