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The slogan of "Small School, with mountains of opportunity", really illustrates FRC. This school is amazing with great professors and a huge support system. The school truly cares about it's students. All of the sports programs are awesome as well. This school is absolutely amazing and would 100% recommend Feather River to everyone. Quincy is a great small town, that is filled with nothing but super sweet people that creates the unique community.
The professors are so helpful, the environment is amazing! I am so glad I went here. The class sizes are small probably a 30:1 ratio in GE classes and in some major classes it’s like 15:1. I have learned a lot by my teachers. the student activities and involvement is crazy, everyone is nice to one another and wants to help eachother out. There is many programs to help you graduate whitin two years. There is even a 4 year bachelors program for equine and ranch management. they have many sports to offers and clubs. they have an outdoor rec program that can let you do just about everything in the outdoors. Even if you are not in the program you can go to these events!
Feather River College has the best instructors. The students and instructors can communicate on and off campus about the courses.
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This college is amazing. Gorgeous scenery, lots of trees, and tons of friendly people. There are many different sports that other colleges may not have. The teachers and staff are out of this world! I love this place!
It's a very positive environment and has a lot of opportunities to grow.
Wifi at dorms not good so was hard doing online courses
Support from faculty and coaches are great
Great support from teachers and coaches
Small town with great support for their students and sports.
I'm thankful that my counselor is so likable and understanding
Since it's such a small school, there aren't THAT many different course times available, but they are varied enough that with some thought, you can figure out what would be best. Also, counselors are EXTREMELY helpful with scheduling!!!
The transfer center is so helpful in transferring to 4 year degrees, the counselors really help keep you on top of where you need to be each semester so you are right on track all the time and you can feel confident knowing you are right where you need to be to succeed.
We have already had two famous horsemen on campus teaching us, and if somebody were to make an impression on an employer, they would have no trouble finding a job.
Dr. Bagley is an amazing professor!! It's because of him that math was my highest grade this past semester! And the equine teachers are so great at what they do, and they are only demanding because they have to be, it comes with the horse industry.
My GE classes are perfect for my skill level and my equine classes teach me SO much!
I am absolutely in love with this school. It is so unique being in the middle of the mountains in a tiny town. I'm so glad I'm choosing to stay for the new bachelor's program!
Given the small population the school has, it is easy to create and change a schedule based on your individual needs. Also, the academic advisors know every student on a personal level which is nice when trying to balance school and personal life needs with classes.
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It is only a two year school therefore there aren't many post-grad services at all. You can get help with transferring, but whether your credits will transfer or not depends on how much attention you paid to the admissions process since day 1.
I don't know much about career prospects at my school. There are a few internship opportunities but they aren't well-known and they don't cover very many majors.
Class sizes are small which is nice, the courses offered covers the majority of a students need, however not many students are career oriented. Many are there for athletics or don't have a clear idea of where they want to continue after FRC.
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