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Enrolled in online MBA. Tough but very informative. Highly recommend for anyone in a large corporation. Doable. The courses have clear deliverables which can be worked at your schedule (within the week for most). Videos. Discussion forums, video debates, team projects, et cetera to interact with peers. Excellent for mid-career professionals looking to move up or understand business better. Nearly complete and suddenly know more than most of the people in my company. :-)
I love everything about my Fayetteville State University. My professors and doctors are brilliant and extremely approachable. I've leaned more about myself in 1 semester than I ever imagined. This school is a hidden gem and should not be slept on.
I love Fayetteville State University! The staff and students are very friendly and helpful. The campus is clean and is always improving. There is a lot of pride for the school from both the staff and students. The previous university I attended I did not feel included in the school I was just a body in class and more money for that school. However, at Fayetteville State I feel included and that I belong. People go out of their way to make you feel included in groups, clubs, etc.
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I love my HBCU. The school is very family oriented. Full of energy and you're welcomed with open arms. The alumni is great and very involved however I feel there needs to be more events happening on and around campus.
I like that there are many educational opportunities at Fayetteville State University. I think that they should improve the campus a little bit more.
Fayetteville State is an exceptional historically black college in Fayetteville, NC that puts everything aside to make sure that your academics is above the level of exceptional. With the help of multiple tutors and even your professors, students academic careers shoot through the roof, with the right push and confidence. Above all, the school's spirit for Bronco pride excels across the small city in roaring thunder to make sure everyone knows who the Fayetteville State Broncos are!
My experience here has been rocky but still a great college experience overall. I'm happy with what it has given me to help me with my future career and preparing me for my next college experience.
I like the ROTC program they have. It is rigorous and really helped me on my career decisions. What is also great is the attitudes and behaviors of the professors. They are willing to help you no matter your situation.
My time at FSU has been great so far. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere that the student body generates. The professors are great and provide a enjoyable learning atmosphere.
The school is ok, it just takes them forever to answer any of you're questions. They messed up my gpa. They didn't tell me that my fasfa didn't go through so I can pay for my classes. They didn't drop me from the classes they kept me in therm like I was actually there. So therefore my gpa dropped.
Next fall I will be an upcoming freshman at Fayetteville State University. There are many reasons why I chose this school but a few of the main reasons would be that Fayetteville State provides a fair and diverse learning environment, FSU has a prestigious ROTC program that I would love the opportunity to be involved in, and that this fall I have also been offered to play on the FSU football team. Go Bronco's!!
Fayetteville State University has small class sizes, very supportive professors, and a great network of academic support for students who need a little extra push in there academic career. The food is good, there's plenty of sports, clubs and organizations, and there's always opportunities to get involved.
I had a really great time at this school. The school was very well put together. The campus library was fantastic as well as the tutors. The cafe and grill had pretty good food. I enjoyed the fact that students had a chance to spend bronco bucks at a store on campus. There is not much that needed to change, considering I have only been there for a year.
Fayetteville State University is a great school. They have the #1 nursing program in NC, which is why I decided to attend.
I love Fayetteville State University! I love everything about it from the academics to the social life. I love how the professors are all about seeing their students succeed so much to the point where they often offer extra credit. For the most part, everyone's friendly so you should never have to be alone. If I could see one thing change about the school, I would like to see better food options.
I wish the professors would attend class more often and be consistent with grading. It is extremely difficult to find out what your current grade is in a class.
I loved the family environment. On the other hand, the walkways need to be fixed immediately! I've fallen once and bruised myself up pretty good. That is not acceptable!
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Here at Fayetteville State it's feels like you come to a family reunion. Most of the staff and students are extremely friendly and it feels like a big family. But I would like to see some more improvements on some of the housing areas like UPA. But over all the school is an amazing place to be.
This is my first semester at Fayetteville state University. I also live off campus, so I cannot comment on the party scene, campus, etc. What I can say that I like about the school so far is the willingness of the staff to assist in the transitioning to the school.
Fayetteville State University is what you make of it. Me personally would like to see a change in the cafe, better food. Also having more events outside, to get people out and mingling. Last, spreading the events that do go on around to all people. This is another reason why people don't come to stuff because they either here about it late or don't check there email or have to hear it through a friend. Getting the information out to others would be a great! Other than that the school is okay academic wise.
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