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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - San Diego Reviews

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FIDM SD was home. I may have taken it for granted before I went to the LA campus, but every person on campus truly wants you to succeed. Every single teacher I had cared about my education and most kept in touch and were great to have in my industry network. The advisors, counselors, and even librarians were always more than helpful. Classes were a lot of work, but I loved going to school.
I have a bit more to complete my studies but I have heard that FIDM boasts a 98% job placement upon graduation success rate. I'm banking on this being the case when I complete my studies.
I've a few outstanding and energetic instructors. Some of the instructors failed to hit the nail on the mark with their style of instruction and mastery of the topic=boring. For the most part, I should be able to take the knowledge acquired and directly apply it to my life in the fashion industry.
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FIDM alumni actually come back and speak about their career experiences and finding success in the industry. I find this most valuable, and I've actually made quite a few contacts for possible employment upon graduation by dialoguing with guest speakers.
The core classes have been helpful. Like anything related to education, a great instructor can take a ho-hum topic and make it all the more interesting.
I am glad that I chose FIDM to further my interest and education in the fashion industry. I have made several noteworthy contacts that may prove to be helpful in my career choice of fashion merchandising.
They help you work things out
Very unique and although it is tough, it is very fun
Have had some difficulties with professors but for the most part they are great
Helpful and friendly staff that are always available
Career center available to alumni for life.
Unique classes specific for major, instructors experienced and helpful. Big workload, but projects are geared towards future career options
Registration for classes is generally easy. Class labs available on days when there is no class.
Great small campus, help and resources always available
I feel I am getting what I am paying for most of the time. The only complaint I have is that when getting accepted to the school I was told that all supplies were included in the tuition and I have found that this isn't the case. we are given books and the bare minimum amount of supplies and I am always buying extra stuff for class.
We are offered an amazing career network with jobs specific to our majors and skills. I feel hopeful that my job prospects will be good after I complete school.
The school offers many programs and I believe they provide a great learning experience for all the programs
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I am a fashion design student and I love everything I do and everything I am learning. The teachers have all worked in the industry and they seem passionate about what they are teaching. The work load is a lot but I wouldn't do anything else.
We have a small campus but they try there best to provide us with great activities and many resources to help us to learn and stay connected in our classes and in the industry itself.
I give an A+ because FIDM is a great school with a tremendous amount of resources that are available to the students. I think it is so awesome that they pay for databases that they make easily accessible to us in the Library. Using these databases is good because there is more credible information good for research papers that you couldn't find on a simple google search.
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