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This college puts money first before the students and so does the staff. Very unprofessional behavior from several staff members, especially those in nursing. They put their reputation first and do not provide a nurturing educational environment for the students.
It's an amazing school with extreme diversity. It is a catholic school yet you are not pushed on religion. This school is open and has two nice and small campuses. It's very rare to get lost unless it's your first day! You'll get a hang of the school shortly after. I enjoy this school and everything about it.
I like the small class sizes and how helpful the professors are. I hate the small dorm room sizes. Also, there could be healthier food options available to students.
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Campus life is pretty dull. The food is nasty and the falcons nest doesn't have enough food. The professor are very helpful but some of the advisors have bad attitudes. Since the college is small we don't have a lot of campus activities. We can't have parties which makes everything even worst. The dorm rooms are very nice we just need more room since they accept so many students. For the price we should way more.
Nursing program... hard program and rightfully so. Big issue I have is the weight of the HESI for your final grade. You can bust your butt all semester... give 200% +, have an 85+ grade going into the HESI, and flunk out of the program. Sophomore year it's 30% and junior year it's 40% of your final grade. Worse yet, material on the exam isn't not what your professor(s) prepared you for. The "blueprint" for exam is a joke too. Frustrating because you know you will be a great nurse, you know you are a great nursing student, you know you couldn't have studied any harder for the HESI, then BAM, they stab you in the back.
I feel like most of the professors are down to earth and willing to help if you need it. Campus life, everyone gets along. I would strongly suggest to have the same food at Rutherford as you do in Lodi.
My experience at Felician University has been going very good so far. Being on the soccer team is fun. I'm glad to be apart of something not many can do. All my professors so far are easy going and are willing to go the extra mile to help me and other students. Class sizes are small which is another plus. I know the Dean of the Business school and the President. Not many other students at other universities can say they know the President or the Dean of Business. Their's not much I would change but if I had to change one thing it would be the school activities. Their are many school activities but no basketball. I love basketball so I wish there were activities for it. Other than that I would not change anything at Felician.
I love Felician College because it gave second chance in life and this time I want to make it life. I love the small size classes compared to other big colleges and also you can have one on one with your professor.
I am a student athlete and thanks to my generous academic and athletic scholarships I am able to study nursing here. However, due to the price I am still unable to live on campus.
Felician University is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It's got a lot of benefits, but there are a lot of things that they need to get in order to recieve 5 star ratings. In either case, I don't think there's anything I can give 5 stars, but the school isn't all that bad either. It needs more convenience in terms of shuttle busses, gyms, food, dorming etc... but it is a good school if you're there to study...and ONLY to study.
This school is very flexible with the scheduling, very good at helping you look for classes, and the classes are a great size. Average students per class are about 20-25 students. The professors are very helpful and always offer other ways of helping!
I like that students have easy access to staff to help them with any of the problems they may have. What would make things easier for students is if they offered more courses in the fall and in the spring.Not just certain classes per each semester.
Yes this is an expensive school, but your education is a huge investment for YOUR future! Help is always there, YOU have to look for it because we cannot be spoon fed everything. This is a medium sized university it used to be small, but Felician has grown in numbers. Since Felician is growing, they also have a new dean in the school of business, Robert Evans, someone who worked in the corporate world, with no education background, is helping bring companies to Felician to have students meet with.
I feel extremely safe walking around campus. Since it is a relatively smaller campus, you are rarely ever walking alone and somebody is always near by just in case something were to happen. Also, the security office is always monitoring.
Greek Life is not big at my school. In fact, there is only one sorority so far. I dont exactly look into Greek Life just because that's not my thing but I do plan on joining the Nursing Sorority one day. Non-Greeks really dont bother with Greeks because we dont catergorize people if or not they are in a sorrority or fraternity.
Since school has just started not too many athletic things have been going on. My school isnt really crazy over athletics but we are possibly in the works of creating a stadium (maybe?) so I feel like that will change the student involvement, fan support, and school spirit 100%.
So far, college has been great. It's all a new experience which can sometimes be overwhelming but I feel like I was spoiled and everything seems to be going smoothly. My school is very diverse and I feel very family and student oriented. Everyone supports each other. I think it is very important to have a group of strong-minded and motivating people around you because it inspires you to do better and Felician University does exactly that.
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The Greek life at my school is very amateurish.
My school has some spirit.
The overall experience at my school is it simply plain
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