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Felician university is a very good school it has small classrooms, lots of clubs you can join, and a close knit community. Things that could be improved is the food on the campus where students dorm. There needs to be more activities targeted for young adults and they should get input from the students attending on what could improve their experience.
Felician university is not about being flashy , it’s a humble school with humble kids and professors who really go the extra length to make sure you succeed in getting a proper education. There’s not one day where I don’t get asked how are my classes going , or how is job searching going or even if I ate or not. It shows a lot about what the university is about and I appreciate that dearly. I would really like to see a change in diversity
Felician University was one of my first choices when applying to colleges. I was very nervous entering my first year as a freshman. Once my first day of the classes were over I realized how quickly I had adjusted to the school. I love how small the campus is and also how close it is to my house. The teachers really care for their students, and the staff is always there to help.
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My experience at Felician University has been great. The teachers are very helpful if you’re struggling in class or don’t understand the lesson they help you out. In my opinion I don’t think anything should change at Felician University expect for the fact that commuters should be able to have a student meal plan as well as people staying on campus
Very small campus located in the middle of a small, dry town. Quiet hours are pretty early so students usually go off campus to party and such. The classes are quite small which is advantageous for students. Main campus food is not the best but the Lodi campus is much better. Felician appears to be making strides to expand as a whole, but for the time being it is a fairly decent school. You just have to learn to make the best of it.
What I like about Felician is that, the professors challenge you to do better within every set goal you wish to accomplish.
It's a new atmosphere being from the west coast. It took time for me to grow and appreciate this school. I am also a student athlete so being a part of a sports team really helps me connect with people.
It’s a great nice place to study and relax.
The food in the school and Towns nearby are great. The staff is super nice and understanding and are willing to work with you . It’s the best school I have been too.
Felician College is small and basic. The town that it's in is quiet so you can't really party. I am in the nursing program and I couldn't party even if I wanted to. Some professors are really nice and friendly while others are not. If your looking for a school that's calm and small then Felician is the place to be but it's also really expensive so have that in mind too.
Professors try their best to work with your working and life schedule as for funding for school that is always a struggle.
It's a small college but it's very family oriented.
The people here are friendly and the teachers and faculty are helpful.
I am a junior at Felician who has dormed for the past three years. The dorms are nicer than most school but are riddled with problems that are not always fixed promptly. A lot of the staff is unmotivated and not kind, most but not all. The food and facilities have improved a lot so it’s great to see input being used. The acedemicd could be better if made more difficult, primarily from majors other than nursing and education. This problem may stem from so many adjuncts teaching and not many permanent staff. As a nursing major the faculties are incredible and state of the art which is a blessing in comparison to most schools. There is not enough faculty however and the system is very flawed, making the hesi test worth so much that if one does not have a high grade, one automatically fails the class.
As a freshman, Felician seems just like high school but from experience from upper classmen says other wise. The philanthropy and culture are very respectable. The campus gives off a safe vibe.
i have been there for two semester so far. the teachers very good and care about you and want to help you succeed. it is very pricy and look wise not the best campus.
This school is so lovely and quaint. It's quiet and small, but has community at the same time. I love the small classes and the closeness of everything from building locations to teacher relationships. They work hard to see the beauty in yourself. The only thing I wish was different was the social aspect. They need more Greek organizations to further expand their reach.
This college puts money first before the students and so does the staff. Very unprofessional behavior from several staff members, especially those in nursing. They put their reputation first and do not provide a nurturing educational environment for the students.
It's an amazing school with extreme diversity. It is a catholic school yet you are not pushed on religion. This school is open and has two nice and small campuses. It's very rare to get lost unless it's your first day! You'll get a hang of the school shortly after. I enjoy this school and everything about it.
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I like the small class sizes and how helpful the professors are. I hate the small dorm room sizes. Also, there could be healthier food options available to students.
Campus life is pretty dull. The food is nasty and the falcons nest doesn't have enough food. The professor are very helpful but some of the advisors have bad attitudes. Since the college is small we don't have a lot of campus activities. We can't have parties which makes everything even worst. The dorm rooms are very nice we just need more room since they accept so many students. For the price we should way more.
Nursing program... hard program and rightfully so. Big issue I have is the weight of the HESI for your final grade. You can bust your butt all semester... give 200% +, have an 85+ grade going into the HESI, and flunk out of the program. Sophomore year it's 30% and junior year it's 40% of your final grade. Worse yet, material on the exam isn't not what your professor(s) prepared you for. The "blueprint" for exam is a joke too. Frustrating because you know you will be a great nurse, you know you are a great nursing student, you know you couldn't have studied any harder for the HESI, then BAM, they stab you in the back.
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