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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - San Francisco Reviews

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the people are very nice. the campus is very nice to me. the students are very nice to you. the diversity is very mixed.
This college caters to your design passion. All majors and classes are career focused to help give it's students the tools needed for the fashion industry.
Instructors are great, all friendly and helpful
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There is A LOT of work but it is helpful. I like the work because I know i'm going to use it after graduation.
My classes were offered only once a week so I couldn't really pick and choose
I don't think it should be this expensive for an AA degree.
Campus has great stuff to offer!
My classes were only offered once a week.
Our professors at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School are very helpful and they make sure you have a great learning experience. We have commons so we can get extra help for a class we need help with, some teachers also stay after school to help with home work or just to help you understand something you didn't quite catch on to the first time.
At Carl Wunsche Sr. High School the Animation pathway is amazing! There are a lot of opportunities to participate in skills which can also help get scholarships. The teachers are very easy to understand and you always have something to do and you have plenty of time to get the work done.
FIDM is REALLY expensive and is so specialized in its academics that not much can transfer over from other schools and vis versa.
FIDM is a great school if you utilize all it has to offer.
FIDM offers a large variety of hands on industry experience to its students. Students are not really encouraged to do any other clubs or extracurricular activities because we have to spend so much time on our academics. FIDM's location is a huge reason why I chose to go there. I can walk out the front doors and easily get inspiration from Union Square.
The students at my school are all very trendy and creative. Most students are commuters and don't really spend time with each other outside of the classroom. We are usually stressed out about our workload and creative requirements for our projects. Most students are friendly, but always focused on their work as it is our number one priority. FIDM is a very ethnically diverse institution, however, most students seem to be quite wealthy. Almost all of the student body is female.
I don't know because I haven't graduated.
To my understanding, I am apparently not qualified to take online courses.
Luckily I have been able to schedule my classes on only one or two days a week which leaves me enough time to work and get projects done.
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I love my major. I feel like I am getting a broad overview of my field of study and will have many skills for various jobs in the future. I have head that Visual Communications is the hardest major at FIDM and i totally agree. VCOMM students have a heavy workload with hands on projects, computer graphics projects, and written communication about trends.
The academics at FIDM require a massive amount of time spent on the work load. Any other abroad programs are extremely expensive. The classes are very specific with their project descriptions. The teachers have very high expectations and are usually willing to help the students. Class registration is made very easy with the help of faculty members such as Lisa Hoffman.
FIDM has no athletic center which is a huge bummer for me, but understandable because most of its students are commuters. The library is a very nice environment with good computers and printers. The faculty is helpful, but sometimes is confusing when they redirect you to someone else to resolve your issue. The wifi doesn't work very well in the classrooms. The teachers are very knowledgable in their fields of study, but aren't excellent in teaching at a rate where the students can retain the information. Many times projects have requirements that I am not capable of. For example, utilizing adobe photoshop and illustrator is very difficult for me and NONE of the staff in the library is knowledgable of those programs.
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