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I like how Fayetteville State University is a family, nobody is left behind. We all come together and speak to each other, even if we don't know each other. I also like how the classes are small. it makes me have a bond with my teacher and meet other students. The change I would like to see at Fayetteville State University is more programs at this school and more activities on campus for students. I would also like to see the bookstore being on campus instead of off campus. Some students don't have cars or transportation to get around. It will be a good idea to have that resource on campus.
What I like best is the college is big enough to be known but small enough for my instructors to know my name! I like the fact that going to FSU has afforded me the chance to play the sport I love while I get a chance to grow and to get a quality education.
The campus is lively and well kept. The students are very friendly and nice! The professors have good attitudes and make sure you will suceed. The dorm rooms are clean and there’s always RA’s on call to assist you when you need it.
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This is my second year here at FSU. Fsu is a great school transferring here was one of the best ideas. I was able to gain knowledge in my Social Work Courses. The campus is very clean. The campus is well protected. The chancellor is always around helping student and making the university better. The alumni was a very big help, they support fayetteville like no other. Our city our Team.
I believe FSU's student life is very average, nothing actually special. Though the professors that I've had so far are not particularly caring about their students and weather they actually understand the material. The students academic life could be highly improved by better professors.
I love the small "family-like", close knit environment provided by FSU, but I would like to see more renovations made to the campus.
A great HBCU to go to for sure! I've enjoyed my time there learning these last two years and look forward to completing my degree from here soon.
This is the only college I have been to, so I cannot compare to say it is good or bad. They try to keep the students active, they always have something on campus going on.

What I would like to see change is the removal of all the mold in most of the buildings. Most of the buildings are very old, that is understandable, but they need to keep up to date with it! What is the point of paying almost a thousand dollars a semester for a good dorm if said good dorm has mold in it? Surely, many students have complained, and I would know since they would sometimes talk to me about it.
My name is Ronnie Woolard; I’m currently a Business Administration student at FSU. I am on track to graduate in Spring 2019! Sense attending FSU SPRING 2018 I've received so much information on how to become a better student as well steps to take to develop and further along my career once I graduate. My advisor make sure that all of her students stay on track with what classes are needed and offered. FSU makes you feel like family and seems to have the best interest for me. Spring 2019 is my graduate year and I cant wait to use some of the things I've learned at FSU to reach my career goals.
Fayetteville State University is a really great college. So far I have really enjoyed it. The professors are really nice, the classes are very well coordinated, the diversity is amazing, the students that attend are friendly and outgoing. This is a college for anyone. The faculty are super nice and will help you with anything you need. Professors are willing to go out of there way to help students succeed. The tutoring services that are available are really helpful and not only this but they are offered in a variety of subjects including English, Math, Writing and many others. The campus is really beautiful. Aside from all of this, Fayetteville State University is also affordable.
Fayetteville State University is a small, HBCU in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The environment is quiet and friendly staff members around campus. The classes are fairly easy and the professors are quiet helpful if your struggling.
I have loved all of my classes, teachers, and classmates. It really feels like the perfect learning environment.
The atmosphere is different than other schools. The campus life is fun and there are plenty of activities and organizations to join.
I like Fayetteville State University because everyone is a family and they don't leave anyone out. When I went on tours, it really was good to see what's like to live on your own and be around others. What I would like to see change at Fayetteville State University is the Admissions of office could change by helping undergraduates better with applications and letting students know ahead of time what else they need and to know if you have gotten accepted or not.
I have enjoyed my experience with FSU and the only thing I would like to see changed is the response time from administration. Response time from professors is amazing!
I absolutely love my University! The professors are awesome and are dedicated to your success. There are rental programs for your books; the price is included in your tuition. They have on-site tutoring, several cafeterias/ cafe's to choose from, a few computer labs, a pool, gymnasium, and plenty of parking.
Fayetteville State University is finally a college I can claim for my own. It's a school that makes you want to be proud of it and makes you want to be involved, not just at the school but in your community as well.
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As a student in high school I've had plentiful opportunities to participate in on Fayetteville State University's campus. I've been exposed to many advisors who work there and provide me with incredible guidance to do great things. I am apart of the Upward Bound program and I like being a member. Leading me to success I am educated almost every Saturday with SAT/ACT prep with a strong goal to attend college after I graduate high school. I like being able to make friendships with others in the program along with learning and preparing for life. Without the Upward Bound Program Fayetteville State offers to me I wouldn't have gone as far as I have today. I'm proud to say that I am now an Upward Bound Alumni and there's always places to improve but in my opinion I wouldn't change a thing.
Like any other college, Fayetteville State is what you make it. It is a family-friendly oriented university. There are many amazing organizations you can join that helps you socially, academically, or however you decide to take that advantage as. At the time, it was the only school that offered a Forensic Science program, plus it is affordable! It is a small campus so it wasn't hard for me to learn my way around. It actually only took about 3-5 days to know majority of where everything is at. Fayetteville State has some caring staff and peers that help you succeed. There are many resources to take advantage of as well. Overall, Fayetteville State is an excellent university. I am able to maintain good grades, along with having fun and a social life. If I could go back and make a college decision again, I would still choose Fayetteville State. I felt like I was at home the very first visit here.
I really like Fayetteville State University meeting other students and learning many things it has to offer is fun. The athletic program is great also. The one thing I will change about this college is the protection. Yes there are officers always on campus but I will put more cameras up because the officers can not be everywhere all the time. Overall this college is great!
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