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so far the school has been great and a lot of people willing to help you transition as smooth as possible. They have multiple options from online or on campus.
Fayetteville Technical is an alright school. They want the best for all of their students. The Student Center gives students help on things they need help on with their courses. They find ways to make us more independent learners so we can become successful.
Employees and staff have always been very helpful when I'm seeking for guidance. They keep up with social media to inform of school closings or delays. The campus is easy to navigate and they are always accommodating when it comes to printing out a resume to just needing to make copies.
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I've gone for a single school year and enjoyed it. At this college there was something for everyone. There were emails weekly about new activities on campus. Teachers worked with you the best they could and even that wasn't enough they had many resources such as tutor center and computer lab for everyday use.
Cheap. Flexible class schedule so I can work while in school. A lot of different programs and classes to chose from.
I found my time at Fayetteville Technical Community College to be very helpful. This institution is great for not only those fresh out of high school who are unsure on what university to attend, but also those whom are working full time and may even have children. It's a great place to save money while also working toward a degree that is helpful for anyone wanting to transfer. I recommend this school for any senior in high school that wants to get credits before attending a 4 year university.
Its a very good school if you want to eventually transfer to a university. I feel like it is also good for veterans who need to get back out into the workplace and it does it with ease.
The teachers are very personable and truly care about each student and their success. They are willing to help us with our future endeavors and are always available to their students when needed, even if not during their classroom hours. Katharine Morril and Callie Goss are the two teachers that made a huge impact on my life as both a student and aspiring artist. They talked to me about my art, how I can improve, my future, and what to expect out of an art institute. Very insightful and passionate about their art and teachings. Would recommend this school and the art program to anyone.
The professors are very knowledgeable and easy to reach. If you are looking for a good community college to attend before transferring to a university or just to receive your associates degree FTCC is an excellent choice, there is also a diverse but close knit subculture of people easy to befriend
I have only been attending Fayetteville Technical Community College for less than a year. The admissions process was pretty simple and the staff is willing and ready to assist you. I wouldn't say it is more than phenomenal assistance, but they help as much as they can!
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the layout makes sense for the students to follow. I do think they need more parking spots though for the student section. The collage offers a variety of classes, on and off campus! Make sure to get a map of the campus from the counselors! I have done my certified nurse assistant program through this college and things were a little unorganized. Although my professor was very sweet and tried to assist as much as possible!
It's an ok place, but it's very average. I think they kind of mess you up on your classes and transfer credits, plus the health programs here, especially nursing, are kind of bad and are designed to keep you stuck here longer than you need to be. I'm here for the ADN program but I'm starting to see how messed up it really is, so I might just take all my prerequisites and transfer somewhere else.
I enjoy Fayetteville Community College. The educational purposes here are very diverse and accustom to every student that visits.
Fayetteville Tech Community College actually treats you like family. The professors are there for you and easy to talk to. I also like the fact the it's a quiet and clean college.
The staff is amazing at helping you to the best of their abilities! Every professor I've had has truly cared about my future. Whether at the main campus or online, you can feel you are getting a quality education. I cannot wait to finish my degree with the help of FTCC!
What i liked about fayetteville technical community college is that the professors are very nice. They are very quick to respond to emails and very helpful when you need help. The campus has a great SGA program and they bring in school activities like holiday arts and scrafts, fun day, activities and even open gym to play basketball. You see guys in between classes playing football and enjoying theirself. Fayetteville tech has alot of security guards that drive and walk around the campus all day long. There is also a cafe to eat, and even provide spaces for you to sit and do your work and places to plug up your laptop. There is also a outside area you can sit just enjoy the outdoors. I would reccomend this college to anyone who is looking for a great atmosphere and diversity.
Fayetteville Technical community college was a awesome experience. I had such excellent teachers. The campus was so diverse, with younger and older students and military students as well. They would have such patriotic events for our veterans. There was no on campus housing, but it felt like home. The grounds were beautiful and it was the safest campus in Fayetteville. Fayetteville Technical Community college was the gateway to attend Fayetteville State University where I am currently pursuing my BSW. It has been the best decision in my life to re attend school. I totally suggest anyone make that investment in themselves.
FTCC has given me the realization that no goal is set too high. As soon as my first semester I was given more than enough help from not only the teachers but advisors as well whom helped me find my way in not only changing my degree but being a semester away from graduation!! I am so grateful for the time given to me as a full time student, and as a full time worker. FTCC is the best resource for anyone needing a degree that works with their time, schedule and experience.
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I really love this school. They have ressources such as student learning center where they will help with any academic homework class/lesson you dont understand. They are always looking for ways to help students succeed. I thank God for this school and staffs
FTCC has classes that are too easy for high school students, much less colleges. They're more focused on student retention than education, and your professors will tell you that.
I like how the college is military friendly since we live in a military town. I would like for the staff to be more pleasant and helpful. I would like for the college as a whole to be on the same page as far as what is needed (classes) and what is not.
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