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FIT really prepares you to enter the fashion industry with the necessary knowledge. Some of the classes are a bit general and basic but I guess that is for people with no prior knowledge about the industry. So if you already have a background, these classes reinforce what you know.
Fashion Institute of Technology is a great school right in the middle of Manhattan. The school is very diverse which helps make any student feel right at home. There are some really amazing professors who will teach you valuable skills to use for your career.
My experience at this school has been great. I love the diverse minds and creativity that flows throughout the campus. I am in the EOP program which is great and they offer me a lot of support.
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the professors are amazing and really know what they are teaching. for the major courses the professors are required to have 10 years of real life experience in the field of the course and i truly appreciate that. it gives you more trust in your professors to teach you what you need to know to be successful in your future career. they also teach you the information but show you how to apply it in real life situations and really prepare you for what to expect when you graduate. as far as student life goes they put a lot of thought into the commuters rather than just the students that dorm, especially since the majority population of students are commuters. There are a lot of social event they throw and different job fair opportunities and internships to help you grow in the field you want to pursue. there are many amazing sports to join and the community is very welcoming and fun.
While the learning experience and community are good, the process of registration, changing classes/ majors etc is extremely tedious and dealing with chairmen of certain departments can be very complicated.
School primarily focuses on arts, I'd recommend this school as an affordable alternative to more expensive art schools. Some excellent professors here! Very diverse campus and a wide variety of specialized art classes offered.
I love going to school here. There is always something to connect students whether it be through clubs or academics. I was very impressed with the athletics here at FIT. I did not expect the level of competition that was held here at the school. I feel at home her at FIT
It is a school that puts you in real life experience right away as you get in. Their teaching style is very practical and professors are from the industry. They can be sometimes too narrow in terms of the area of study and be a bit sketchy.
I just completed my first week. I am unable to give a full review, but so far the professors are kind and excellent at teaching hands on. I hear the work load for fashion students is crazy so I imagine the semester will only get more difficult. The campus is great. Its clean and spacious, especially for being in Manhattan. The location is perfect, as it is right next to the garment district and right in the middle of Manhattan. Everything is nearby. The dorms are excellent as well. Kaufman is especially great as the rooms are larger than the rooms in other halls. Overall, my experience is great so far!
I love FIT. You're given amazing opportunities, amazing teachers, life lessons, and education. The price is amazing, both in and out of state. If you want to work in any fashion field, FIT is the place to be.
its good, but your pretty much on your own here. and the food sucks some days and other day's it's OK.
I love the location. The classes are also good. If I could change anything I would expand on campus housing and expand the selections in the cafeteria to include more choices for vegetarian and vegans.
Great college if you are a design or art major. Pretty average for business students, in my opinion. It's great that the professors are industry professionals, but that doesn't always mean they are great at teaching. Difficult to be involved if you're a commuting student. Students are friendly for the most part, but there are plenty of snobby students. Great college for art and design, but don't expect to receive the full traditional college experience of sports games and fraternities and sororities.
I'm in the fine arts department. It's a pretty strict curriculum with no room for exploration. They give you a set of classes that are mandatory. Each semester I take 7-9 classes and I've been here for four years. I even take winter and summer courses. I'm in my senior year and I have never been more stressed. It's very overwhelming. But the fine arts professors do know what they are teaching. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. I have learned A LOT here. But just be prepared to balance out a busy school schedule along with a work schedule because materials are not cheap.
The school is great. I just wish you could take classes from other majors so you can tailor your degree to how you would like it.
Do not go here if u want a typical college experience. You will not get it. The party life here is good but if ur not a club person I woudnt recommend it.
FIT is a great university. It has excellent professors who really know the industry and stay current in their facts. Study abroad programs are excellent and its location is great.
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The rooms are great, but the sign in process is super annoying.
My expiriences at FIT has been okay. Socially it has been good, but only because I luckily happened to find a good group of friends my sophomore year, before that it was horrible. Academically in the Fashion Design major the workload is insane and a lot of the teachers are self centered and on a power trip. Obviously there are many other professors who are super helpful, but I've found that I've had at least 2 every semester who I just could not deal with. There isn't much of a community at the school, and when I do go out it's with friends from NYU or apartment parties.
Teachers are fine, easy and lenient. So far I don't have much to complain. I love it here.
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