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The energy of creativity and the student displays of art throughout campus really encourage you to go out and display your craft.
Great (and cheap) housing in NYC.
Dorms = Big/Walls = Thick
Good food.
Good profs
Focus on getting jobs
You get an associates degree then BFA
Not too much work
Study abroad options
Many freshman get industry jobs over summer(Illustration major)
Overall I am no longer interested in the school. The professors aren't the problem. I just feel like I am no longer interested in fashion as I once was.
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I toured multiple art schools in New York this summer! FIT far surpassed my expectations and the way they design their curriculum is highly effective to allow me artistic skills to flourish.
If you are interested in the fashion industry, this is a great school for that. Everything is designed to get your foot in the door, whether it's through the career and internship center or the connections with the professors. FIT makes sure to give the students the advantage of being in New York City.
The college enables students to not only interact with other students, but also enables them to gain work experience through internships and such. The professors have years of experience for heir respected field thus enabling students to get a better understanding for their own future.
FIT is such a great school for fashion studies. Professors are extremely passionate and all have experience in the fashion industry. They get to know each and every one of their students personally, and go out of their way to make sure all their students are understanding. Best of all, it is located in the heart of NYC!
I love the fashion institute. Its like getting an education and real world experience at the same time. They have so many opportunities for students to learn and grow both inside and outside the classroom and they have an amazing internship program. The professors are always open to help and will even stay after class occasionally to help with complicated concepts. If you decide to create something you haven't learned yet they help with the construction of the design. They are as invested in your education as you are. It's tough but you get out of it what you put into it.
This school is very diverse and prides itself with their slogan, "where creativity gets down to business," which couldn't be any more true! FIT prepares you for the real world with relevant work and projects relating to your field of study.
FIT has incredible professional connections that help students find internship and job opportunities. The professors have relevant industry experience and are extremely helpful.
Most of my professors are very well educated and immersed in their industries. The campus is okay, but it's in NYC, so I don't really care that it's not the most state of the art campus. The school has provided me with countless opportunities and many students get excellent jobs after graduation.
I love FIT. The academics are great. It is very diverse and inclusive and there is always something to do.
Of all the things I love about the Fashion Institute of Technology, is the harmony of living and learning in an environment that is safe and welcoming. It is an absolute treasure being able to learn from and socialize with people from all walks of life, different colors, ethnicities, different sexual orientations, etc. Everyone is so welcoming and open-minded, willing to explore far beyond the bounds they've known for so long. In addition to exploring, there is also willingness to begin anew and let go. This school is like a breath of fresh air, and I'm honored to have the opportunity to learn more and do more!
I like that the campus is all connected on one street so you don't have to walk back and forth between different buildings. The atmosphere is lively and friendly, however some parts of the hallways and classrooms reminded me of an old high school setting. Despite that, everyone is motivated to work hard, and that is how some very famous people came to be!
The diversity is very high, allowing you to get to know people from different cultures and ethnicities.
My overall feeling about FIT’s education is that it is very course heavy when it does not need to be. There are some courses I have taken that felt like they were just repeating themselves. This is another part of FIT that can be limiting at times, especially if it is with the same professor. There is a certain technique or medium or aspect of art that will be focused on and then practiced again and again in the various levels of the course. What is frustrating about this is the fact that there is nothing I can do since the courses are required to graduate. Even if it feels like I am taking the same course multiple times in a week, I have no choice but to take it. And how do I benefit from taking the same course where I am only exploring a certain technique every time I take it?
The Fashion Institute of Technology is a great place to attend school! The professors are very knowledgeable in their field and go out of their way to make sure their students succeed.
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HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Administration and Customer service. AVOID If at all possible. My daughter graduated with honors and became a successful exec at age 27.....BECAUSE THERE WAS TWO MONTHS IN 2013 when our address changed and she missed 3 loan payments, only three, they negatively affected her credit rating and REFUSED to correct it even though they could. TO THIS DAY,almost 5 years later, it still shows up as a negative on her credit rating. THIS SCHOOL IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST IN THE WAY THEY HANDLE CUSTOMER/STUDENT is despicable. They are rude and they do not care for the reputation or well-being of the students after graduation. A SHAME that they get away with this. It is appalling
I love this school and have found that every part of it is comfortable. From the dorms having a real home experience to the classrooms and teachers providing a top notch education so you can take whatever knowledge you gain to the real world and have many opportunities.
FIT really prepares you to enter the fashion industry with the necessary knowledge. Some of the classes are a bit general and basic but I guess that is for people with no prior knowledge about the industry. So if you already have a background, these classes reinforce what you know.
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