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FIDM is a great school, the teachers are very helpful and qualified. It is not and easy school; we get lots of homework that is very time consuming.
I enjoy going to FIDM. This school gives you the tools for the industry and prepares you for the real world. You have to communicate with your instructors to get the inside scoop about activities and opportunities available. A closed mouth does not get fed. The instructors I have had so far really do care about the student's success. The courses are fast pace so you have to really want to be here to receive the grades you want. Stay on top of your studies. There isn't any room to slack off here at FIDM. Overall, I have met interesting people from all over the world here at FIDM and I love the school.
The education here is phenomenal. If there is someone who is looking to work in the fashion, beauty, or entertainment industry, then this is the place for you. At FIDM, you will find nothing but the most specialized professors who have either retired from or are currently working the jobs you want. The only complaint I have about the school is that it is not "college-like". By that I mean there is no football team or school mascot. It is very career-oriented, which poses as a good and bad thing.
Review Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Los Angeles
The atmosphere of this Institute really brings out all creativity from inside you. Such a warm and welcoming staff that is there to answer any questions. Everyone wants you to succeed in this school. I feel it is too early to have any real opinions on what to improve in this school, but I am looking forward to my FIDM experience. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
The only thing i would have to say is there is a ton of different advisors that all give you different advice and its ll a bit confusing plus all the classes are 10 weeks long so you don't really get to get a relationship with your teachers unless you take them multiple times
I just used it to take most of my general eds
There is a pretty good alumni program here
The classes are small the teachers are wonderful
Nothing will be handed to you and the career center is kind of a joke most of the time
This program kicks your butt. Its a crash course in all things Fashion design and you learn so much but it is a ton of work
You do a lot of different types of projects and work based on your major, preparing you for a career. However, most classes are group project based and general work load can be a bit much for such little pay off. The school is okay, just wish it didn't coast so much money, I think I'd enjoy my experience more if I knew that I wasn't going to be paying it off for my entire life.
My school is the best because you can be yourself without being judged by others. You also get hands on experience and get into your major right away! There a lot of internships and careers you can get yourself into before you graduate.
The facilities are nice but I wish they had more emphasis on the business aspect of the industry.
FIDM has nice professors but I prefer knowledgeable over nice any day.
I usually get the classes that I need and the dates that i need. they usually offer a wide range of classes
i actually have never taken any online classes so i wouldn't know
the class sizes are small, probably 10 or less a class, there is always help when you need it. Labs are offered and extra help. you can go to anyone's lab and they will help you out with what you need
Review Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising - Los Angeles
everyone there is very helpful and they want you to succeed in your profession (also because it will make them look like a better school). A lot of teachers are helpful and very nice and they all know what they are talking about. its somewhat crazy being taught by these people, they are so good at what they do. some teachers you can do without but most are great.
They give us a lot of projects to work on but I believe that it will truly help with whatever job you are working towards. I believe that everything I have learned so far has benefited me greatly. I haven't taken any internships yet although I know that they offer a lot of internships and jobs every day at the career center. Also take advantage of the library
It is really hard to create a social life, especially when you are socially awkward. everyone there is over 20 and I am 18 when I started. Everyone knows what they want to do and how they are going to do it. they aren't distracted with things like creating friendships. it is also a really intense school. they go by the quarter system and all of the classes go by in such a fast pace.
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