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Faulkner University has helped me grow into the person I am today because of the personal relationships formed between students and faculty. Without the care shown by the vast majority of the teachers I have been assigned, I would not have had the great experiences I have had, even though I have only attended Faulkner for a short amount of time.
This school is so focused on making rules and thinking that those insanely strict and ridiculous rules make them "Christian" that they've forgotten that this is actually supposed to be a school. If you are not a member of the church of Christ DO NOT GO HERE!!!! You will be miserable. The only good thing here was the theatre program, it is absolutely fantastic but the school decided to defund that program. Most of the professors are pretty good but nothing makes up for the unnecessary rules. I just wish that they were more focused on creating a good life for students instead of being so obsessed with looking conservative. They give absolutely no thought to students of other denominations or religions and continually force their narrow and shallow beliefs down everyone's throats every single day. Some days it's seems that they care more about what you wear in class than what you learn in class. I cannot wait to transfer and go to a school rather than a church that gives out degrees.
Faulkner University is an amazing place. I am enjoying everyday student life here. I am in a social club, I get to play intramural sports and participate in Jamboree. The teachers here can be your friends; I truly enjoy going to class because I am learning and having a good time as well. Chapel everyday is a blessing; a whole school coming together to praise God. The change I want is for more students to come and to be apart of this experience.
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I like the small campus and the size of my classes. I feel like I get better attention from my professors because of the small classes. I also have had a better chance to get to know people.
They are helpful posting jobs daily.
Everyone you encounter in the hallway, in the library or computer labs, and in each coarse are all so helpful and positive. The teachers are so passionate about what they are teaching and care greatly that your are understanding and learning. I have loved my experience here so far and I would make the same choice again for sure!
If there is one thing about campus it is the utmost safety it provides. We have a very good security team that regularly patrols campus checking for signs of people who shouldn't be on campus and just generally checking up on everyone regularly. We have key cards that let us get into certain parts on campus and no one but the people who have key cards have access to them. We have plenty of cameras surrounding campus watching everything and monitoring campus life.
Living on campus can be fun but also can be boring and semi annoying. It's nice having such a short distance to walk to get to everything on campus but it also a hassle when it comes to hanging out with people. For campus living, the rules are extremely strict and in doing so, lessens the places you can hang out with people and the amount of time you can spend there with friends.
Greek life is a major role on campus, most friend groups are created on this role. While walking around campus, it is very common to see people from the club walk up to each other and do their special "handshake" or see them walking to class together. Other clubs are sometimes friends with the other clubs but many stick to incorporating with their own. It affects the social atmosphere very heavily, but it doesn't necessarily effect the non-Greeks. The non-Greeks view Greeks in many ways, some in awe, and some flabbergasted that people would put up with the tasks they have to just to get in a club.
Every Thursday at chapel, a different sports team leads our school in the singing of our school's anthem. On the actual game days, it's easy to find the players in their jerseys and seeing people encourage them on upcoming game. Another common occurrence is doing our school hand gesture(sticking out the pinky and thumb) and yelling go eagles.
I would choose this school again and again because of the wonderful atmosphere it gives, inside the busy capital of Alabama this campus offers peace and serenity. It is easy to navigate and you will always find yourself seeing familiar faces.
I've never had any problems or witness any problems on our campus. We have a security daily.
I am still in my course classes.
Our Birminghan campus doesn't have housing space. I've never live on a college campus.
I love Faulkner! I am please with my school, it's an honor to attend a school that respects you adult life. It's not easy being a parent, full time employee and a student. Faulkner makes life a whole lot easier by accommodating their adult students. I would encourage anyone thats interested, in returning back to school.
I really enjoy our athletics department.
Although Faulkner is not very challengingly academically, being here has taught me many things. Not only has my understanding of theology significantly increased, but I've also met some of the kindest students and professors here. Faulkner has taught me a lot about kindness.
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The sports teams get their own gym which is understandable, but it leaves the normal students such as myself with a smaller gym and a running track upstairs. It's okay for the average person, but doesn't have a wide variety of machines or any duplicates so it can be frustrating having to wait for a matching to open because your body is cooling down as you wait.
I like Faulkner because of the small class sizes. It's easy to engage in conversation with my professors and to get any extra help I need. I dislike the wifi though, it can be a major pain when I'm trying to watch the assigned videos for my online classes. the campus is small and beautiful, which I like quite a bit.
It's great to have diversity and learn about others culture and beliefs. Faulkner is primarily a Christian school, but we do have some people who aren't Christian. I think it's great they chose to come here because it's such a good influence to everyone.
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