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The tour was very informative and staff was willing to answer any questions. Was a clean campus, also spoke with the fishing Coach and was told about all aspects of how the team worked. Have spoken to others on the phone and through email and everyone is informative and helpful and want to help you every way they can.
It’s a great school and offers so many different opportunities that other colleges don’t offer. They have an extremely high exchange student rate which is a great opportunity to meet new people and cultures.
So far, my experience with Faulkner University is excellent. The admissions people are lovely, the campus is very nice, it isn't too badly priced, and the professors seem to be well qualified.
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It has a great and easy learning environment and the athletics are great but also encourage a school first principal.
Faulkner University is a friendly school. They have a clean campus and a safe campus. I enjoy the new classrooms and the teachers seem very knowledgeable. I enjoy watching there volleyball team and also there basketball teams. It is a small campus and that helps with getting around and getting to know the other students. The teachers seem to care how well there students do and are willing to help in any way.
I love the vibrant campus life and the spiritual environment it offers for its students. I feel safe and welcome here. Proud to call Faulkner my home away from home!
This college is just not for me, I went to the high school affiliated with it previously and have a biased opinion. Overall the two professors I have had deeply knew what they were teaching and graded fairly. The campus does not provide a lot of direction of where things are, I gave them a 3/5 because sometimes they get too caught up on the small things and not the overall situation.
What I love about Faulkner University are the staff, student advisors and the great timing and organization
Faulkner it is a wonderful university where you can build strong knowledge about your academic aspirations and god.
Faulkner University is a great school. They put an effort into the student body and helps in any way they can. I chose Faulkner for a reason.
Faulkner University is a small, family-like feel campus. It's a Christian school. No matter what the class is, the bible will somehow be incorporated into the material. Class sizes are small; and teachers are more willing to help you if you fall behind or need extra help. The classes I have taken to obtain my business management degree, including finance, accounting, & business law, have given me the opportunity to utilize my negotiating skills.
Faulkner university has been a great gone to me.
When I first got to this country, this was the first place I was at and the really helped me get through a lot of things. The culture shock wasn't really a great deal for me because of the amazing Faulkner team .
Amazing ways to get along with different people here at Faulkner.
I can't forget the great food served here too..
I love the Christian atmosphere that Faulkner provides. All the staff is friendly and provides Christian advice that we can use in our future fields. I hope to see the school grow and continue sharing their love for Davis Elementary School.
Faulkner University is an good school. It's a diversity of people from ALL around the world. There are great people here to connect with and get good vibes with. One thing I would change about Faulkner is the tuition price!
It has been excellent so far. The coursework is solidly Christian, the faculty are learned, and the technology is very easy to use.
Faulkner University is a Christian based school where Christianity is exemplified in the character of their professors and staff. I like that Faulkner is a Christian based school because it gives me the freedom to express myself spiritually without any restraints. Faulkner has a great support team who is willing to help the students resolve issues that may occur during their studies while at Faulkner. I believe that Faulkner looks out for the best interest of its students, helping them to succeed and meet their potential goals in life. Faulkner keep their students informed on all activities that are happening on campus and want all students to be included becoming a well community, while studying at Faulkner. The one thing that I don’t like about Faulkner would be that my commute to campus is an hour and a half drive from where I live other than that I think Faulkner is a great place to study.
It’s a really comfortable college to be part. The faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful with any questions or concerns that I have.
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Faulkner University is a very diverse and prosperous campus as well as very religious. The perfect place to grow spiritually and socially
I loved faulkner university because they have such good teachers and their administation staff has helped a lot with getting prepared for the upcoming freshmen.
The main thing I like about Faulkner is the staff. They welcome you with warm welcome and their actually there to help their students succeed.
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