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The school is great for fashion students but it specializes in fashion design. If you are sure you want to pursue a career in fashion design, the school is highly recommended. The school has a great fashion design curriculum with many renowned professors in the fashion business. It is important to note that the school is intensive and fashion design students spend late nights working on projects. The fashion business management program is a good program if you are planning on staying in the retail industry and in fashion. The school has many connections with companies for internship and full time opportunities. Most students study full-time and have internships during the semester.
Attending the Fashion Institute of Technology has been the best decision of my life. Coming from a small town in Ohio, I was not exposed to much diversity. Which is a totally different story at FIT. I am so glad to have the opportunity of attending school here. The academics and professors are amazing. I have learned so much about the industry, people, and life overall. I would highly recommend the Fashion Institute of Technology to anyone interested in fashion or business.
Since this is a fashion school, most of the funding and attention are directed towards the fashion majors, as for other majors, the school doesn't seem to care about them. They don't listen to the professors who work in the department that they are teaching and ignore their advices, they change the curriculum to how they see fit. As for the party scene, you definitely need connection as their isn't any sorority houses or frat parties. If you are below 21 years old, you basically can't even get a party scene unless you have connections.
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I love that it has so many resources for students concentrated career choice, and that there is a wide-array of classes to take.
LOVE IT! Diverse people, good selection of classes, opportunities to meet new people, multiple security guards everywhere. Safe and clean campus.
I am currently on my first year at FIT and I am very content with the safety of the campus. As a women of color I am very comfortable at the college due to the diversity it hold, though I believe they need to work on the food the cafeteria holds.
I came into FIT unaware of the opportunities that would arise for me. FIT is literally your second home. When you reach out to the right people they will help you. Not only is this a school but it also cares about your success outside of campus.
FIT is a great school for someone who is very determined to become successful in fashion. While I enjoyed my time at FIT, it is not a typical school. There are no huge football or basketball games. You basically go to class, then go to work or go home. The only way to break this mold is if you are involved in any of the clubs. I was in the Gospel Choir and I met so many great friends that way. FIT will challenge you and prepare you for the real world. They are all about their business. I think they need to improve on their Financial Aid office, that is my only con.
FIT offers amazing opportunities in a variety of specialized areas including fashion, art, design, mass communications, business, and more and offers professors with real world experience who you can connect with. It really is an out of the ordinary school and isn't your typical college, but it is located in the vibrant and dynamic hub of New York City where opportunites abound and almost anything can be done.
Great school teachers really push you to be great work is very time consuming but isn’t hard you just have to take time to get things done I wish the FD work rooms stayed open past 2 am for fashion design student because we honestly need more time but it’s great
FIT is a great school. Full of resources and connections. It's really what you make out of it. The facilities can be upgraded, but we have a lot to appreciate for.
The energy of creativity and the student displays of art throughout campus really encourage you to go out and display your craft.
Great (and cheap) housing in NYC.
Dorms = Big/Walls = Thick
Good food.
Good profs
Focus on getting jobs
You get an associates degree then BFA
Not too much work
Study abroad options
Many freshman get industry jobs over summer(Illustration major)
Overall I am no longer interested in the school. The professors aren't the problem. I just feel like I am no longer interested in fashion as I once was.
I toured multiple art schools in New York this summer! FIT far surpassed my expectations and the way they design their curriculum is highly effective to allow me artistic skills to flourish.
If you are interested in the fashion industry, this is a great school for that. Everything is designed to get your foot in the door, whether it's through the career and internship center or the connections with the professors. FIT makes sure to give the students the advantage of being in New York City.
The college enables students to not only interact with other students, but also enables them to gain work experience through internships and such. The professors have years of experience for heir respected field thus enabling students to get a better understanding for their own future.
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FIT is such a great school for fashion studies. Professors are extremely passionate and all have experience in the fashion industry. They get to know each and every one of their students personally, and go out of their way to make sure all their students are understanding. Best of all, it is located in the heart of NYC!
I love the fashion institute. Its like getting an education and real world experience at the same time. They have so many opportunities for students to learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom and they have an amazing internship program. The professors are always open to help and will even stay after class occasionally to help with complicated concepts. If you decide to create something you haven't learned yet they help with the construction of the design. They are as invested in your education as you are. It's tough but you get out of it what you put into it.
This school is very diverse and prides itself with their slogan, "where creativity gets down to business," which couldn't be any more true! FIT prepares you for the real world with relevant work and projects relating to your field of study.
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