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Faith Baptist Bible College & Theological Seminary Reviews

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Faith is an excellent school. I have grown immensely here. I have recommended it to my brothers and my cousin.
Faith Baptist Bible College has a great music program. I took music and education courses through PSEO in high school. The library is great here.
Faith Baptist Bible College is a great college, and by far one of the best choices I made! After spending two years there, and planning to finish my bachelor's degree there, I have grown to love this college. My favorite part of this college is the love the professors have for the students. All of my professors cared about my character development. Each one of them made sure to let me know that for any reason I could set up a time to talk with them. I also thoroughly enjoyed the resources and information I received there. As a missionary kid, I wondered how much more I could learn about missions. This college has taught me a lot, not only about mission methodology, but even more importantly about my loving God behind it all. My college experience here was a great experience. Of course it is not a perfect place, only Heaven is perfect. No matter what struggles I had during my college years, I always had someone from the college ready to lovingly help me through.
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Small classes that are entirely irrelevant to a business student. Nothing to do on weekends. Left after the first semester along with about 12 other freshman.
Some would say that getting a degree in Biblical Studies is a waste of time and money, but I strongly disagree. For me, as a Christian, I would say it is the most practical degree and the most useful. You learn about how to study the Bible effectively and how to properly interpret it; you grow in knowledge of how the church works and how to be an active member; you meet friends that you will have for the rest of your life. What part of that could possibly be considered a waste of time?
I love Faith. I have grown so much in my love of the Lord and His Word, and I have learned so much about local church ministry and how to effectively serve God in everything I do.
Our nurse is ready to aid any ailing students or faculty/staff. She is also ready and willing to take anybody to the hospital at the drop of a hat.

The campus security vehicle is always en route around campus, and because you basically know or know of everybody, it's easy to spot visitors.
I love the dorm style - suites! There are 25 rooms on each floor, 50 rooms total in each dorm, and one men's and one women's dorm on campus. Each room houses two students, and two rooms next to each other share a jack-and-jill style bathroom. It's great to not worry about having to share a community shower with others on your floor, and it's very nice to not have to haul your toiletries back and forth to the bathroom daily! Each room is equipped with two of each of the following: beds, half-sized dressers, desks, and bookcases. Each furniture piece is able to be stacked. The closets are walk-in style, and are decently sized.
The coaches are very professional and know what they're doing, yet they are personal and down-to-earth. They care about each of their players and assistant coaches/managers/statisticians. The facilities are the best - we have the biggest gym of the entire NCCAA league, and it is bigger than many NCAA Div. 2 gyms. Gym crew and maintenance work together to keep the facilities clean and fully functional.
I love the overall friendliness on campus between students, professors, staff, and visitors. I love that the focus of the college is to prepare and train students for a lifetime of effective ministry and pursuing godliness, regardless of the degree(s) they pursue, the job or career field they enter, and the place in the world in which they live. I love that the professors care about each individual student - in fact, they are given pictures of enrolled students during the summer so they can familiarize themselves with the students' faces and pray for them before they have even met! I love that each and every staff member - bookstore clerks, dining services employees, administration personnel, student life, the dean of students and the dean of women, and even the President himself - is willing and ready to talk to anyone that enters their office; and if they don't have the time, they will try their hardest to make a timely appointment that works for both parties.
Our sports teams work hard to build team work, endurance, and excellence throughout each season.
Faith has been an incredible school. The professors have high standards and they are approachable. The curriculum is challenging and engaging. The students and faculty have a unique bond that make the school feel like home.
Ankeny is a safe city and faith a safe campus
The courses are sometimes hard, but profs are great
there are lots of opps for jobs and internships
Campus housing is fun and enjoyable, but also not too loud and crazy
For being a school without a lot of money, Faith has done an excellent job supplying its athletes with great locker rooms, clean laundry, and healthy food for the road.
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I love going to school at Faith, it has a great family atmosphere and the teachers are so involved. They truly care about the students, not just the grades.
There are great people over all.
The parties are more like hanging out. You make plans with your friends, and get out of it what you put in.
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