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I transferred to FIT as a junior with an AA from another school. The level of education we receive for the tuition cost is impressive. My professors work in the industry at a high level and do a great job connecting us with opportunities (colleagues, alumni, field trips, etc.). I've learned a lot in just my first semester.
Though rated high for fashion in the United States, FIT has little care for its design students. If attending for the business side of fashion, there are a lot of awesome opportunities. For the design and fine arts majors there is little time for anything besides class and homework. In the design building the elevator is not for students, even though all design classes are on the 7 and 8 floors; also the design lockers. Most days rooms are booked solid for classes, and the teachers rarely let you use the facilities while they teach. I have been kicked out of a room 35 minutes before the next class was to commence. If you wish to open a room to work, they require two people to need the room, so students can miss out on hours of work. It is a good school for those wanting to become designers within other companies or to learn about the industry. FIT is very bad for students who wish to be head designers, they shun real creativity and focus strong on monetary details and 'wear-ability'.
I really enjoyed the urban setting of the school. The professors there are very dedicated in making the most out of all their students.
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It's a great college that offers a lot of resources to their students. They have a great selection of teachers that have incredible experience & they're always willing to help. I'd recommend this college to anybody that's interested in the fashion or business realm.
I am a current junior at the Fashion Institute of Technology and I honestly love going to this school. The opportunities and resources available for our use are immense. From having professors who are from the industry and can teach us personalized experiences about the industry we are looking to go into to, to having career fairs and bringing companies weekly to recruit they are a school invested in making sure their students succeed and graduate with a job and that is something I really appreciate and is one of the many reasons I love attending here.
Excellent education, the teachers are great and are required to have 10+ years of experience in the field they teach. The downsides are I have noticed that many FIT students aren't very friendly and are very cliquey. That doesn't go for everyone though because I have made some great friends here!
The school is for those that will take initiative ONLY. If you are here to just be lectured too you will graduate with nothing.
You get so many opportunties at FIT. Your professors are experienced in the industry and it's a great time that you connect with your professors and build a better connection with them. You also get internships and other opportunities opening up to you. The school is very big that you could meet new people there and most of the time, you can study anywhere on your own. The library is also big and have more better equipments for every student there to do their projects and assignments. I recommend FIT, if you're able to pursue your career/major.
I like all the opportunities you get from the first week of being there. The campus is a little out dated, but overall, great school.
I love attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. There are, of course, some things I'm unhappy with, but overall it is a great experience. I really feel like I belong at this school, like the teachers care about whether I pass or not.
Fashion Institute of Technology is great! The professors are straight from the field and they actually care about their students success. FIT is pretty competitive but that is what gives it it's edge compared to other colleges. It it conveniently placed in the heart of NYC with plenty of places near by to eat and have fun.
Fashion Institute of Technology is an amazing school full of diversity. I've had an amazing time here for my first year and can't wait to go back. I can't speak for other major's professors, but the professors in the Illustration department really push you to be the best that you can be. The students here are also very talented so it's a bit intimidating, but for the most part everyone is super friendly which is surprising to me as I've always been told that New Yorkers can be quite scary. Everything is easily accessible and within walking distance, but if you really aren't in a walking mood the subway is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. There are 3 dorm buildings on campus (Alumni, Nagler, and Co-ed). All buildings are guarded by 24 hour security and you have to show your ID to get in. The cafeteria food is okay, but if you aren't feeling that you can always get something from outside of the school. There are food carts everywhere.
The professors at the Fashion Institute of Technology are seasoned professionals in the fashion industry. Their knowledge and guidance is so valuable. It is also in a great location- Chelsea.
I thoroughly enjoyed how interactive majority of the professors were - you could approach them for course assistance and would often receive it with no feeling of imposing. The library had computers and books available in pristine condition. Campus was always clean and fitness Centre was a plus.
As an international student, I had hoped they had more financial aid assistance and resources available to help make certain processes easier. They could look into providing scholarships to international students.
The class size is small, with 10-25 students per class. There are a lot of clubs on campus. The student government has a lot of events for students on campus. The IT department is helpful. The professors are knowledgeable. The school does not help very much with job placement after graduation. The administration is not great.
Good college in the sense that the professors are great although some still feel as if they're in their glory days back in the newsroom or agency. The worst aspect are the students; a majority are pretentious and snobbish who feel the need to more often than not put people down. Maybe it the fashion industry in general who feel that their work in the industry matters to society, well it doesn't. And apparently some girls never leave high school because the cattiness level is through the roof, I've seen girls and their little posses (because FIT is clique based) talk so much shit about other girls that it's appalling! And god forbid your the kind of person that isn't into partying and a bit shy, both the teachers and students make you feel bad for being shy. Honestly FIT isn't worth your time, but if your the kind of person who thinks fashion is everything and like to bring people down because of pettiness this is your school!
They have great communication and make processes easy to understand and complete. The admissions and financial offices have been very helpful and answered all my questions.
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F.I.T is a very welcoming school. Classes are filled with around 20 students no more than 30. It is organized well, and helpful. The school has many on campus activities and an awesome writing center that can make an improvement on your grades. So glad I’m in this school!
as I'm a first semester freshman, i love it. I love the professors , they truly care about their students. the classes move at great pass where you don't feel overwhelmed
The school is great for fashion students but it specializes in fashion design. If you are sure you want to pursue a career in fashion design, the school is highly recommended. The school has a great fashion design curriculum with many renowned professors in the fashion business. It is important to note that the school is intensive and fashion design students spend late nights working on projects. The fashion business management program is a good program if you are planning on staying in the retail industry and in fashion. The school has many connections with companies for internship and full time opportunities. Most students study full-time and have internships during the semester.
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