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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Orange County Reviews

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This school allows you to be you and be creative. There tons of room for growth and opportunity. LA campus also is near the heart of the city and the hub of fashion.
I haven't gone to school there yet but just visiting the campus made me fall in love with the school and i cant wait to attend Fidm in the fall of 2019.
Fidm has many different school schedules
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I prefer in class ccourses
Fidm has a great career center and help
There are more than 20 majors at this school. All of which are very creative and used in the fashion world. The classes were great and a lot of projects.
Fidm has many internship opportunities , career days and connections.
Visual Communications major goes into interior design, event planning , visual displays and design
FIDM is such a wonderful school it is a place where students are able to thrive and pursue a career in fashion and design. It may be a big work load but, it's worth it. You are able to explore your interest and your passions while still being able to pursue a degree in fashion and design. I am glad to say that it is a school that is definately worth attending.
Tuition is very expensive. But the experiences are priceless. it's important to maximize you time here at fidm and make sure that to use the resources that are given to you! I totally wouldn't mind if tuition was 10k less but, only come here if you really want it and are willing to put in the work. There no time for slacking and no space for slackers. Many who come here are privileged enough to have their tuition paid for ( parents, government, etc) but many of us are working hard and battling to make our education worth it. We are investing in learning new skills and our futures.
There's so much diversity at my school i'd like to think, (except not many guys). There are so many different types of girls but with a core interest to learn, thrive and excel. Most of the people are very friendly and outgoing
You get a lot of work! you have 1 week to complete your work, which sounds great except that you still have other classes to do homework and study for. With that said its easy to procrastinate, so its super important to do your homework right away because i tend to underestimate how long something will take me to complete. The classes i'm taking are actually really interesting. (Vcom major)
For people who already have a degree from a different school, if your credits transfer, you can become a Prifessional Designation student which is the curriculum of a a.a. student but its a 1 year program. There are also opportunities to study abroad! Class registration is actually really easy.
My experience has been great so far, i've learned so much from my professors. You learn a lot about the experiences in the "real world" because the teachers are experiences in the industries that surround fashion and aren't limited to just fashion. The career network is great! there are so many opportunities to volunteer. There are many job and internship postings on the network but they don't really apply to me since i'm already employed. (got a job through one of the
So the reason i gave this a 4 is because its so expensive! But i thinks its great! you don't have to worry aboout going out to buy your books and materials because its included in our tuition. I love our class hours also! we start at 9:30 which is an hour later than other campuses. If i could afford it, i would definitely stay another 2 years to earn my bachelors degree!
They really encourage students to talk to the advisors and staff for our own good. Every morning i'm received with a warm and welcomed smile in the lobby.
I haven't really gone to talk to the career staff but the career network is great, i've taken advantage of many of its volunteer opportunities!
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Your college experience is really what you make of it. My tuition is ridiculously expensive and fast paced. I've had a really good experience so far, really take advantage of the databases and career networks for jobs and volunteer opportunities!
they have an awesome career center and are always offering new job applications and interviews its amazing!
i feel like i have learned so much already in a month than i did in a year at public high school. some one needs to change the public high school learning system its beyond shitty.
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