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At Faulkner state you will have time to focus on work get a lot of help academically and financially and you will also make new friends. what i would like to see done at Faulkner is more programs added to the campus.
It has been a very welcoming experience . It has helped me make a very well transition from being at home to being on my own it has defiantly shown me what moving of to college feels like . They defiantly make you feel at home . Proud to be apart of Faulkner state
Everyone in Administration is always happy to help and work with you, in regards to financially planning for each semester. My professors never mind staying after to help me, and my classmates and I genuinely work together to make sure everyone is understanding the material and doing well in the course.
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Enjoyed the classes, but the drive to the campus was far for non dorm living. Took night classes. The Fairhope campus was beautiful and close to amazing restaurants, the Bay Minette campus was in the middle of no where.
Such a good school if you enjoy smaller classes with more interaction between classmates and teachers!
This is an amazing school! The teachers care about the sudents and for it being such a small school, it has amazing classes. This is the number one school, in my opinion, for community colleges in the area. I was very pleased with it when i visited!
It's a wonderful school to go to if your looking to just go to a community school to prepare for the future for attending a university and I'm thankful to of chosen to come to Faulkner before going off to a university
I like the diversity in religions, sexual orientations, races, sizes, and cultures. The one thing that I would like to see changed is the engineering program. I wish that it was a certified program so that I wouldn't have to go somewhere else to finish my degree.
I love my school and everyone in it!! The teachers are very hands on and like to see their students excel in each and every subject.
I liked that the teachers were very accommodating to the students; however, sometimes I thought they were too lenient.
They have good staff and nice workers there. The parking is crazy by admission but the amount of students to one class is great. Most the teachers will work with you some just do not really care.
I love Faulkner State! It was the best choice for me and I wouldn't have it any other way! Go sun chiefs!!!
It was not so bad after all
I work full-time, and I'm able to choose what days and times for my classes around my work schedule which is perfect for me.
I like how the college is so oreiented on getting every student through college and help us start our lives.
They have answered all the questions that I've had, which were tons. Plus they have helped me so much with my freshman year schedule.
I have some friends that are alumni of the college I always get and hear positive things about it during the times they attended.
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Being my specific major is great. Get so many compliments and hear a lot of positive things about going into the program.
I'm pretty new to this school but I already love the environment of the school. Makes you feel good when you know you will always have help!
I have not started my classes
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