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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Los Angeles Reviews

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A fabulous school. The buildings are cool and have a great vibe. It is cutting edge (no pun intended.) Contacts are wonderful.
I love how its not just about fashion. Its about you and your experience. Love the area. Lots of things to do.
I loved that it was super creative! I felt like it my classes really helped bring out all my creativity. I liked how the teachers were in the industries and were super experienced! The only thing I would change is having more realistic classes that would help us in our field with real jobs
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I absolutely love that most students at FIDM make you feel welcomed and enjoy being in most classes with fellow classmates. I also appreciate the opportunity for success with labs, office hours, and most professors accommodate your needs for your best success.
Some professors I feel teach you as if you already go into FIDM knowing material which makes it hard for some students to understand the full concept of the subject.
I am picky on little things, sometimes I feel students spend extra money when it it unnecessary and should be included with our tuition.
At times I find it frustrating when equipment is constantly broken, i understand accidents happen but sergers are very sensitive & mostly jammed.
For the most part the staff is pretty persistent to fix whatever is needed and usually arrive in a timely matter.
FIDM has a great student life. There are many activities on campus including FIDM Mode Magazine, Industry Club, and many more. They also have amazing study abroad programs for all majors. This is great school for students interested in fashion, design, and marketing.
FIDM is geared towards creatives and your whole education is built on this. They have professors who work in the industry therefore receiving first hand experiences. Also your professors know that most students who attend FIDM are visual learners therefore they understand that Math and Science classes are harder for us. Some professors create lessons plans in a fun and interactive way for us to understand. Which was very helpful.
The first year of attending was an adjustment period. At first glance, the school seems to be filled with entitled students who only went to school because rheir dad forced them to. Once you get deeper into the program those types of people start to dwindle. I would definitely recommend furthering your education and attending the BS programs. It takes about a 1 1/2 to complete, but it’s and entirely different experience. Fidm also offers a lot of resources for research and development.
I believe its a very great fashion school that offers you unlimited opportunities. Many big names in the industry went and graduated from different programs offered. The professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach. They are also currently working in fashion or did for many years. All the professors are very nice and kind and it's great to build relationships with them, especially to seek employment post graduation.
Great teachers and curriculum! Small classes mean more time to pay attention and learn the various subjects they have to offer. Also, lifetime access to the career center is a plus!
FIDM is a great school with a lot of great teachers. The best part is that these teachers have or had experience within the industry. Its a very fast paced school that uses the quarter system. Be ready for lots of homework and labs but don't worry, you'll have a lot fun. It doesn't matter if your parents were Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan or if you've never put sprinkles on a cupcake, this school will teach exactly what you need to know about the industry.
The campus at Lis Angeles is a lot bigger than the one at San Diego. Everyone is so friendly and I love the atmosphere of the school and the creativity.
Rating applies to the administration, admissions and finance offices-- not enough info yet to comment on academics. Admin side of the school is super unorganized. Horrible experience with admissions: verbally offered scholarships at acceptance. Couldn't get them put in writing & eventually said they were never offered. Communication is spotty & flawed from the beginning through apartment move in & orientation: lack of helpful signage, can't establish internet connection for presentations, 45-minute for a English test because no one could get printer to work, 3 different times listed for parent orientation, etc. Some admission advisors are clearly better than others; unfortunately in the end mine was negative and unprofessional. Online forms are often with broken links & misinformation. It is unclear what is due & when. Others say they had similar problems. Finance person was nasty when calling for assistance. I really hope the academics side has their act together.
My experience fidm is that the advisors really care about their students and want to see students to be successful. Fidm helps student find part-time during schools and after a person graduate college.
Overall FIDM is a great way for creative students to still get a college education without going to the typical non-fashion based college. Admissions Adviser Debbie Hatcher is extremely helpful and a joy to work with.
FIDM is a great school, the teachers are very helpful and qualified. It is not and easy school; we get lots of homework that is very time consuming.
I enjoy going to FIDM. This school gives you the tools for the industry and prepares you for the real world. You have to communicate with your instructors to get the inside scoop about activities and opportunities available. A closed mouth does not get fed. The instructors I have had so far really do care about the student's success. The courses are fast pace so you have to really want to be here to receive the grades you want. Stay on top of your studies. There isn't any room to slack off here at FIDM. Overall, I have met interesting people from all over the world here at FIDM and I love the school.
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The education here is phenomenal. If there is someone who is looking to work in the fashion, beauty, or entertainment industry, then this is the place for you. At FIDM, you will find nothing but the most specialized professors who have either retired from or are currently working the jobs you want. The only complaint I have about the school is that it is not "college-like". By that I mean there is no football team or school mascot. It is very career-oriented, which poses as a good and bad thing.
The atmosphere of this Institute really brings out all creativity from inside you. Such a warm and welcoming staff that is there to answer any questions. Everyone wants you to succeed in this school. I feel it is too early to have any real opinions on what to improve in this school, but I am looking forward to my FIDM experience. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
The only thing i would have to say is there is a ton of different advisors that all give you different advice and its ll a bit confusing plus all the classes are 10 weeks long so you don't really get to get a relationship with your teachers unless you take them multiple times
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