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FSU is a great school to attend. The only thing I would change is for them to bring December graduations back for December graduates. I don’t think it’s fair to make them walk with the following year graduates.
The online courses allow for interaction with resident students because the lectures are broadcast live. Or, if you cannot make the live lecture, you can watch the recording at your convenience. The professors are easy to reach and more than willing to aid students in achieving success in the classroom.
Fayetteville State is a good college but there is a lot of room for improvement. Campus life is good very few problems there besides the seasonal birds that come and poop on every brick road leading to class. The cafe need improvement more variety of food it's to the point u already know what in there and half the stations people don't even go to. Majority of professors really enjoy there job but there are some who just make life even more stressful the it already is.
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Fayetteville State University is a wonderful school with great professors! They are willing to help you any possible way they can that's what I love about my school.
I am a first time freshman and my experience so far is going great I love the atmosphere here at Fayetteville State University.
I enjoy Fayetteville state University because of the interpersonal relationships with the professor. There are many organizations to join. The tuition is cheaper compared to other universities. Our motto is " Res non Verba" which means "Deeds not words". The university also offers alot of academic support such as writing centers, extension grade contracts, and supplemental instruction. Overall i love my experience at Fayetteville State University.
FSU is a great school with diverse teachers and students. They have amazing resources for the students to use
As to choosing to be associated with Fayetteville State University, I had several reasons. One reason would be as to how, despite not having strong or efficient SAT Scores or not taking any AP or honors courses in high school, they seen potential in me that other colleges didn't see. It was a boost and motive that definitely gave me drive into wanting to persue something better. The second reason would be the professors on campus. I can't speak for all of the professors, but as to the ones I've had courses with, they expressed passion and enthusiasm that was contagious in inspiring anyone's mind. The third reason choosing Fayetteville State University was how the atmosphere within was not entirley diverse, but showed no judgement as to any individual that steps on campus. It gave me good self esteem that affected me in a positive manner in wanting excel.
Fayetteville State University is a wonderful college to attend. We get the one on one connection with our profressors and we stay connected in many ways around campus. We here at FSU is one big happy family.
I like how professional some professors are you can tell that they are here to better your education. They show that they are to human and make mistakes just as you do. The teachers also reasonable with students if they see you working hard they will work just as hard to help you with anything.
I am a returning adult transfer student working on my bachelors degree 100%online. I have found Fayetteville State University work for my needs. The instructors have been awesome, my Advisor has been very helpful. Only issue I have had is attempting to reach departments by phone . Long wait time sometimes up to a half an hour or no call back . Easier for me to physically drive to campus and talk to someone. Otherwise happy with the experience so far.
Fayetteville state offers a variety of classes available to fit any schedule. The campus is beautiful. Professors readily available face to face, telephone or email. Lots of activities for all students to engage and enjoy. Enjoyed earning my Bachelors Degree and looking forward to earning my Master Degree from Fayetteville State University as well.
My experience at Fayetteville State University was extremely pleasant. The nice calm Serene environment helped me better focus on my academics. In addition to that Fayetteville State University staff was very helpful in my transition from high school to college.
I’d give my school 4 stars as a first time freshman who just completed my first semester. I will be returning next semester. Otherwise I wouldn’t return outside of the “family” like setting they provided great study sessions group or tutors, if I needed it for free. And there are programs you can sign up for if u need more help there are always someone there to give u advice on just about anything and excluding RAs , they will be honest if they don’t know the answer and tell u who might know or get back with u and not just say it like some others schools may do just to get out their face. professors are different but I hear that they are working on upping there requirements. The ones that I’ve had were and are great ! I’ve learned something from all of them not just on the subject be as a person and a student at heart 🙂 all I can say is Thank you to this HBCU for a chance ...& opportunity
My first year at Fayetteville Staye University was good. I got to meet a lot of new people and experience a life away from home. My favorite part from my first semester these the comedy show. My professors was awesome and they made sure I did my best in class.
Its a great school. The environment is awesome. There’s lot of opportunities for success. It’s one of the top schools on nursing and forensic science. There’s no other place I’ll be.
I love the campus! Majority of the professors are willing to help you succeed and the student and staff are pleasant. Some of the buildings and dorms need renovations.
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Great university! I love this school, and definitely believe that I made the correct choice when choosing to attend FSU. Everyone is SO nice and welcoming. The classes are great and professors are as well. I really have no complaints. It is an amazing university.
With this school I am hoping to achieve my dreams and graduate with a degree i want to be proud of for a life time.
Enrolled in online MBA. Tough but very informative. Highly recommend for anyone in a large corporation. Doable. The courses have clear deliverables which can be worked at your schedule (within the week for most). Videos. Discussion forums, video debates, team projects, et cetera to interact with peers. Excellent for mid-career professionals looking to move up or understand business better. Nearly complete and suddenly know more than most of the people in my company. :-)
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